Friday, 30 December 2011

Vintage Table Give-Away

How quickly Christmas goes, but what a lovely and enjoyable time I had with my family, always sad when they go home the house is so quite.   So we treated ourselves to a meal at this delightful village pub,
if you are ever in the area and want to splash out then this is the pub to go to The Masons Arms at Knowstone in Devon, we decided to come home for coffee, chocolates and liquers!!!!

The Christmas magazines have been awash with beautiful homes and the most stunning table settings, I would love to achieve these looks and maybe my christmas table although not worthy of a magazine shoot still doesn't look to bad!!!

So for my give-away I am giving away this lovely book The Vintage Table, with so many inspiring photos!

So to qualify for this give-away then I would like you to comment and tell me about how you decorated your christmas table, and if you feature the give-away on your blog, you will be entered twice into the draw. The winner will be drawn on the 15th January 2012.
I look forward to hearing from you all.  But for now I would love to thank you all for the lovely comments and posts that you have given and done throughout 2011 everyone is so inspiring and so talented and I love nothing better than reading all your posts.
Happy New Year to you all and enjoy!!!


  1. My Christmas table was decorated with candles and blue mason jars filled with candy, photos and brush trees. Thanks for the chance. I'd love to have this book.

  2. Your table was lovely indeed.

    I'm afraid ours was very simple....a vintage white lacy cloth over white damask, dark blue and white crockery, simple holly and pine tree greenery in vintage Coronation mugs, a scattering of gold chocolate coins and white napkins.

    Fabulous book, by the way. :)

    And a very happy New Year to you too.

  3. Your table is gorgeous! We had red baubles in my lates nans glass cake stand as our centre piece and the simple napkins and crackers. That book looks amazing. I would love a chance to win please. Happy new year x

  4. i love your blog and i think your table looked perfectly charming. your home is so cosy and sweet. I am afraid I don't have any pics of my table, but I put on it an enmbroidered cloth that i have had for years. There was a candle burning in the centre. My table was certainly not magazine worthy, but it was ours and we liked it.
    I will mention the giveaway on my blog. please enter me as the book looks a smasher. xxx

  5. J'adore ta table et l'atmosphère de ta maison ***
    Merveilleuse année 2012 à toi et aux tiens ***

  6. Ooh that book looks beautiful. Our table was very simple. A white, vintage crochet tablecloth; candles & white hyacinths.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Oh, what a lovely looking book! I do like your table too. Ours was a truly nostalgic table - we were at my dad's house, and I resolved not to take or buy any decorations, just to use whatever I found in his cupbards. Thus we ended up with the kind of table my mum would have laid, although probably a bit more extravagent! I used her poinsetia napkins, and a circa 1980s Christmas candle that I probably gave her way back - it was a lovely, nostalgic, but not sad, way to remember her.

  8. Great book...would be fun to win...
    My Christmas table was...white cloth, baubles in glass bowl
    Red tea lights in a star , white china and clear glasses ....try to keep it simple!

  9. Your table looked beautiful Jill!

    You've seen pictures of our Christmas table! Happy New Year to you and your family. I would love to enter please....

    Lou xxx

  10. Your table looks beautiful.My table had white cloth, large white jug of red, white and blue flowers with lots of foliage and I used all my odd vintage china. I loved it. Happy New Yew to you. Lesley x

  11. There was only Phil and I for dinner on Christmas Day. I still made an effect, we had three courses. We had candles on the table, gold chargers, white plates, and sat for a long time just enjoying our time together as we had been to my daughters in the morning to see little Harry, now 7 months have all his Christmas presents!! Christmas is for remembering the birth of Christ and for his little children. A very Happy New Year. I see you were at Hinton Ampner before Christmas like us, we went to hear the hand bell ringers, very good.We are thinking of visiting Devon sometime in 2012, possibly in May, so I might be asking you for ideas.
    Have a very happy and healthy 2012, Jackie in Surrey.

  12. Happy New year! I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your family x

    My Christmas table never reached it's full potential. My plan was for a traditional red, green and gold theme. But in the end our day was so wonderfully full that I never managed to take a picture of it all finished.
    The cutlery was set when my parents arrived and we were gathetred almost immediately after.

