Monday, 30 April 2012

New Finds and a rather wet Devon

What a weekend, did it rain, but of course that didn't stop me from having a lovely time with our friends, it including lots of bargain hunting, and great meals out and a great amount of laughter, wine and chat!
So here is a few photos of my finds which I hope to be bringing along with me to the Vintage Fair in Topsham this Bank Holiday.
Fabrics which arrived from France!
Can't wait to turn them into something really pretty

Delicate cups and plates
 Chest of drawers waiting to be painted
and a  quilt which I bought on Ebay
Glass candlesticks picked up in the local Charity shops, just add some pale pink candles for a stunning display

This lovely faded mirror which I bought from a flea market in France (I know that wasn't this weekend) but it is so delicate and fragile, I don't think I will be selling this one.
Then to finish the weekend lunch at this pub,The Lord Poulett Arms if you are ever in the area definitely worth going to.

On our way back from Exeter today, the River Exe had burst its banks, goodness knows what will happen if we have more rain, only glad that I live on top of a hill!
I love your comments so please feel you can just drop on by and let me know your thoughts. Cup of coffee in hand I am off to read your lovely blogs!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Getting things ready for the weekend

I have been rushing around in the last few days, buying more stock and sewing, but now having a rest and preparing for friends at the weekend with all fingers crossed that the weather will improve and the sun will shine on Devon.
I have to confess to not making many cakes or puddings but thought I might indulge this weekend, I love making this cake, simple but full of yummy things, and you don't even have to bake it!

My cardamom chocolate mouse just looks great in my new teacups, so pretty and not too big as I think it will be very rich, just some cream and a few strawberries to finish it off.

Of course the house has to look its best, and here are a few photos.

  I love these pale pink roses

This lovely picture I bought at auction a few weeks ago, the lady is so pretty

Sorry not many photos but I am taking them this evening and they just don't turn out as well at night.

I just would like to tell you all about how brilliant this blogging world is,(but you probably already know this) I had an email from a lady in New Zealand who very much wanted to buy the bookazine which Country Living has bought out and she had read about in one of my earlier postings, and although she tried very hard to get one, they would not send one to her, so she dropped me an email to ask if I could help, and I was very happy to, and the Country Living book is now on its way to New Zealand, this is one of the lovely benefits of blogging! So enjoy Beverley and it was a pleasure.

Thank you for all you lovely comments I do love reading them, sorry this is such a short post.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Winter has returned!!

If you look out of my work window now well its tipping down,
I know we need rain, but I need sun! Been a less busy week but I have been trying to book more Fairs (now booked 5) and hunting down some new vintage finds.

Yesterday we went to the Vintage Fair in Frome, I took lots of photos but for some reason they just didn't turn out well, there were amazing stalls and I bought some fabric, which included a lovely linen sheet and this gorgeous soft french piece of quilting.
I also bought this beautiful french tea service, 12 cups and saucers
they are so fragile and would look lovely used maybe for a desert filled with chocolate mouse, which brings be around to my new cookery book, I don't know whether you have been watching this lovely lady in Paris but I have adored her recipes so treated myself when out food shopping!! The book is delightful with lots of beautiful photos and illustrations.

The other morning I opened my curtains to see these 2 Roe Deer, nestling in the field, what a lovely sight to see!
 And these sweet little birds clinging on to a delicate tree

Well back to my sewing and this time I am altering curtains to fit my guest bedroom ready for my friends next week!
lets hope the weather improves I have to say I have been looking for some sun this afternoon with maybe a holiday to be booked very soon!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and I will keep you posted about any new fairs that I am doing!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Vintage Fair Success

Oh my God have I got the bug now, I can't tell you how pleased I was with how it went and my sales well all I have to say is that my journey home was with a much smaller load. 
The venue was a beautiful hall, with a vintage tea room, 40s music playing with talented stallholders and so many yummy things to buy, I will say no more except post lots of pictures for you.
This was my stall

More lovely stalls
You can just see in the background a very talented lady Emma (pictured below taking photos) who made these amazing lampshades do visit her website

This is the Emma's work a very talented textile artist do look at her website she is amazing! and a lovely girl to match!

And the lovely stall her furniture is so beautifully painted.
It was great to meet so many talented and lovely ladies!

I have booked two more Fairs and can't wait for the next one, although I am going to have to start sewing again!!  Thank you everyone for all your encouraging words it really helped. Now I think its off to bed as I am a little tired!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter

Just a very short post to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter.

I probably won't be doing another post until after the  Vintage Fair as I seem to have a million jobs to do, I found a spare few minutes to decorate the house for Easter, book for this fair and have a short little break in Kent at my favourite B & B in May

Enjoy the holidays and lets hope the sun shines because at the moment it is very cold, although I don't really mind as I am in my sewing room with Radio 4 on and very busy!! - the odd cup of tea seems to come my way every so often!
Have fun