Friday, 3 September 2010

A little room in my House!

I am going to have to getter better at this title thing, I spend hours trying to think of witty titles but known of them seem to relate to what I want to say.

Well beginning of this week was Bank holiday as you know, so I decided to paint one of the smallest rooms in the house, but this room set the whole of our house in chaos, as it was our larder! We had so much stuff stored in there and it all had to come out, and except for one room (I needed some sanctuary) it spread itself all over the house, try looking for the marmalade first thing in the morning that was a 10 minute job!
Here are some photos of before and then after:
Before Photos

After Photos!

This was a lovely pink colour so I thought I would leave it shabby chic!!

 I know there is not a lot of difference but I painted every shelf – a lovely grey linen colour and the walls were brilliant white, at the end of the larder is my tumble dryer and microwave so I used some old Laura Ashley fabric and covered it up! What do you think a bit tidier, I don’t have a bad view from the larder either!

Then I had lots of cushions to wrap up and send,

 I am always so surprised at how far my cushions go, I send lots to a French Island of Australia call New Caledonia, Canada, America and Australia. and Finally with the good weather we spent some time on a lovely beach nearby called Crackington Haven – it was so lovely to see everyone having such a good time

On our drive to the beach I also spotted this house with all the lovely bunting outside,

it certainly cheers everything up! Well that was my week and I am now starting on another project but I think that could take a time!!!!


  1. Hello there Jill !
    I love your larder makeover - it looks totally splendid and I'd rather like to sit in there and admire it!
    Having said that, I think all the shelves and jars looked very nice beforehand, but there is nothing like a bit of colour uniformity for the background, to make everything look even more splendid!
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  2. Well, needless to say I am envious of your larder. Not just the view, and you already
    know how lucky I think you are living next to a church! But it looks so pretty. There is no reason of course, why a larder can't look pretty... but tell me, does the heat from your dryer cause any problems, or all the light coming in from the windows? I always thought a larder should be cool, and would love to change our utility room into a proper larder - for preserves and foodstuffs as you have, to save me bending into a low cupboard. But... it has hot water pipes in it, plus the washer/dryer and a small window.... what do you think?

  3. Hi Maggie
    The Tumble Dryer has to be moved before I can put it on, pipe goes out of window, I hardly every use it! It faces East so only gets the sun for a hour or so in the morning, it has air bricks so stays pretty cool, as it is an old house, with badly fitted windows ie sash, the house never really gets hot like a modern house, I think you could use your space to store tinned and dried food, give it a go! thank you so much for your lovely comments, better go back and see if that bread has risen yet!!

  4. "L'après" est superbe, frais, délicieux ...
    Quelle jolie découverte que ton blog !
    A Bientôt

  5. Hi Jill, just came across your lovely blog. The way you wrap things up is perfectly pretty!
    Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday. xx


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