    In the end we had a busy table, with everything we needed and my family all gathered around it. And I owuldn't have it any other way x

  13. Have a glorious New Year. Your Christmas table looks delightful in your cosy cottage. Nothing like a beautiful table setting to wet the appetite for good things ahead.

  14. Dear Jill,

    A Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope it will be a good year full of love, happiness, health and fun.

    Your Christmas table looks beautiful. Very Stylish!

    On boxing day my table looked a bit the same as yours, but on Christmas day is was full of colour. I found some lovely cups at the thrift store and together with the plates from my garden house and some pastel candles it looked bright and cheerful. A bit like my grandmother's table years ago :-)

    Your give-away looks lovely! I would love to take part. I will put a link on my blog. Thank you for linking my giveaway too!

    Lieve groet & happy new week,

    Madelief x

  15. Hello Jill, a Happy New Year to you!Your table looks gorgeous and your home so inviting. What a wonderful giveaway, I would love the chance to enter. I will link to your giveaway also.

    Our table was plain and simple, we had a neutral coloured linen cloth and napkins, and I had made napkin rings from individual white hyacinth florets wired into a circle and tied with ribbon. In the centre of the table I had a hurricane lamp encircled with a red chilli wreath. The china was plain white.

    The Pub where you had dinner looks wonderful and looks like it's been painted with clotted cream!Thankyou so much for visiting and leaving such kind remarks. Have a lovely week, love Linda x

  16. What a wonderful book, I would love to enter your giveaway please and will put a link on my blog too. My Chrsitmas table was decorated with white, red, silver and lots of glassware and candles. Your table looked lovely, Jill.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Helen x

  17. What a lovely table setting and it is magazine photo worthy!

    Our table this year was done by Isabelle my little girl and she is a stylist in the making even at six, lots of glittery things.

    She insisted on wine glasses for herself and her brother and filled them with fizzy pop and giggled when the bubbles went up her nose, just like her Mummy with Champagne!

    What a lovely giveaway, count me in!

    Best wishes


  18. Dear Jill,
    my english is very bad....i am always so happy about your comments now i must write to you :) Your pictures so nice !!!
    many grettings from andrella

  19. Your table looked lovely and very fesstive. This year we decided to decorate the table for the younger members of the family!! That consisted of a lovely tablecloth of mam's that has santas and snowmen embroidered on it, we got some lovely plates with little santas on them and we all "painted" our own glasses for for champagne/lemonade, hick hick!!
    Down the centre of the table we had one of those masive big crackers as well as individual ones and "treasure chest" with chocolates, candy canes,sugar mice and candy neclaces spilling out,
    There was 10 of us round the table,the youngest was 4 and the oldest was 82 and we all had a ball. If I won that lovely book maybe next year we could have a "grown up" theme, thank you, Lucey x

  20. Dear Jill: I would love to have a chance for that lovely book! Our table (in my mother's house) was red and green, with candles and little christmas decorations. Thanks for share


  21. Happy New year Jill - I had thought I'd popped by and left a comment, but apparently not! Your table looks beautiful. Simple and elegant. Just perfect. Mine simple too. I trimmed it up with a jug of holly (which grows fantastically next to the beach here and laden with berries), I popped a sprig in under each napkin ring too! Because my little ones always get disappointed with the cracker novelties, this year I was able to pick up some children crackers from M&S! Everyone a winner. Take care and keep warm! Lx

  22. Hi, I've just discovered your blog and it's absolutely lovely! I am currently renovating my home so my Christmas table was rather rustic with red gingham cloth, mis-matched crockery and home made tea light holders made with old mason jars and wire. The look was supposed to be ironic, but it actually looked lovely and quite French. With best wishes, Julie .

  23. Hi Jill

    I have just posted about your giveaway on my Blog over at

    Our table this year was decorated with candy canes that my 2 little girls had joined into hearts and filled with chocolate. We had a green spotty table cloth as I adore anything spotty. We also had white napkins, lots of chocolate coins and crackers as well as old preserve jars which we decorated and made into tea light lanterns.

    I think that this is a super giveaway and hope that I am lucky enough to win it!

    Thank you

  24. I have come from Teresa's recommendation....what a lovely blog and beautiful photos....I will be popping in more often! x

  25. sorry, I forgot to mention, we had Christmas elsewhere this year, so didnt decorate our table, but I will definitely be getting some great ideas from here for next year!

