Monday, 11 July 2011

Flowers on a Summer's morning

Just a quick post to share with you the lovely summer morning (yesterday!!) where I wondered around the garden first thing and picked these lovely bright summery flowers.

Not so good this morning but the paint brush awaits my attention as I need to get one of my bedrooms ready for some very special visitors my parents!! Plus the sewing machine will be at the ready to make the curtains. Have a lovely Tuesday.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Miss Marple for a Day!

Last Friday we awoke to a lovely morning and we had promised ourselves that the first fine day we would head towards the South Hams in Devon, our first stop was the market town of Totnes

and Friday was market day, so it was busy but there are amazing little shops in Totnes and you could be there for hours, - but there is only so much shopping the OH can manage, so we had packed a picnic and heading for the lovely village of Dittisham which stands on the River Dart.

The Ferry!!!

There was a reason for us to pick this lovely village because from there you can get a ferry across to the other side of the river to the home of Agatha Christie which is called Greenway.

This house is a new acquisition of the National Trust and if ever any of you are in this part of England it is definitely worth a visit,so many collections of china and so pretty! the house is just as it was when she lived there, you can't take photos of the inside so I only have 2 of the house outside. But the scenery is stunning

and there are many walks down to the boathouse where she based one of her novels I think it was Dead Man's Folly. It was such a lovely day, you have to ring for the boat to come and get you,
 Dittisham is also worth a visit, full of quaint cottages and steep narrow lanes.

Sunday was another picnic day and we headed to Tarr Steps in Exmoor, it was lovely to see everyone picnicking and enjoying the weather, and the Exmoor ponies came to say hello.

I am sorry if I haven't been able to visit any of your blogs recently I must try to do so, but sometimes time just seems to run away with you, we have had lots of visitors and have been getting ready (well I have been trying to find something new to wear) for our party in August, we also nearly heading to Seville for a weekend, but seeing that the temperatures were going to be in the 40s this weekend we decided to leave it until it becomes a little cooler, 40 I think is too hot in a city!!

Have a lovely weekend and keep commenting as I really love hearing from you all.