Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Proud Daughters

This is just a very short blog, but I wanted to post this picture today. Today is a special day for my mother and father they are attending a service in St Pauls Cathedral London to commerate the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. This photo is of our Father who was in the RAF by a Lancaster aeroplane (he is the one of the left of the picture with a cigarette in his hand (as I think they all did then, can you blame them) My mother was a nurse in London during the war and I think they met at a dance in London. I am so pleased that they have been able to attend this service and my sister and I are immensely proud of both of them.



  1. Dear Jill,
    First of all I must apologise for my infrequent visits....I seem to have so many blogs on my sidebar, I find it impossible to get round to everyone !! Not much of an excuse, I know but, it seems to take me all day to do some of them, let alone all and then, just when I think I've commented on everyone's, they all post again !!There is also the matter of everyday life to get on with as well.
    Anyway, back to the plot. What a lovely post. I think that it's remarkable that your parents are still so fit and able to get to St. Paul's. Both my Mum and my Dad were in the dad was a pilot in the RAF and my mum was in the ATS. They are both gone now sadly. but lived long lives and our dad died at the great age of 91 a couple of years ago.
    I'm sure that they will have a memorable day and meet some more lovely people. Wish them well from Jackie in Hertfordshire. XXXX

  2. How lovely. My father was a rear gunner in the RAF during WWII, and I never gave much though to this as I grew up. Now at 60, I look back on photos of him as a 19 year old, looking so much like my eldest son at the same age, and I realise how different their lives were, how dangerous and scary and so on. Sad that he died in his early 50s, thirty years ago, so I could never talk to him about it and tell him how proud I was.

  3. Beautiful post. and what a lovely story. Truly touched!
    I hope they have a wonderful day.

  4. I love this post Jill. I remember that you visited mine when I wrote about my RAF father. We are all so proud of them. I wish I could have taken my mother to this service but it was not possible. How wonderful that your lovely parents were both able to attend. So much is being told of the quiet heroism of that time just now - especially important before that generation passes away. My mother worked in munitions at Woolwich Arsenal and hid inside bomb ovens when the raids came. Can you imagine?

  5. I like the positive way you are talking about the fog running down the hills ;) Nice!

    Great post to!

  6. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for your kind remark on my blog. I can imagine your are very proud of your parents. It must be such a joy to have them still around. I hope the service in St Pauls will be beautiful!

    I enjoyed scrolling through your blog very much and will be following you too!

    Kind regards, Madelief

  7. Wow! What a great thing to be so very proud about - and I love the war time photo too! Congratulations!
    Thank you for your lovely comment about Waitrose, Jill. Luckily our nearest Waitrose is 8 miles away in Bath, so the temptation isn't very apparent for me - though I know that I'd be dreaming in those aisles if I went there on a regular basis!
    Have a lovely meal with your 'from the fridge' ingredients!
    Denise x

  8. What a lovely and precious day that must have been for your family.

    There is a lovely personal feel in your blog and the cushions you make are stunning! I am not surprised they sell like hot cakes and I hope you find the time to start a website for your crafted products one day (but then you will have to keep up with the demand... ;-D.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog - a lovely surprise, as always when someone "discovers" you from the blue and takes the time to leave a lovely comment.

    Warm regards,
    Helena, The Swenglish Home

  9. Thank you Jill for the posting about our parents. I can only echo Jill's comments. What Jill doesn't tell you is that our Mother was a young nurse of 17/18 in the London in the Blitz and never went down an air raid shelter! How brave was that wonder if our current teenagers would have done that! My mother has recently signed up for some research at my University called "Memories of Nursing" which will eventually be published. hope she has some photos or perhaps Jill has them.
    Diane (Jill's frequently mentioned sister who doesn't blog maybe one day when I retire from the Uni)

  10. Oooohhh how lovely they are!!!It's a great thing to be proud and have them still with you!!!!!
    Your blog is so lovely!!!
    Tank you very much for passing and leaving your lovely comment.
    Have a nice evening and see you soon.


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