Monday, 30 May 2011

A Dilemma!

Well what a miserable day, it has been rainy and misty and cold all day - so after a morning of sewing I decided I would think about what sort of fabrics and what look I would like to achieve in my bedroom. Do I go for pretty country look with flowers and patterns, or for a classic French look using old white linen sheets for the curtains, lots of monogramme cushions, grey painted furniture, it sounds like I might have decided so what do you think of these looks:

I have also decided to update my banner with a more summery look, and add a few more photos so seems like I am back in the swing of blogging again. After reading a few of your lovely blogs I came to realise that I wasn't the only one having trouble with commenting on blogs, but I think I know how to get around it, you need to go to the settings of the comments page and tick the pop up window box, and then when you sign in to Google don' t tick the box which says keep me signed in.  It worked for me. Hope it helps anyone having a problem. Off to hit the ironing basket now! have a lovely rest of your holiday weekend.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

At Long Last!!

You know I said that you can't live by views alone, sorry I was wrong, our new home has the most spectacular views that you don't tire of you can't help but to stop and stare. We can see as far as the Wellington Monument in Somerset to the Gap at Sidmouth so it is about a 25 mile view!!

Obviously as I am writing this I am back on line, but I won't bore you with that. The move went very well, lovely sunny day and it seemed to take them no time to move us in. The house is an old Farmhouse, and although the outside of it is not as pretty as our last cottage it certainly makes up for it inside and out,

I have also been spoilt in the fact that the house does not need anything doing to it, it has lovely wooden floors, quirky kitchen,

 modern bathroom,
and new windows, I am not a fan of these type of windows, but have to say that after our last house which was a littly drafty I can see why people have them, the house is lovely cosy and warm. It also retains original old doors,
 a few beams and a brilliant wood burner,
which we have already used and wow does it chuck out the heat. All I have to do is soft furnishings so I have my interiors hat on for this, and will keep you posted when I have found what I want.

The garden was already set out in what I feel is a mediterranean style very much like the gardens in provence, but I do still have a lawn. Its a lovely mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables and I have already planted my runner beans, french beans, and hopefully borlotti beans as well as courgettes onions and so many fruits I will be making jam for ever. I hope you like the few photos which has given you a snippet of our new home and the photo of a pheasant and her 12 chicks!! We also have a partridge which taps on our utility window.

My sewing room is now ready for use and I already have some orders so I need to get sewing, but I don't know about you, but I am finding it difficult to spread my time between the garden, the house and my sewing, I think I will have to start planning my days! Now for my favourite thing and what I have missed and that is catching up with all your lovely blogs and that is what I am going to do right now. I look forward to hearing from you all and I am now officially back into blogging land!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Its been a while

Well I am still around, but having a frustrating time at the moment and you can guess what is holding me up, two little letters BT!!!! I am writing this while pinching my son's laptop, but hopefully I will be up and running next week and let you know how the move went and how we are enjoying our lovely new home!! with lots of pics. I have certainly missed reading all your blogs and can't wait to be back into blog land! So see you all very soon, and hope you all had a lovely weekend, oh and where has the sun gone!!!