Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Busy Busy and Holiday Snaps

Well it has been a very busy week, I seem to be attached to the sewing machine, but all orders were packed up on Friday and it is so great today to receive lovely feedback it makes it all worthwhile. Here is a little snap shot of what I have been doing.
I know that there are alot of these about now but I think I have added a little something to make them a bit more special what do you think?

But I did have time for a lovely walk, not far from us is a lovely bay on the edge of the North Cornwall Coast it is very dramatic and beautiful, we parked near this house

Well I don’t know if you have guessed but this is the well known Meadow Gate from Kirsty’s Homemade Home a very popular television programme here in the UK. It is in a beautiful place and she chose well!

The bay is called Welcome Bay and is looked after by the National Trust although if you take your car down there you certainly do so at your own risk, so we decided to walk it is a lovely place full of woods and streams and then suddenly after a small climb you come across this amazing place. Hope the photos do it justice.

We are going away for a little break which I will tell you all about next week, but I haven’t forgotten my Tuesday Holiday photo, I love Paris, and we try and go as much as possible so this is just a little photo that I found of myself in Paris (a while ago!!)

I love everything about it – the buildings, galleries, the shops and walking and discovering quite little places away from the crowds, I always love it if you pass someone who is opening one of those big gates to their homes and you discover behind them such a beautiful courtyard, and I love how families live in the middle of the city, I love the smells and the whole romance of the place! Can’t wait to go again. So here are a few images of Paris, including the lovely macaroons from Laduree a lovely café for Sunday afternoon.

Courtyard with bicycles - don't think I would fancy riding my bike around Paris though!

I love these cafe tables.

and Cafe Marly lovely place to lunch.

A little touristy but lovely all the same.


What delicious colours!

Well I am off on a little break - not abroad but here in England visiting a few places that I have promised myself to visit, see you soon with no doubt lots of photos of where we went!!


  1. Love your part of the world Jill - we went to Welcome Bay a few years ago when we were staying in Padstow.

    Wonderful holiday snaps - I have yet to post mine!!! Paris looks very elegant through your lens Jill, I particularly love the house with the bicycles - nice colour on the door and the lovely old cobbled street - very parisian. Talking of Parisian you look very chic indeed!

    Very pretty cushions - I must pop over to your Etsy shop.


  2. What gorgeous cushions - you are very talented indeed!

    I was OBSESSED with Kirsty's Home Made Home when it was on television - how wonderful that you are in such a beautiful part of England. However, don't get me started on Paris - I used to go regularly with my husband (before he was my husband!)and before children and have some wonderful memories - we even got engaged there! Lovely images - thank you! x

  3. Hi Jill,
    thank you so much for your lovely comment!
    Your cushions looks so great and the photos from paris are so beautiful- I love Paris!!!!!!
    Have a great day,

  4. It was so lovely yesterday (and today is another cracker) and I was late with my posting but 'Holiday snapshot Tuesday' is now on my blog - just squeezed it in at around 11pm last night!


  5. I loved the photo of you in Paris, don't you look so chic and French? Beautiful indeed.
    And your cushions? Yes, there are so many of this design/type around now, but luckily for people who buy them, so much variety. I agree that yours are that bit different.

  6. Hi Jill, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I love reading comments, and coming across a new blog. Your cottage looks gorgeous, and I love your cushions. I look forward to reading more of your journey.
    Have a lovely week.
    Rebecca x

  7. Hi Jill, you live in a such wonderful place!!! What lovely photos!!!
    Me too I love so much Paris and I adore Macarons!!!!
    But the best are your pillows, how lovely they are!!!!!
    Tank you for passing and leaving your lovely comment.
    See you soon

  8. Hi a beautiful place to vacation! and those macrons look awesome!!!

    (i'm in serious macron withdrawal)

    Anne Marie

  9. I love your cushions and I am also a watcher of Kirsty's Homemade Home, I read that there is another series coming soon and she has a book coming out in October too.
    Great photos.

  10. Hi Jill,
    I send you a FF! Gotta go now, talk soon,
    Maureen x

  11. bonjour- i have just found you through the lovely maureen- who gave you your virtual *friday flower* at hers today...

    are we a match made in heaven or what...

    i too sew....everyday!
    i love kirsty's homemade...& am seriously jealous that she is a neighbour in your part of the world...
    i HAVE riden up through paris on a bike...
    up the champs elysee with one of my besties from sydney for our 40th bdays -we met with our husband for a paris
    cafe marly is where we celebrated with our final bottle of champagne together before we flew back to the uk and they flew home to australia...

    love your photos....

    a very happy new follower
    melissa x

  12. Your cushions are very pretty!
    Wishing you a lovely holiday break... but do came back soon!



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