  26. I've just found your blog!! How lovely it is! I decorated our table with glass, a crystal candelabra, grey candles, white linen, glass tealight holders and vintage cutlery. I have posted photos on my blog.

  27. I decorated the table by clearing off the piles of junk that normally live there and laying a vintage lace tablecloth and filling a cake stand with vintage glass baubles. Now the junk has returned and we are back to eating off trays on our laps....

  28. Your table decoration looks very tasteful, as well as the decoration of the house in general.
    I love your hyacinths. I planted mine late October this time and they are only showed some greenery yet. How do you care for bulbs after they wither?

  29. I've just discovered your blog and have loved reading your posts. We had three pillar candles on the table this year instead of a centrepiece, with Red and white ribbons around the candles to match my favourite gingham tablecloth. Happy new year to you and lovely to meet you! Katie xx

  30. Wow what a great giveaway. Our Christmas table this year was decorated with flowers & candles, with a pretty table runner down the middle and lots of table confetti, our colour theme was red and gold x x x x

  31. What a lovely blog, just what I needed on a very cold January Monday morning, thank you. We had 9 at our Christmas table and 4 of those being very hungry teenagers: their banter and eagerness to enjoy the day was lovely to see. However on the table we had a mixture of crockery charity shop finds from our town. These were dotted in long trails of ivy and holly from the garden. It worked and I shall remember the day for a long time.

  32. My table was decorated in red and cream. Each place setting had a red and cream mini sack ( that I was still sewing on Christmas morning!... must try harder, and earlier next year!)filled with Liquer chocs and the table had red cadles down the center. With shiny red chargers and cream crockery, I think it looked more than OK!

  33. Hope it's not too late to enter you giveaway!
    My Christmas table this year was a cream and gold colour scheme.A cream table cloth,with round gold table mats,red and gold napkins and a centrepiece of a large cream church candle on a china heart plate surrounded with holly.Crackers in cream and gold too.
    Your table and dining room looks wonderful! :0)

  34. Hi Jill, wow what a lovely give away! My Christmas table... it seems so far away already... I was lucky to have found a beautiful vintage Christmas tablecloth with a lovely border agains a white background. It perfectly matched the red and white decorations I had on there, candles and of course a few much needed dark green plants. Loved it!


  35. eee i want to enter :) I stole a gold christmassy table cloth from mum this year and i had a vntage doily in the middle. my centre piece was a cakestand full of sweeties :)

  36. We had 21 people around our table including all 8 Grandchildren! I decoarted with a linene cloth and a red gingham runner down the centre. I made little paper boxes and put mints in them for the adults and a little toy for each of the children. In the centre was some holly, ivy and candles.

  37. Your table does indeed look lovely. I'm afraid I didn't decorate my table this year as we went out for a beautiful Christmas Lunch at our local pub. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  38. Hello

    Just scraping in in the last couple of days here!
    I've been lurking for ages but somehow missed this post.
    Anyway ... Christmas table ... very untraditional ... green and white check cloths that were my mother in law's, white hyacinths, white floating candles in two mismatched cut crystals bowls that were my Gran's, my everyday Ikea green china and my other Gran's old cabbage leaf plates (they went perfectly together), brown craft paper crackers tied with green and white ribbon (made by my sister) and lots of good cheer :D

  39. Hello Jill!
    I´ve just found your nice blog and red about your lovely giveaway. Count me in please!

    You take beautiful photos and your blog is really inspireing. Have a happy and healthy 2012!

    Love from Sweden/Moa

  40. Bonne année Jill,

    Your Christmas table was lovely and not unlike ours.
    Because it's Summer in my part of the world, our Christmas lunch was a BBQ.
    We celebrated with our son and his fiancee on the roof top terrace garden of their lovely city apartment!
    The table was quite casual, with a red and white theme. White china and red Christmas crackers and napkins!!!

    I would treasure a copy of The Vintage Table - it looks lovely!

    Shane x

  41. Hi Jill,

    Thank you for visit on my blog.
    You have even a very, very beautiful blog. I will come more often to visit your blog.
    I will take a change for your very nice book as a give away. You are right, I love it.
    I shall put a link on my blog. Hope to see you often as a visitor or follower.
    Lovely greetings, Elly


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