Friday, 27 January 2012

Ups and Downs

Well it has been one of those up and down sort of weeks, we had the funeral for my Uncle on Monday and it makes you realise how precious life is, it was my Father's only brother and you could see that it hit him hard.  Your parents and siblings are an important part of your life, and I know that life is too short for quibbles, arguments, whose hurt the most etc. etc.   We should get on with life and all that it brings you the ups and the downs, don't dwell on the past look to the future and enjoy!! I'll get off my pedastal now, but sometimes you just have to say it.
Talking of my parents my lovely Mother has been busy knitting again, and has made me these great wrist warmers and hat, she is so clever! she is now knitting for my friends!! So Emma and Maureen it won't be long!

At Christmas my son's bought me these books (I did tell Santa about them so he must have heard!).  The first one is amazing, the pictures I just love, whether I can emulate any of the flower  decorations will be another thing, but it is certainly inspirational, and lovely to look through especially on this cold day!

The second book is The Vintage Tea Table, it is quirky and great fun with lots of fabulous recipes.

I haven't tried any of them (because I am trying to avoid cakes etc at the moment!) but will do soon, my friend Pippa at the Tower House in Tenterden holds Vintage Tea Parties and they seem to be going down really well!
Talking of friends the lovely Joasia has joined us all on this blogging world, she is creative, talented and has an amazing shop, please visit her blog so that she doesn't feel so lonely in the blog hemisphere, it is delightful with great ideas!
Well lunch beckons, a salad a think, and then as the sun has now come out I think I will go on a walk, I keep hearing on the radio that we are in for a very
cold spell which would mean that we would be very isolated, so I think I better stock up.
Have a great weekend everyone, keep commenting I love hearing from you. Jillx


  1. Those mittens and hat are wonderful - who would've thought that pale grey could've looked so good! I love them! Wish she was taking orders. I'm hopeless, I can't knit or sew, but at least I can bake (although I've never made a cupcake in my life, I prefer 'real' cakes!)
    Love the look of those books especially Vintage Flowers.
    Margaret P

  2. Hello Jill

    You mother is a master knitter. Such beautiful even knitting and your friends are most fortunate.
    Sorry your lost your uncle and I totally agree on what you say about families and "getting on with it"
    Have a delightful weekend

    Helen xx

  3. I want a pair of your mittens aswell please,I can knit but only plain stuff would never be able to do those.I think your books are lovely what pretty pics in them did you choose them or your boys?good choice if it was them.Love Jill xx

  4. Oooh those books look fantastic! There's two more for my wish list! especially the Vintage Flowers - shame i didn't know about that one for my vintage style wedding last year, it would have been perfect! What lovely hat & mittens too - you certainly need them on a day like today!

    A lovely post, best wishes xx (PS - am just about to check out Joasia's blog!)

  5. Lovely mittens and such a nice shade of grey, it's always nice to hear about new bloggers so I'll pop over to Joasia's now, Lucey x

  6. Those fingerless mittens and hat just look lovely! Just the thing for chilly weather. Sharon

  7. That was a lovely post Jill. Thanks for sharing x

  8. Hi Jill,

    So sorry to hear about your uncle and your father's sadness. It must be hard to loose your only brother.

    Your books look great! I have the one by Vic Brotherson in my bookcase (love it), but I haven't seen the vintage tea book before. It looks promising. I will check it out on Amazon.

    Ahhh, you mentioning the Tower House makes me look forward to spring :-) Wish we would meet!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  9. Ooh I like the look of the Vintage Flowers book, thats a new one on me!
    Great mittens and hat, just right for this cold snap we are having.
    Best wishes for a lovely weekend. x

  10. What lovely mittens your talented Mum should open an etsy shop!
    Those books are sheer eye candy!
    Have a lovely weekend

  11. Hi Jill, so sorry for your recent bereavement.
    The knitted things your mum has made are really gorgeous and she must be a very clever lady.My mum used to love to knit and sew but her hands arent very steady now and she doesnt do much.
    The books are fab too.I love books of all descriptions but crafty books are that bit more special.

  12. Hi Jill, Love your hat and wrist warmers..your mum is a great knitter.
    Just popped over to Joasia's blog too and now following,
    Julie x

  13. Hi Jill,

    Lovely books and what a great idea from your boys. They must have inherited some of your 'eye' for beauty and vintage. I'm training mine up so that I too will get presents like that in the future.

    Love Joasia xxx

  14. ces livres ont l'air vraiment bien.
    belle journée Jill


  15. Love your new gloves and hat very cute. Lovely books.

  16. Jill, Thank you for the words of wisdom. We all need a reminder now and again that life is too short for negativity! I am very sorry for your loss. Anne

  17. You have a very clever Mum like mine! I just adore the hat & gloves.....

    Lou xxx

  18. I was sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle and your father's sadness.
    Your books look delightful, some more to add to my list definitely!
    Loved the hat and wrist warmers made by your clever mother...and looks as if you'll be needing them too with the temperatures dropping.
    Helen x

  19. Vintage Flowers is the most wonderful book isn't it, and so it would seem is The Vintage Tea Table, I have the former but must try and track down a copy of the latter :D

  20. Apologies, I think I just accidentally left my comment anonymously.

  21. Hi Jill,
    Thank for your comment on my 'castaway' post.You can't beat a bit of Mozart that's for sure!
    I think you'll be needing those mitts and scarf this week,the big chill is on it's way!
    Have a lovely week. :0)


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