Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Summer is Slipping Away

Coming down to my workroom first thing in the morning the other day, and the sun was just coming up, and what a sight it was to, I just had to grab my camera, it is such a shame that the day starts so beautifully and then goes downhill in just a few hours.

I can already see changes in the views from the house, the fields have been harvested and the hedges are now full of pips and still the odd flower of the honeysuckle.
The nights are drawing in and our evening walks will soon cease.  We are already lighting the fire in the sitting room to take the chill off the evening, so its back to cosy evenings, reading and crocheting by the fire!  I still have some flowers left in the garden and have been out with my camera to capture the last buds. 

I am also having a battle with caterpillars to stop them eating my sprouting broccoli! But my borlotti beans are great I just love the colour

At long last after what seems quite a break I have motivated myself into sewing again, I think it is just making the start that can be the stumbling block, but now I have started I am enjoying being creative again with my sewing machine. They will be winging their way to the lovely shop The Perfect Whimsy in the Cotswolds.

Now back in the the swing of everything so its time to visit all my fellow bloggers, I am sorry if I haven't left comments for a while but I promise I will do!! Have a lovely rest of the week

Friday, 9 September 2011

A Beautiful City

Well it feels a little chilly after the beautiful sun of Seville.  It was a lovely city break and we loved it.  It has Moorish Architecture, beautiful gardens and Palaces.
I will just give you a little feel of this beautiful city.

This was the name of our hotel a beautiful small hotel, very stylish and definitely one I would recommend, Casa No 7
I know this is difficult to see but they had these annoying bars, but the colours of the flamenco costumes were stunning!

This is the Alcazar a beautiful Palace, I could bore you to death with lots of photos but I think these just capture the Palace.  It is also a place where I think brides can come and have their photos taken and I managed to capture this one, it is so lovely that they base their wedding dresses on the traditional flamenco dress.

An elegant guest with the lovely headdress!

This is the Place to Espana, the tiles where just spectacular.Then in contrast one evening we came across this Architectural monster, they call it the Mushroom, not too sure what it was all about as was not in the guide books, but looked amazing against the night-time skyline.
 Pastries to die for!
I love these lanterns
I came across this vintage shop and loved this little chair
We also visited Casa de Pilatos yes named after Pontius Pilate as the palace is inspired by his Palace in Jerusalem!

the colour of these walls so warm and sunny
and these tiles were so beautiful.
Well we are home now and Autumn seems to be creeping in this evening I can't see out of the window because we are shrouded in mist, perhaps tomorrow will be sunny. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Holiday Weekend

Have you ever come across a Country House Boot Sale,

they are a cross between a boot sale and an antique flea market, and the one we visited last Saturday was very good with lots of goodies.
My first find was this french wire basket another lovely addition to my dresser.

I also found this lovely vintage vanity case, a little tired, but still in very good condition especially the inside.  Very in vogue will I sell I think not.

2 beautiful cups alas no saucers but still very pretty.

Picnic on Exmoor on Sunday, loved these sheep who seemed to have escaped from the field,

also visited the lovely village of Winsford on the edge of Exmoor with a
great pub, and pretty cottages,

Suddenly had the urge to make these lovely coffee cakes (at the request of Alex my son)
I think in this world there are people who cook without mess or ones that don't and I am afraid I am the later. If anyone wants the recipe just let me know.

Planted more winter vegetables in the garden, and it will be a battle between me and the slugs and caterpillars, picked runner beans now every day, the OH wonders if there
are any different kind of vegetable we could eat but what is wrong with runner beans I ask.
Well this weekend we are off to Seville for a short City break and no doubt you will hear more. So I hope all my fellow bloggers have a lovely weekend and that next week doesn't seem too quite when all the little ones go back to school!!  Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments we had about out anniversary they were all lovely. To end this post some flowers for you all.