Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Not quite Midsummer!!

We spent the weekend with my sister and she took us to this delightful village,
I just wanted to share with you these quaint thatched cottages, of course there was a great pub in the village and it would have been rude not to visit and sample their drink and food!!

This lovely lane almost looks spring like with the greenery around hard to believe that we are way into Autumn!

I think this one is a holiday cottage!!which is owned by the Pub The Langton Arms

On our way home we visited this very old mill called Whitemill owned by the National Trust and although they were just closing when we arrived I thought it was worth a photo opportunity. I believe there has been a mill on this site for nearly 800 years obviously not this one which I think was built in the 18th century.

Anyone who comes from Dorset might just recognise where it is, the village is Tarrant Monkton, near Blandford Forum in Dorset.
We arrived home to a very damp Devon, but the morning greeted me with this wonderful view of the sun coming up with the mist in the town down below, it was stunning but I am glad we have no neighbours as it would have been a sight to see me taking photos in my nightie!!!

I am busy at the moment making advent calenders, and I am sure that the time I have spent on them you can never redeem in money, it is a shame that the things made by hand never realise their true worth when sold on the marketplace, but heyho such is life, and I am really enjoying making them, when I have finished I will post some photos.
I promise I will get round to visiting all your lovely blogs very soon, hopefully tomorrow when I have a quite moment or two!!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

More finds and everyday things!

Our neighbour who has a polytunnel (I don't really like them!)  is able to grow lots of food throughout the year where as mine seem to be failing due to so many caterpillars, who would have thought that growing vegetables could be so frustrating.  She grows amazing watercress and as she and her husband can't eat all that they grow I am able to pick whatever we need - brilliant neighbour! Watercress reminds me of markets in France where it is so readily available and I love making soup with it - I don't particularly follow a recipe, just fry onions with some  potatoes in oil add some vegetable or chicken stock and then the watercress for the last 5 minutes of cooking. Whizz it up with some creme fraiche and a little gorgonzala cheese and seasoning and voila!!!

Sunday we went to Shepton Flea market and for once it didn't rain! I forgot my camera but took these photos of the lovely Lizzie's stall a fellow blogger with my phone! Doesn't the stall look lovely she has amazing things and a wonderful collection of vintage fabrics.

I also found this eiderdown usually they are really expensive but this wasn't too bad and it was perfect with no flaws at all, these  lovely french tea towels were only £3 each - a bargain!

I found this  hat in a delightful new Vintage Shop in South Molton it is so sweet I think it is 1940s/1950s and just fits on the back of my head, I love hats and I can see myself wearing this one all the time this winter.

Today I have been trying to get some order into this house and doesn't it feel great when the house looks lovely - but I just can't see it lasting. 
Keep smiling, sewing, cooking, crocheting, gardening, knitting and all those lovely things -  I so love visiting all your blogs and seeing so much talent it is just great!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Last Minute Holiday!

I have been away ( I know I can hear you all saying what again!!) yes we went somewhere very warm, with lovely blue skies, beautiful beaches warm seas, lovely food.  Have you guessed where - The Garden of England Kent and weren't we lucky with the weather.  We visited the lovely Pippa at The Tower House in Tenterden, a beautiful b & b which I couldn't recommend more, I have wrote about it before I think last September 2010. 

We visited Ellen Terrys house at Smallhythe which is near Tenterden very interesting the house is so pretty and really worth a visit.
Spent time on Winchelsea beach
The Sugar Cube House!

along the front these interesting houses border the beach, you might recognise one as it was featured on Grand Designs, and is known as the Sugar Cube house for obvious reasons.  Next to it is a Huff House,
and further along a very modern house with bright furniture on the balconies.
Now I appreciate the architecture and the modern concept but it really isn't for me.

Saturday saw us off on the Steam Train from Tenterden to Bodiam

Bodiam Castle

 (which I think is the one used in Downton Abbey) and then enjoyed the Folk Festival in Tenterden in the afternoon.

It seems that this is the last of our summer, but what a lovely way to end it - the fires are lit
I am busy again with the sewing machine with lots of ideas going around my head.  Catalogues and brochures are arriving on the doormat and evenings spent making wish lists!! I do have my eye on these, and my hand is hovering over the add to basket!

Off to Shepton tomorrow for the Flea market so will let you know if I buy anything.