Wednesday, 1 February 2012


This morning woke to the most beautiful sunrise, sorry everyone but I still have snow!

Out with my camera in my PJs and wellingtons, good job there was no Farmers around. Indoors now,do I have a lovely cup of tea or some hot chocolate, choices choices.

January has gone and welcome to Februay, so I thought I would bring a little spring sunshine into the house, I love these little tete a tete so sweet!!

In February I will be giving you little tasters of around the house! this is a sweet little shelf made with lovely wood on a marble plinth, very tactile, and I try and keep it simple, although somehow by the end of the day I am clearing it of glasses, keys, books etc etc. guess who does that!!
you can just see my new Anthropologie Apron hanging up, present from Alex my son!
February also sees us looking forward to the Summer and trying to decide where to go, shall we stay in England or shall we go off abroad, I really fancy Corsica,
or maybe the South of France I always seem to draw to the later because I think it is my favourite place.

Well off to Sidmouth tomorrow and maybe I will take my camera with me as it is a beautiful Georgian seaside town. Have a great week keep warm and please if you stop by leave me a comment I would love to hear from you.


  1. I have only just found your blog and I love it! So jealous that you have snow, it looks beautiful.

    Nicki x

  2. How lovely your photos look, I do have a liking for snow and as we never have snow in Sydney makes it all the prettier.

  3. Am loving the snowy pictures!! None here in Mid Wales, though i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one going out in Pj's and wellies with my camera (in my case trying to photogragh a frosty spiders web!)in the garden - what the neighbours must think! Have a lovely week - already looking forward to your next post

    Marina x

  4. Hi Jill, your summer projects are so beautiful. Very difficult the choise!!!!!
    Have a nice time.

  5. La neige rend tout un peu magique ... et double le plaisir de rester bien au chaud en dégustant une bonne tasse de thé.

  6. Love your photos of the snow.I love reading your blog your home is just so beautiful.Lesley x

  7. Lovely photos, especially the second, you are VERY brave going out in your PJ's in sub zero temperatures. I would drink some of that hot chocolate to warm you up. Waiting for the photos of around your gorgeous home, very envious.

  8. Hi!
    Lovely lovely pictures!
    Best wishes from a snowy and cold Sweden!

  9. I'm a bit envious of your snow - it's really cold here but the sky is gorgeous bright blue - so no snow for us - but at least it's sunny and cheerful, even if it's icy.

    And love your apron - I didn't know Anthropologie did aprons - so I went to look at their online store and searched for aprons and my word but they have some beautiful ones. I am going to make myself an Anthro-style apron - mine are so shabby.

  10. Lovely blog - beautiful photos - I can't believe you've still got snow when all we've got is cold, cold, cold...

    I went to Corsica a few years ago and it was absolutely amazing - definitely worth a visit - just brace yourself for the mountain roads!

  11. Love your snowy scenes.I like to rush out early with my camera too, and take pics before anyone has trodden in it.We're due for some at the weekend!
    Have a lovely time in Sidmouth...and keep cosy!
    Bellaboo X

  12. Dear Jill,
    Your snowy photos are stunning. Everywhere looks so beautiful with a covering of snow doesn't it ? ..... I am also very envious of the beautiful surroundings and scenery that you have.You live in a wonderful part of the country.
    ....and Sidmouth....takes me back to my holidays as a child.Enjoy your visit there.
    Many, many thanks for your kind birthday are a lovely blogging friend. XXXX

  13. Love those little sailing ship mugs - very nice.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. Hi Jill,

    Lovely sunrise! That hot choc looks great too.
    As for the glasses, books and keys... are we married to the same man?

    Love joasia x

  15. I like snow in pictures, but not in person so I really enjoyed your pictures. Corsica looks lovely.

  16. Hi, Jill! What a lovely pictures! Such a beatiful nature! In Russia we have by now -23 dgr C! Brr..! Love your wood shelf and teacups :o) And your white table is so cute! Your home is very sweet and you are an Artist!
    Have a sunny and lovely day

  17. Glad you have the snow and not us! I think we are in for some though the next couple of days.Looking forward to seeing the corners of your home piccies, dont you just love other peoples homes!

  18. Hi Jill,

    The snow looks lovely! We only had a dusting of snow on Tuesday and hope for more tomorrow.

    Enjoy your day in Sidmouth!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  19. Rosie,
    Your photos of the snow and the early morning light are beautiful well worth your early visit outside! The picture of Corsica is a great warming contrast!
    I'm surprised how much snow you have had.

  20. Beautiful pictures, Jill. I loved them all, and it was lovely to see the delightful snow scenes, it all looks so pretty there. Here it is freezing cold but no snow yet!
    Have a happy cosy weekend!
    Helen x

  21. Hi Jill,

    Just read your comment. Thank you for the tip! I will check out the kiosk at the station this week for the Country Living.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x


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