Saturday, 14 January 2012

One more day to go!!

This is just a reminder to you all that there is just one more day before I draw the winning ticket for this lovely book, so please comment either on this post or on the Vintage Table post!! Here are a few more table settings that I love. I know some of them are a little bare but I just love the simplicity of the table, and you just wouldn't want to add too much to them.

I will blog again to tell you about our break but have to tell you all that I have lost my memory card out of my camera so all the pics I took I have lost, what is up with me!!!!


  1. This looks beautiful. Please count me in.
    Sorry to here about your memory card, I would be devastated to lose mine. i think I will download all my Christmas pictures now..just in case! Hope you find it.
    Jenny x

  2. My mam's friend was a gypsy and if ever she lost anything she would say out loud "jockabed, jockabed, jockabed, please help me find the memory card," (or whatever it is you've lost,) and it always showed up. So mam and me have always said this and sure enough whatever we've lost usually turns up, give it a try it might just work!! Jockabed as in jock-a-bed and say it 3 times, Lucey x

  3. Thank you for the reminder Jill. I did say before it was not for me - but looking anew at the photos I realise it would be a perfect gift to take with me for my girls in Australia who both love entertaining. So please include me in your draw! Cx

  4. Oh I am so sorry you lost your memory card! I worry about that all the time..perhaps it will turn up someplace...

    i Love the first 2 tables ..nice...

  5. Hi Jill,

    The photo's from the book look promising! I will keep my fingers crossed. Hope you will find your memory card soon. Such a pity if you have lost your photo's.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  6. I have just started following your blog and absolutely love it! My favourite is table 3 - so pretty, bright and 'country'. Echoing previous comments - I hope you find your memory card soon. My husband, rather annoyingly, always tells me to stop, sit down and think about where I last saw the missing item. Needless to say this infuriates me (but always works!) The last lost item being a £10,000 inherited ring, with great sentimental value, that I had lost for over 48 hours!!! So I hope this might work for you too ....

  7. Hi Jill!
    First, I want to wish you and your family a very healthy and good 2012!
    I just now see that you have a give away, I am slowly reading through all my blogs, sorry I've missed it, but if I'm still on time for today, I would love to enter. My table here at home wasn't decorated specially for xmas because we where at my inlaws in Amsterdam and theI table there is alway decorated with a white table cloth, little stars sprinkled on it, angels candle holders and angels napkin holders and two round holders with green and candles hanging above the table, really xmassy feeling!
    I'm sorry to read that you lost two of your family members, specially for your parents I can not even imagine how they must feel....I hope you can find some rest and strenght on your little break.
    Take care, hugs, (although virtually) Maureen xx

  8. Oh no! I am sorry to hear you have lost your memory card :( I hope it turns up when you least expect to find it. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous tables!! I am so smitten with table #2. Wishing you a lovely week ahead ~ x

  9. désolée pour votre carte mémoire.Je vis dans un petit village du lot en France et je suis amoureuse de l'Angleterre où je rêve d'aller un jour .Votre blog un pour moi un bonheur aussi j'espère pouvoir voir des photos de vous très bientôt.

  10. thank you everyone for trying to help me find my memory card! But I think I lost it while we were walking around Ardingly so it really is lost!! Ordered another one and thank god I downloaded most of the photos I wanted! Except of course for our trip away!

  11. I really like the second photo - something so pleasing about that room. Beautiful! Wonderful pictures, all of them.

  12. Hi Rosie,
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your memory stick - I hope you find it!

    Please count me in to your lovely giveaway!

  13. these table settings are lovely. I particulary like the top ones simplicity with the big chandelier to make it a special room xx

  14. Ambiances différentes mais toutes plus belles les unes que les autres.
    Un petit coup de coeur pour la romantique peut-être !


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