Sunday, 25 March 2012

Booked and ready to go!

Well I have gone and done it and booked the stall, so its all systems go and the sewing machine is going to be hot hot hot!!!!
Thank you for all the encouragement and hope that I might see some of you there.
Hasn't it been glorious I just love this lovely warm weather the sun just makes everything and everybody feel better and I have spent the weekend in the garden,
 sowing seeds, sorting out the old greenhouse as best I can.

Maybe it will look like this in a few months time!!
The weather just calls for you to relax read a book and sip the odd glass of rose wine you could almost be in the Provence in France - well I can dream.
Lovely daffodil narcissus growing on the banks
The lambs have arrived - I think these are a few weeks old now
 Tidying up the shed I found these items
Tulips waiting to flower

Table ready and waiting for long lazy lunches outside.

I hope you have all enjoyed this lovely weekend, off to London on Tuesday and looking forward to a little city life for the girl from the country!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Do I Don't I !!

There are times when I can think of so much to say I don't know where to start, and there are other times when I think maybe I haven't enough to say to make a post worthwhile, and I hope that this isn't one of them.  The last few days I have been turning over in my mind as to whether to have a stall at a Vintage Fair, it is a new event and quite local, but runs for 2 days and I think that is one to many days in a small town in Devon what do you think, any input would be good.
Just a few miles from our house is the lovely Knightshayes a National Trust house, they have a beautiful walled kitchen garden, which I visit often to get ideas and to buy some more unusual vegetable plants.  This year they have started what they call The Inside Out Garden, I hope the photos will give you an insight into what they are trying to achieve, and I shall visit throughout the year and take photos to see how it progresses.

In the garden it is great to see all the vegetables being planted out, and I love the climbing frames that they build for the sweet peas.

On our way to Knightshayes we came across the hunt, we have quite a few hunts around here at least 2 a week, I love the spectacle of it, the horses and people dressed in hunting pink (never sure why it is pink when they wear red coats!!!) but I know that everyone has there own opinions on this event!

Has anyone bought the new Country Living bookazine, its a little expensive but the photos are gorgeous! 

Off to Bournemouth tomorrow to visit my Mum & Dad and just booked our train tickets as next week we have a few days in London staying at this little hotel in Belgravia The Lime Tree Hotel, let you know what its like, we are also visiting the Royal Academy to see David Hockney exhibition which I am really looking forward to, and I am sure there will be a little shopping in between. Thank you all everyone who has commented on my blog in the last few weeks, I really love hearing from you.
Have a lovely week.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crickey it's Vintage!!

Yes that was the name given to this fair, now I have to say I was really surprised at how good this fair was - not too sure why I say that, but it was advertised as a Vintage experience as opposed to a Vintage fair, but it worked, there were stalls with lots of beautiful vintage china, fabrics, buttons everything you could imagine, lots of old patterns knitting and sewing.  Along with this there was a room where you could have a complete Vintage make-over - I didn't venture there!
Along with lots of stalls selling Vintage clothes there was a wonderful girl group, which I am afraid I don't know their names, if you look closely at the photo you can see that even the girl arranging the music was dressed up in Land Girl clothes all adding to the event! I thoroughly enjoyed it - and of course didn't leave empty handed so here is a few photos of what I bought.
 A pretty bowl for £3!
 Tea-service so many plates and bowls and only £15

 This pale yellow little jug ideal for primroses
I have been sewing and trying out new ideas, I have decided to start a shop attached to my blog which hopefully I should have up and running in a few weeks.  I need to sew more, but this cushion is for sale so if anyone is interested please contact me. 

Can you see on the back of the chair a pair of curtains that I bought at the fair, not old, but very pretty and only £10 can you believe it - bargain.
The mist is still lingering here today so different from yesterday and I still have seeds to sow, perhaps I should change the word to sew and stay in and create (a mess is what the OH says!)
Have any of you seen that you can look at stats to see how many people look at your blog in a day and I was amazed to see how many, now come on let me know your there because I would really love to hear from you.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Time to Bring out the Bunting!!

I awoke to a beautiful morning, the mist was just lying low on the fields, but the sun was managing to pop through, grabbed my camera and captured the moment I hope,

 and glad I did as that was the last of the sun and we were suddenly enveloped in mist (we live quite high up so sometimes we are in the clouds!!) So my Sunday of gardening looked like it wasn't going to happen, but work needed to be done so coats and wellies on I started to dig the vegetable patch and then the mist cleared and beautiful Sunday arrived with clear blue skies and warm sun, and our first lunch outside this year. It was peaceful all but the farmer who decided to plough the field behind the house.

The views were stunning and bathed in sunshine,

This shelf was in our garage, I don't know why I hadn't thought of putting it here before as it just seems to fit perfectly, we bought it in France it is a shelf which would have been used to store the loaves in a boulangarie.

So to celebrate one of the warmest days this year I just had to put the bunting out again!

Yesterday we ventured into Exeter  a Vintage Fair was being held there and I have to say it was great, but I will write about that in another post and show you my bargains!!

I am writing this post while watching one of my favourite programmes The Land Girls a real vintage programme with fantastic costumes!!

I think a glass of wine is needed now, hope everyone has enjoyed this lovely weather and had a lovely weekend, if you drop by I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Rag & Rummage Sale in Taunton

Lovely Saturday  morning saw us heading towards a village called Trull just outside Taunton, now I wasn't there when it opened arriving half an hour later, and my goodness I have never seen so many cars!! I should think the village had never seen such a successful fair in their hall!  I didn't at first have my camera, but Lizzie asked if I could take some photos so camera rescued from car and I hope I have done the fair justice.

 Elaine's stall from it looked lovely

Lizzie who organised this sale

  Donna Flowers stall

I met so many lovely stall holders, and I wished I had properly introduced myself to some as they were fellow bloggers!!

Now of course as well as my photo taking I couldn't leave without buying some lovely finds, to be honest there were so many lovely fabrics buttons, lace etc, you could have just emptied your purse (and I did!)

A pretty 1950s apron,

 A lovely piece of fabric such a beautiful  blue

A very pretty tablecloth

This was my major bargain a large French linen grain sack for only £10

This beautiful monogramme for only £4

It was a great fair so all congratulations to everyone involved and lets hope we have more in Devon and Somerset.