Friday, 22 April 2011

Goodbye Church Lodge!!

Well moving day arrived, and it couldn't have been better, beautiful blue sky and while we were waiting for the removal lorry, we had our breakfast in the garden. Hard to believe as it was only hours before this that everywhere I turned I saw something I had forgotten to pack!
I seem to have been working non stop in the last few days, but today there really isn't much I can do, and  I am getting in the way, so I took myself off and read a book in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine. Last check in the house after the removal men had gone to find curtain poles behind the door, half the hoover left and there sitting on the floor the telephone!! so everything thrown in the car and off to Bournemouth to stay with my sister for 2 weeks, as we are not moving into our new home until beginning of May.
Days on the beach!! and a restful 2 weeks until the unpacking begins. 

Can't believe this weather, is  it really April apparently we are hotter than the Greek islands, hard to believe, and I wonder how long it will last. 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter with lots of chocolate and sunshine!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A good tidy up!!!

It has certainly been a busy week, but with this lovely weather who wants to be inside packing so I am afraid not a lot has been done, but doesn’t the sun make everything feel so much better.
Had this lovely postcard in the post and made me think of a party that we are planning this August so with this in mind I thought I would buy some of these to hang in the garden
I have great plans for a party in my new garden to celebrate a very special anniversary that we are celebrating this year!

It has been a real busy week, Wednesday saw us hiring a van now I know you are not going to believe this but we still had a crate of furniture left in store from when we moved from France, it wasn’t full of French furniture unfortunately – but would you believe it most of it was full of my son’s University furniture and books and LPs as well as a rather smart sofa from our French house so as you can imagine this was soon snapped up by one of our sons and the rest either went to our tip or back to its rightful owner! But amongst everything I found this, it was a lovely quilt which was made by my friend Marion for the birth of my third son Alex for his pram, I think the pattern is called the friendship star, so I was so pleased to find it again, and I will find a home for it in our new home

I have also been busy washing quilts blankets and lot of baskets that I seem to have all over the house, and with this weather all has been able to dry in the garden
It was lovely to walk around the garden and see so many plants growing, it was also a little sad as I won’t see most of them flower, the apple blossom is trying so hard to come out and maybe I will see it before we move.

I have also been busy with the paint brush!
But today was a day off and we packed a picnic and headed to the coast,
it was so warm hard to believe that by Wednesday it is going to be cold and wet again! Maybe I will get some packing done I am reluctant to pack everything away as although I am looking forward to our move I will miss the house and it seems so final when the walls are bare all the books packed and it turns into just a house and not a home.
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend, and I promise I will try and get to visit you all, sorry I have been a little lapse lately!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Time for Family

This is going to have to be a short post - only 2 weeks to go before we move so really busy at the moment.
But on Saturday I thought I would have a bit of a diversion and make cupcakes to take to my sons on Sunday, if I say so myself don't they look too pretty to eat.

I was thoroughly spoilt by all of my 3 sons, they cooked a wonderful lunch and I had a few little treats along the way.
 I have been looking at this book for a while now and it has lots of lovely things to make

Love this bag!
A great smelly candle in this lovely pot,
 flowers books and a cd which I think everyone must have!!

But I had better get back to this......
Spent today sorting out my clothes, 2 large bags off to the charity shop nothing like a move to make you sort out you things.
I will try and catch up with you all very soon I promise and thank you for all your lovely comments I do love reading them.