Friday, 20 January 2012

Lost and now found!!!

To start this post I thought I would cheer all of you that have found this week very tiring and grey, with some photos of the flowers around my house, flowers always cheer me up and the smell of the hyacinth is divine.

First of all I would like to thank everyone with their constructive advice about trying to help me remember what happened to my memory card.  I took my camera on a short break took loads of photos only to realise when I got home that I had no memory card, I know it does flash up and say NO CARD but I always use the view finder and not the screen on the back of my camera!! But to cut a long story short, I ordered a new one went to put it in my computer - guess what there sitting smugly was my card -  I am positive I checked there first!!!!
Well now to tell you where we went - we have always promised ourselves a trip to Ardingly (a giant Antique Fair) as this is rather a long way from Devon we decided to combine this with a short break in Sussex and Hampshire.
We stayed at this lovely pub called The Royal Oak at East Lavant nr Chichester, I couldn't recommend it more, lovely room, food and great staff. As you can see (the photo has been taken in the Summer!)
the pub is a really traditional with a modern twist. 
Ardingly was great so many stalls you just didn't know where to start - but here is a few photos of what I bought!
I loved this glass cake dish with cover which I bought from a French dealer (there are a lot of foreign dealers here especially French and Belgian)

 I am using it for my ribbons,
 but would look lovely with cupcakes, or some of those delicious macaroons!

The fabric is an old french pillowcase - I have ideas for this fabric, in the corner of the   glass dome photos you can see a painted wooden cutlery box which I thought would make a good sewing box.

The little glass dish I loved, great for clotted cream (come on I do live in Devon!!)

Also I am so sorry Lizzie from the washerwoman blogspot I took lots of photos of your stall - and of course the rest is history.
Then off for a  few days with friends visiting my Mum and Dad and then back to Devon.
Been a little chilly and bleak here up on the hill, so soup was definitely what was needed, a great pumpkin and fennel soup, it was delicious!!

Has anyone had problems commenting on blogs -  as soon as I write a comment it goes to a blank page, they seemed to have resolved it now, as some people say 'if its not broke why mend it'
Weekend ahead, and if weather is fine lots of walks, good food and a glass of wine by the fire can't think of anything better! have fun.  Jill


  1. Mmm might need that recipe for the soup! jennyx

  2. So glad you found your memory card. The pub you stayed at looks great and I love your French glass cake dish and the dish for clotted cream/

  3. How did you find the prices at Ardingly. I have always fancied going, but didnt know if everything would be overpriced??!

  4. lovely post and yes I am a heck of a time with comments/stuck pages.....

  5. I was also at Ardingly last week. I usually go on the first day but this time chose the second day (a £15 difference in entrance fee) and bought some nice things, mostly for selling of course. I have had lunch at this pub a couple of years ago and thought it was great too. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ruth x

  6. Hello Jill!

    What a lovely inspiring post, from the first pictures of the gorgeous flowers to your glass cake dome (love it, want it!!) and your delicious looking soup! You take the lovliest photos!

    Thanks for bobbing over to see me today, the crochet hook you asked about was from a seller on Etsy, I had to wait 5 months before I got it though, as unbeknown to me the poor lady had sufffered a stroke!! Anyway, there seem to be a profusion of these lovely hooks to be had, if you visit Etsy and look up Polymer Clay crochet hooks you might find something similar.

    Hope that helps, have a lovely weekend, love Julia x x x

  7. Hi Jill,

    Perhaps it helps using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. It works for me.

    Your week in Ardingly sounds lovely. I like the glass cake dish you found. The ribbons look great inside.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  8. I'm so pleased your memory card turned up safe and sound.Must get to Ardingly one's so near to us,I don't know why I haven't yet! You have found some wonderful treasures there.

    Have a lovely restful weekend. :0)

  9. Great photos Jill, I love your style. I find those big fairs quite overwhelming - there is almost too much to see!
    Have a lovely weekend, all best, Essie x

  10. Hi Jill I loved this post too.The flowers at the beginning are beautiful and I really love the glass cake dome, what a brilliant idea to use it for ribbons and things.

  11. Hi Jill - Well that fireplace and armchair do look very inviting! The weather here is starting to drop chilly, with the promise of snow tonight. This time last year I was fed up to the back teeth of snow, but I'm actually relishing the thought of being stuck in and baking! If only we had a fire to sit beside! Have a great weekend! Lx

  12. Hi Jill, I have fond memories of Ardingly, but it is many many years since I was there. I love all your purchases, especially the pillow case.
    How frustrating losing your memory card, but at least you have a spare now! I think you could write a book on interesting places to stay, you seem to be very good at ferreting them out! Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  13. So glad you found your memory card!! Yay! Loving all of your gorgeous new treasures, Jill! I would love to go to such an antique fair:) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics! Enjoy your weekend ~ x

  14. Jill, your photos are always
    spectacular, congratulations,
    I often come to visit you.
    a hug
    Susy x

  15. Lovely post - I love tulips they really cheer me up. Enjoying your blog.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Hi Jill,
    so lovely to see your comment, made me smile to see your name, my girls are still enjoying your pillow, it's on their beds every day.
    I wish I could cook like you, making a winter soup like it's nothing, sigh, anyway, you gave me a great idea, I have my eye on a glas cake dish on a foot from Ikea, but since I don't bake (and already have a cream one and another glass one, both without a top) I didn't see a good reason to buy this one, but now I do! I have plenty of sewing thingy's or other small items that need storage so this is a great way to store and display, right? Hope you have a good weekend too, it's windy and rainy here but at least no snow (well, in the mountains there is snow).
    Anyhoo, see you soon! Maureen x

  17. oh oh...did my comment just went through or not? I hope so, it was a long one....sigh....Maureen x

  18. Yes it did Maureen and it was lovely to hear from you. have a great weekend.

  19. oh it's annoying when that happens! It's usually My Hubbie that does things like that though...'where are my keys?' he asks....'on the key holder' i tell him....'no i've looked there' says he......hmmmmmm i find them there all the time! Your pics of your trip are lovely wish i could go there!

  20. Lovely pictures, your trip looks wonderful, and I love the treats you found, especially the glass dome, I must acquire one of those too! So glad you found the memory card...things like that happen to me too!
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  21. I love all the pretty things you found at Ardingly. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Hi,

    I've just found your blog from somewhere else. Its lovely, thank you for sharing.

  23. Oh what beautiful things especially that french fabric, you soup looks divine and I love the colour of your pumpkin so pretty

    warmest wishes


  24. Hi Jill,thank you for your comment on my blog.I have joined yours and look forward to reading more.Love Jill xx

  25. What gorgeous finds, I especially love the glass cake dish :D

  26. Hello Jill, I'm so pleased you found your memory card. Fab pictures as always! I always love what you buy.....

    Lou xxx

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