Friday, 29 June 2012

Have I got it right!!

Well this past week has seen me frantically getting things ready for the 2 fairs that I have on this weekend.  Both a little different as one is a rag rummage which is mostly vintage fabrics and anything to do with textiles and the other one is a Vintage Fair set in the lovely grounds of Castle Hill in Devon.
I have to say that I am a little concerned about the first fair and only hope that I have got it right, I am afraid my things don't look very raggy!! (new word but I think you know what I mean).
As promised here are some photos of some of the things that I bought in France I was so pleased with them and look so nice when they have all been washed starched and ironed.
A trug full of bundles of vintage fabrics
 a beautiful chemise and lace bought at brocante markets in Biarritz
 Toile and sweet little books by Shakespeare
 Some bags that I have made from french linen and french fabrics
 lovely monogram sheet and some monogram embroidery initials that you can sew onto fabrics as well as a beautiful lace necklace and you can just see a sweet little french book.

 Pretty plates and lavender bags
 Old wooden cotton reels and french studs.
Pretty bags just right for the summer (when it comes)

Well I hope I have got it right and will keep you informed I think it looks ok so why do I get so worried! Oh well time will tell! Off to bed now as early start in morning about 6 o'clock ugh!!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

A Beautiful Holiday

Oh what can I say but I had a beautiful week, our holiday was very much a last minute thing, and I had booked the Chambre d'hote out of one of my old books Chambre de Secret. You know what its like I always have these fears that it won't be as good as it says, but wow this place was wonderful the rooms were beautiful the house was great and our hosts Marie and Christian were so friendly it just made the holiday
This part of France we have never visited before and was very different from other parts of France it had a very Spanish feel about it with tapas bars and sangria all readily available (and it would have been rude to say no!)
I am afraid my photos are not so good and some I can't even show as for some reason my camera was having a slight blip, and when I got home realised that one of the buttons that change the focus had obviously been knocked while travelling so alot were out of focus.  But the ones that I have rescued I can share with you.
The beautiful chambre d'hote Relais Linague

The Beach of Jean de Luz spent a few days here!

A beautiful monastry just a few minutes from the beach

 Pretty villages most of the houses painted red and white
The game of la Pelote Basque every town and village has one of these courts not too sure about the rules or how it is played.
The lovely house of Edmund Rostand the author who wrote Cyrano de Bergerac , apparently he had this house built on the funds received from just this one book!

Of course I visited several Brocante fairs, and I will show you what I bought in another post, I couldn't get it all in my suitcase, so posted some of it and it arrived today and I thought the French post was slow! Now to catch up on your lovely blogs. A few roses that I rescued from my wind swept garden.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weather, flowers and holidays!!

Well I am going to skip talking about the weather because it is really becoming very boring now, although yesterday we did have lunch in the garden!
After last weekend with all the celebrations everything seems rather dull, but there is a little spark to keep me going and that is flying out to Biarritz on Tuesday, and the only think on my mind right now is making sure I don't fill my suitcase before I go, because I really need to leave room for goodies to bring home, apparently there is one of the biggest monthly brocante markets on when we are there!
At long last I am picking flowers from the garden, and don't you just love this plate which I found at Avington Brocante from the lovely stall Found Country Antiques
(my favourite stall there!!)

My paeony is just starting to flower, hopefully they will be out when I come home, the garden is filled with wild flowers and foxgloves all we need now is warm sunny weather (sorry I know I said I wouldn't mention it).

I hate carrying formal handbags, and bought this beautiful french quilted fabric at the Vintage Fair in Frome from Hesta Nesta and have made it into a large bag, I think it is big enough for my finds!!

Promise to take lots of photos while away to show you all.
Oh nearly forgot, spied this Hare from my kitchen window managed to just catch him with my camera

Biarritz here I come

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

So proud to be British

Just a few photos of the celebrations that have been held in our lovely country, it certainly makes you very proud.  The pageant was amazing just such a shame about the weather.

 and last night a fantastic concert held in front of Buckingham Palace

Most of the photos care of the Daily Telegraph website!!

Normal blog services will resume later this week! hope everyone enjoyed the celebrations, needless to say it is absolutely pouring down here in Devon, oh well back to the ironing board!