Sunday, 8 January 2012

A cold Winters walk!

This morning the sun was shining, so on with the wellingtons and a cold country walk before lunch, but before I had even stepped out the door the rain and mist came down, but I had got my boots on so I wasn't going to turn around now!
Devon lanes are called sunken lanes as you can see from this photo
they are embedded in the landscape carving through the countryside, the only problem is you would have to be quite tall to see over the top.
But there were signs of spring,
 as well as views which were hidden by the mist.
We also have some new neighbours maybe we will be lucky to see the first lambs of the season.

Just a short post today, but it has been a sad week for our family as I lost both an Uncle and an Aunt on the same day, I was able to be with my Uncle so I hope I gave him some comfort - my Father (whose brother it is) lives too far away and would not have been able to travel but it has hit both my Mother and Father very hard.
We are still going on our short break next week and will be seeing friends and visiting my parents.
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I have so enjoyed reading how everyone decorated their tables and hope whoever wins will take more inspiration from the book, although I think you are all very talented. But look at this brilliant quirky table I love it
Now I am off to curl up by the fire (when the OH has lit it!!!) and do some crochet I have only done 15 squares and worked out I need a 100, should keep me occupied for a while!


  1. Love all your pictures including the banner ones. That sheep farm is wonderful. I love sheep for some reason they seem so peaceful.

  2. What a similar to post to the one I have just written - my walk this morning and a death in the family. How strange! I so enjoyed my solitary walk in the fresh air and able to appreciate all the wonderful things around and so many strangers smiling ans saying 'Good Morning'. So sorry for your loss.

  3. So sorry for the loss of your loved ones, I'm sure you'll have many happy memories to see you through the dark times, Lucey x

  4. I'm so sorry Jill!
    Your walk looked so beautiful, shame about the weather. I hope you have a nice time away next week.

    Lou x x x

  5. SORRY for the losses!!! a big hug!!

  6. Beautiful countryside photos - so English! :) And how marvellous that you may get lambs nearby they are adorable.

    I'm so sorry about your Uncle and Aunt - that is horribly sad.

  7. Thank you for taking me along on your walk. Always wanted to go to the UK but my budget doesn't allow it at this time so I really enjoy following your blog!
    Anne from Minnesota

  8. So sorry to hear of your losses. It really does feel that the New Year is so often greeted with the passing of loved ones. I have heard of three in this past week alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Lx

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have such a lovely blog. Sorry to hear about your family. I will stop by again.

  10. So sorry to hear your sad news. I am sure the reunion with your family will bring some much needed comfort to all of you.

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.I would like to add my condolences on your family's loss.
    I am so glad to have found your lovely blog and I am now a follower.My dream is to move to Devon one day.We holiday in the South Hams and we have friends in Rackenford and know the Mason's Arms well!
    Love Bellaboo X

  12. Wishing you all the best for a fantastic, healthy and creative 2012 Jill! And I am very curious to see all your creative projects this year, and the crochet blanket of course!


  13. Those Devon lanes, though gorgeous are quite scary to drive through aren't they? So sorry about your aunt and uncle, death is a very sobering thing. Keep warm and keep crocheting! Love Linda x

  14. Oh, lovely, I'm so sorry for your sad news. That must be terribly difficult for you all.

    I'll be thinking of you - and praying too,


  15. The countryside just looks too fresh somehow for January, doesn't it ... it's the same here in North Wales.

    So sorry to read of the loss of your Aunt and Uncle.


Thank you for your lovely words