Thursday, 23 February 2012

Short and Sweet

This is going to be a short post, I should be packing because we are going away for a long weekend with friends in Surrey, but instead I decided to share with you my week so far.
I have been busy in my sewing room, this year we have a lot of celebrations here in the UK what with the Queens Diamond Anniversary and the Olympics in London, so I have thought that I would try and represent all that is British with some Union Jack Cushions (made with French Fabric!.entente cordiale!) and some posh bunting, the bunting took rather longer than I wanted a labour of love, but the end results I think not bad!

I have also bought this lovely new book from Selina Lake called Homespun Style, it is so pretty full of lots of colour and great ideas, even took it to bed with me last night!



The weekend will see us back in our home town visiting old friends (not too old!!) lots of meals out, dinner parties I will take my camera and this time will remember to take my memory card!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Spring Song

THE air was full of sun and birds,
The fresh air sparkled clearly.
Remembrance wakened in my heart
And I knew I loved her dearly.
the start of a lovely poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, called Spring Song.


I woke this morning to a beautiful clear cold day, so off for a walk before breakfast! there was a little bit of a protest from the OH but I promised scrambled eggs on our return!! Although it was cold it felt like the sun had some warmth and spring wasn't going to be too far away.
I have been spending the last few days thinking about what to plant in the garden this year, I love the seeds and plants that Sarah Raven sells, and even if I don't order all from her the catalogue is certainly inspirational!

Her garden in Perch Hill in Kent, is only open a few times during the year,

We have spent the morning clearing up the garden, and cleaning the terracotta tiles that we have under the pergola as well as starting to clean the garden furniture, but it has become very cold and I have resorted to the warmth of the house with a cup of tea and the play on the radio, which is one of my favourite books when I was small and that is the Secret Garden by Francis Hodgeson Burnett.  I have found that she based this book on a garden in Kent called Great Maytham Hall in Rolvenden, Kent, don't think it is open to the public all the time but a couple of days a year it is open through the National Garden Scheme, not too sure when.

My mother has been busy again and made these lovely knitted rose brooches to match my hat and scarf, she really is a very clever lady

I have discovered in the last few weeks this candle from True Grace the smell is divine hard to describe but it smells like a lovely old country house, with the smell of polish open fires and leather books, well that's what it says on the box but to be honest it suits the house so well

Hopefully I can be back in the garden tomorrow or else I have so many ideas and projects that I need to start so my sewing room will I think be my domain for next week
I have lately found some great blogs and I am really amazed at how talented you all are, I do try to leave comments as I know that I love to read your thoughts and ideas, so please if you pop by I would love to hear from you. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Romance in the air!!

Goodness has it been over a week since I wrote on my blog, time just seems to fly and guess what it's Valentines Day, well I don't know whether I will be doing anything romantic!! but I am going to Bournemouth to visit my parents tomorrow, so should be a lovely day.  Many years ago, my Father gave me this little picture, well actually I think it is a hankie which has been framed it is called Wedded and I love it, I always have a special place in my home for it

Now what I have been doing, well I did visit the Rag Fair and along with a lovely French Linen Cloth, I found this jacket, I have been after one of these jackets for a while, liking the ones by Cabbages and Roses as well as Brora - but not liking the prices - I was so pleased to find it, so after a trip to the dry cleaners and a new embellishment which I made yesterday for it, I think it doesn't look too bad and all for the price of £40 a little different in price!

The scarf I also found only £2 and looks great.  I have indulged though with a silk shirt from the sales it arrived at the weekend it is lovely, so forties and looks great with the jacket and slim trousers!!

I bought mine in the crimson colour!

I have been getting on well with my crocheting but the basket was getting too small, so found this old basket, and a piece of fabric (which used to be a blind in our old house) and made a new liner and now a decent size basket for my squares.

Now another peep inside my house, my bedroom is fine but needs a little attention,

 I have so many different colour paints on the furniture and the chest of drawers - I just don't like this yellowish pine and the handles ugh! this is going to be  my project , and change the light believe it or not I have 3 chandeliers in the garage which need putting up - seems to be falling on death ears whenever I mention this job.  I was pleased with the curtains, fabric I found at the Shepton Mallet flea market and there wasn't quite enough but luckily found more on ebay, the length I would have preferred longer but they look quite pretty.
pretty lavender bag made from french linen

another find at a small flea market nearby!
  So really this is a before photo, might be a while before you see the after photo!!
I have spent the day cleaning, I do love it after it has been done everything looks and smells lovely, can't guarantee that it will stay like it.  Off to make goosberry crumble to take to Mum's (goosberries picked from my garden last year! they freeze well) Have a great week, and I promise I will drop my very soon.

Monday, 6 February 2012

The room with the lock on!!

In my last blog I did say I was off to Sidmouth, camera in hand I have taken a few photos of this lovely Regency town by the sea, but as always when you want to take a lovely shot of the architecture, they are covered in scaffolding!!
 Great views as you drive down to Sidmouth

Now another peep around my home,

our bathroom we inherited but I hope I have put a few of my own touches to it, I will change the paintwork at sometime, but I don't think it is too bad, the bath is lovely and so deep, and as for the view - lovely on a summers day with the windows wide open.

 These jars I bought at the Country Living Fair last year, great for my lipsticks and brushes! I think the stall was Velvet Ribbon
 A really good view while cleaning your teeth!
Soap bought from St Remy in Provence

and this basket from a market in Normandy

Some of you have now got snow, but guess what ours dissappeared yesterday, although we went for a walk on Exmoor and it is still covered in snow and very icy, although I think we were the only people up there walking, didn't stay too long, and needed a drink in the pub to revive afterwards. Sorry forgot camera so no photos of Exmoor - promise I will take it with me next time.
Choice tomorrow do I go to the Rag Sale or an Auction in Exeter, decisions, decisions. 
Love reading your comments and sorry if I haven't visited you recently promise I will do very soon, not to myself must do better!! 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


This morning woke to the most beautiful sunrise, sorry everyone but I still have snow!

Out with my camera in my PJs and wellingtons, good job there was no Farmers around. Indoors now,do I have a lovely cup of tea or some hot chocolate, choices choices.

January has gone and welcome to Februay, so I thought I would bring a little spring sunshine into the house, I love these little tete a tete so sweet!!

In February I will be giving you little tasters of around the house! this is a sweet little shelf made with lovely wood on a marble plinth, very tactile, and I try and keep it simple, although somehow by the end of the day I am clearing it of glasses, keys, books etc etc. guess who does that!!
you can just see my new Anthropologie Apron hanging up, present from Alex my son!
February also sees us looking forward to the Summer and trying to decide where to go, shall we stay in England or shall we go off abroad, I really fancy Corsica,
or maybe the South of France I always seem to draw to the later because I think it is my favourite place.

Well off to Sidmouth tomorrow and maybe I will take my camera with me as it is a beautiful Georgian seaside town. Have a great week keep warm and please if you stop by leave me a comment I would love to hear from you.