Monday, 30 January 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, let it snow!!

After one of the mildest winters on record and such a contrast from last year, this morning I woke up to this, it is still snowing but instead of that lovely reflections of light that you get when you have blue sky and sun unfortunately it is all rather grey, but camera in hand I have tried to capture our first snow this winter.

The weekend was bright and cold (I am beginning to sound like the weatherman) so we visited the lovely village of Topsham which borders the River Exe, the houses are fascinating and mostly of dutch origins I believe that there was dutch settlers here when it was a very busy port.
 This house has the most beautiful bow window
 and this one is called The Shell House for obvious reasons!

 most of the roads lead down to the water

There is a walk along the estury called Goat Walk and the sun hitting the water was stunning on Saturday Morning. 
The rest of the weekend was spent by the fire doing some crocheting, I am always afraid to photo my efforts as some of you are such experts, but I think once I have bordered it in white and sewn it all up it won't look too bad, I just have to do something while I am sitting down, I get itchy hands (not feet)!!

Keep warm everyone, and thank you all for your lovely comments!


  1. Oooohhh Jill such an adorable place you live!That's a magic atmosphere !!!!!
    Have a nice week my dear friend.

  2. I'm quite envious of the snow! It looks lovely! Sharon

  3. The snow fall reminds me of my childhood in Ireland and walking to school along such roads. Sitting by the fire and knitting, or crocheting is sheer bliss and your work is beautiful.
    Wishing you a week of joy
    Helen xx

  4. It looks so pretty...I'm hoping we'll get some later in the week.
    I do envy you living in Devon.We would love to move there one day.
    Keep warm and enjoy your lovely crochet! :0)

  5. H Jill,
    Feel rather sad that the rain has washed most of our snow away. Very grey here too. I love Topsham, all the lovely individual shops like Pink String, I always end up buying something.


  6. The snow looks perfect and so does your crochet Jill! Lovely yarn you have there. I am excited to see the result...

    And your blog header is absolutely beautiful again too!

    Have a lovely week,


  7. We haven't had any show in South Devon, just coldness, darkness and rain! I think I prefer a touch of the white stuff, as long as it doesn't last long and doesn't cause havoc on the roads.
    Love Topsham ... as soon as the weather perks up I will be there, mooching around the Antiques Centre and having lunch in the Avocet Tea Room!
    Margaret P

  8. Hello Gill, how idyllic it all looks and sounds! I adore those old houses. Your crochet is very pretty too! Have a cosy week, love Linda x

  9. Lovely pictures of Topsham Jill, no snow here yet.....
    All best & stay cosy! Essie x

  10. Hi Jill
    Thank you for my seaside fix, I think that everyone loves Topsham, don't they??
    Brrrrr !!!!!
    See you at Totnes, please come and say hello.
    T x

  11. Love the snow! Will you please send some clouds over to Rotterdam?

    Crocheting granny squares, the perfect way to spend a cold winter evening :-)

    Enjoy your new week!

    Madelief x

  12. Looks really pretty but I'm glad we havent got any! Just letting you know I have nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award.Check out my blog for details!X

  13. Hi Jill,

    Well, we were told it was coming... for once they got it right! I think that this is just the beginning of an Arctic Spell.
    Your pictures of Topsham brought back memories, it was one of my favourite places. I especially loved some of those stunning houses at the end of the Goat Walk. I used to wear out the floor boards of the antique centre and I wonder if the shop that specialised in antique mirrors is still there.

    Anyway Jill, keep writing, we love it!
    Joasia xxx

  14. Goodness, how much snow was there when it eventually stopped? Oh how I miss the heavy snows of the last few years ... we've had none here so far this winter.

    I think your crochet will look lovely when it's finished and is 'dressed' in snowy white.

  15. There is nothing prettier than a fresh fall of snow. Everything looks so beautiful and very quiet. We haven't had any yet !
    Topsham looks beautiful. It reminds me of Rye.
    Hope you are warm and cosy and take care in that snow Jill. XXXX

  16. We are nice and warm or should I say hot, no chance of being cold. Looks like a great place for a walk.

  17. Love the photos of the snow, and the photos of Topsham, very nice place.

    I'd like to see your crochet as well.

  18. I thought we were going to have snow this morning as I was driving in to work- it was 'in the air' but it never happened. I was glad actually until I saw those photos- now I want some snow!!!xx

  19.'s so not fair! It looks so beautiful, I wish we had some. your crochet looks lovely ......

    Lou xxx

  20. Hi, Jill! I`m just wonder what a cute blog you created! LOVE your beautiful pictures and your style :o)
    Already your follower :o)
    Hugs from Russia

  21. you lucky hing i want snow, i love it so much :)your photos are lovely what a great area to live x


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