Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Holiday Snap Tuesday - 3

Il Borro

This has to be the most beautiful village in Italy and we were lucky to have a lovely holiday there some years ago with our younger son Alex.
It was a village that has been restored by the Ferragamo family (italian fashion designers)after being occupied by the Germans during the 2nd world war.  It was heaven as you can imagine, and had a lovely restaurant artisan shops swimming pool and not too far from the lovely town of Arezzo. I would love to go back but it is a little expensive!!
I am sorry that these are not my photos but my photos were saved on my old computer and it unfortunately died a death and I lost some of my photos. I am once again joining Jeanne in the Tuesday holiday snap!


  1. It looks so very lovely. No wonder Ferragamo shoes are so delicious! Sympathise re the computer. Those, along with digital cameras and mobile phones all now have the built-in obsolescence that was the original concept of the consumer society. So don't pay for high end, pay for short but useful life. Very little electronic hardware is long term reliable and a screwdriver is useless to repair. Unless you are The Doctor ;-)

  2. No matter that they aren't your photos Jill - I have so many photos taken before digital cameras came on the scene I've yet to learn how to save them on to the computer:-)

    Il Borro looks wonderful - what a lovely base for a holiday. I didn't know about the Ferragamo family playing such a large part in the rebuilding of the village. It is now on my list of places to see!


  3. Il Borro looks like a lovely place. We are planning a trip to Italy next year ... Will put it on our list to see!

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Oh my gosh, I can imagine how heavenly a leisurely vacation would be in such a wonderful place! I'm so sorry you lost your own photos. I hope you had managed to print your favorites before your computer crashed. I live in fear of losing the stuff stored on mine.

  5. that place looks amazing to stay at!

    thanks for leaving me a comment just now....and yes, quite a bit of sea......

    do you know Sharon, from My French Country Home blog? she might live by you?? she's so great.

  6. Je pense que tu as fait un beau voyage.

    merci de ta Visite


  7. an incredible village, of course!i live quiet near and i didn't know it...
    I love these images!

  8. Hello Jill,
    thanks for your sweet comment.
    You live my dream: a cottage
    Devon! I envy you.
    I'll be back often to see you.
    Congratulations on your beautiful blog.
    Hello Susy


Thank you for your lovely words