Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sunshine and Inspiration

It has been a while since I wrote a blog, but the sun has been out, and I have made the most of it my trying to tidy my garden after the very long winter.  But last week this lovely magazine arrived and I thought I would share it with you.  It arrives from a lady in Germany who sells it through her website it arrives beautifully packed
And this is what is inside

If you like french nordic style then this is the magazine the photos are just lovely and so inspirational
A nostalgic hideout

And this oh so lovely place to write by hand a lovely letter to someone you love.
And what lovely roses, can't wait for them to be out in the garden

And a bedroom to dream in.

and a place to sit and read your favourite novel!

and  a lovely recipe for Rhubarb trifle I haven't tried it yet but here goes
500grams of Rhubarb
300 grams of Sugar
1 Vanilla bean
25 - 30 macaroons
1/4 litre of Cream

Rinse the rhubarb stems and cut them into pieces of two centimetres. Place them in a pot and add sugar and the vanilla.  Heat the rhubarb until tender.  The rhubarb will supply their own water.  Allow the mix to cool down and remove the vanilla bean. Whip the cream and place the rhubarb stew and crumbled macaroons in alternating layers in a bowl and finish it off with the whipped cream.  Decorate the whipped cream using edible lilacs. An alternative to this trifle is mixing the stewed rhubarb with strawberries.

Thank you once again for everyone that has encourage me to keep writing and if you do come across my blog then please leave your comments

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Best buys and favorite things!

I can't believe that it is nearly a week ago since I last left a blog, I have been so busy with orders for my cushions, that the time has just gone by, plus enjoying the lovely sunshine and doing one of my favorite things gardening. I found a lovely nursery this week, that just sold plants and it was so nice to find what you want without all the other rubbish that some Garden Centres seem to sell nowadays, but alas I forgot to take my camera a major fault it you want to blog, so I thought I would share with you some of my best buys.
When we first moved to Devon my first priority was to see where the local antique auctions were, and could not believe my luck when amongst the dowdy furniture and china sitting on a table was this beautiful quilt. I don't know whether I paid too much (although at one point my lovely husband decided to bid against me - thinking that I wasn't bidding and knowing that I would love it) I managed to buy it for £85 I think it was a bargain.

What do you think?

It also has a lovely reverse side

It now sits proud of place on the back of my sofa!
Needless to say I have never found another one at the auction room!

My other passion is my books I just love and collect them as you will see from my very weighed down bookcase.

My favourite book at the moment and one I just keep looking at it is:

And of course nothing would be complete in a house without flowers and I just love this pale pink tulips

And finally I have come across a beautiful blog for anyone interested in crafty things and sewing, it is french but it is lovely

I would love to hear from you and thank you so much for those that have already commented I don't feel quite so lonely now

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Warm sun and picnics

Well at long last the sun has arrived in the west country, well at least in my part of the west country. It had been such a cold Easter with rain I was beginning to think that spring would never arrive. No more staying in today I decided to go to one of my favourite places it is a lovely place called The Cowslip Workshop

The sign might give it away but this lovely shop is on a Farm and not only does it have an amazing shop for anyone that is at all creative, but it also has a lovely cafe, where everything is cooked on an Aga, and served on lovely china 

The shop is full of everything that you could possible want for sewing and crafting, the lady that runs it Jo Cowill is the lady that taught Kirsty in her Homemade programme to make a quilt!

You can also buy some lovely china! I did not succumb this time I don't think my dresser can take anymore!

You can also buy a sewing machine!

Well after my lovely morning the sun was still shining so it was just obvious that a picnic needed to be packed and off for a lovely walk to the sea.

Lots of daffodils, violets and my first viewing of the bluebell

and then we passed beautiful devon cottages beside a lovely stream

We passed another lovely cottage that had a beautiful porch made of lovely old wood.
and then eventually we had our picnic on the beach
under the lovely sun!!
I would like to give a big thank you for your comments, I still feel a little lonely so if you do come across my blog then please leave your comments!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

A busy few days

I have been reading all my favourite blogs and everyone seems to have such witty titles, I think this will come in time as I do more blogging.