Wednesday, 4 January 2012

In With the New

Well 2012 has arrived, and I don't know about you but it seems to be taking me a while to get motivated I would rather be curled up in front of the fire reading all my new books! But this can't go on and tomorrow sees the day when we take the christmas decorations down and finally the start to the New Year. The house is going to look so bare and I do love Christmas.
Projects must be started, fabrics are awaiting, goals need to be achieved, household chores to be done, plans for the garden the lists just goes on. I feel exhausted just writing it all down!

What can I grow this year, I have found out what doesn't do very well but these leeks seem to thrive,
I am determined to grow more cut flowers as it is such a joy to be able to constantly pick flowers from the garden for your house.

Also my geraniums don't seem to have been hit by cold weather and bulbs are beginning to peep through the soil.
Next week sees the start of one of our small little holidays that we have planned, this is a special treat for my OH whose birthday it was yesterday, I always feel so sorry for anyone who has a birthday in January!
But I don't want you to forget my give-away
so please if you haven't yet commented then please do on my give-away post as well as this one of course, I so love reading all your comments and I have had such lovely images in my mind of the tables that you have set for the Christmas Table. Here is another image that I love but then I am a bit of a fan of toile du jouy!

There was going to be a spectacular photo worthy of any prize of a hare standing upright against the darkening sky! guess what my image card was still in my laptop!! I hope he comes back.

Hope you all have a lovely week keep blogging and keep inspiring me. 


  1. I love that image of the vase on the table. I wish I was better at growing cut flowers for our house.

    I've grown leeks before and if you leave some of them in the ground then they look rather beautiful as they develop their seed heads.

    I do love reading your blog! Here's to 2012!


  2. Shame about the hare!
    Good luck for next time, Ali x

  3. Gorgeous pictures Jill! I was doing so well until my Mum called in, it all went down hill from there.
    Happy Birthday to your OH....Josh has got his Birthday at the end of the month, I always feel sorry for him having a Birthday in January.

    Lou x x x

    PS. the PJ'S were a Christmas present from Josh, they were from Primark.

  4. Curling up in front of the fire with new books sounds like a plan to me, especially as this awful weather rages outside.

    I hope that you do find that hare.

  5. I am hang a hard time getting motivated as well. I just returned from Colorado on Saturday but returned to work on Tuesday.....well being a care giver. I have decided to give myself a break until I am back to normal. My decorations are down but still need put away. I did start a craft project. My computer died before Christmas and I am just today getting back on with a new computer.....not someone elses.
    Have a great New Year.
    I woke up thinking about your book giveaway, hah. If I don't win, I want to buy a copy.

  6. I love some of those images. Enjoy your little holiday x

  7. Those leeds look healthy - I love having cutting flowers, such a treat.
    Helen x

  8. In with the new but treasuring the dear old things too. I love your jars filled with brightly coloured cotton reels and ribbons. And I adored your Christmas table - definitely worthy of a magazine shoot (which I thought it was at first!) That beautiful book is a very generous giveaway - but sadly not for me as I rarely do table settings these days. Cx

  9. Happy New Year Jill. Have fun with your plans and projects. I have started the year by decorating our bedroom and organising a textile fair in Taunton! Not a bad start! Lizzie x
    Let me know if you would like free tickets for Shepton?

  10. Just to say I'm so glad to have stumbled across your blog, it's so inspiring and the photo's are absolutely gorgeous. Essie, x

  11. Hi Jill. love your new header. You are so good at those collages. I think a lot of people are struggling to get going this year. Perhaps it's the weather. I look forward to seeing what you will be growing in your garden this year.Happy birthday to your OH, my OH's birthday is this month too and I do think it is a bit pants, especially as I am always spent up after Christmas! Forward planning, that's whats needed! Enjoy your break, love Linda x

  12. Belle année à toi ma chère lectrice si fidèle.
    Des bulles de bonheur et une bonne santé.

    Bises de France


  13. I've just found your blog through your comment at Cottage in Totterdge blog. Love your pictures and will probably follow your blog as well.
    Best regards,

  14. Thank you for your comment..look forward to seeing you at the Trull Textile event.. if not before! Lizzie

  15. i had a little bit of a friends allotment last year but didnt do that well, but this year i hop to have more time to spend there. I did grow some wild flowers but need to put a lot more seeds down i think!


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