Thursday, 9 September 2010

Catching Last Rays of Summer

Today we went on a lovely afternoon bike ride, I know I should have been doing other things, I have shelves to paint, cushions to make but some days you just want to enjoy the outside.

 Autumn is creeping up on us  and the hedgerows are full of delightful things.

Lovely red hips


Elderberries, now I am sure there is something alcholic I can make with these!

Even Michaelmas Daisies

Beautiful views

It was a lovely slow ………… ride except for the one time when I thought the cows were coming along the lane to be milked, TOH said he has never seen me move so fast, and it was a wonderful sight from behind I don’t know what he is talking about, No I haven’t got any photos of this.

But I haven’t been all lazy I have been trying out some new designs for my lavender bags, what do you think, I have so many tiny pieces of fabric so I patched them together, used some lovely linen twine that I had picked up in a flea market in Uzes, France and any old vintage button.

spot my favourite perfume and body cream!!! I know expensive taste oh well life has to have a few luxuries.

Talking of patchwork, if any of you have the Country Living magazine, (October issue arrived today!) then there is a lovely article about the cowslip workshop in Launceston Cornwall, Jo is a lovely lady and if any of you are interested in patchwork, it is a must to go, the café is lovely too. This is one of her beautiful quilts

Very Autumnal
I would like to thank everyone that has visited my blog I have so loved reading all your lovely comments and also reading all of your inspirational blogs!.


  1. Jill - every time I visit your blog, I absolutely swoon at that teacup - it's SO beautiful - such a perfect shape! The lavender bags are a wonderful idea. I too have lots of scraps of vintage fabric that I keep promising to turn into lots of ingenious things, but alas - too much time spent at the computer looking at other peoples brilliant and ingenious things! x (p.s. the cow/bike story is hilarious - I'd be just the same - though perhaps without quite such an apparently attractive rear view!)

  2. Hi Jill,

    You were right to go outside for a ride! Enjoy the sun while you can :-)! We had some rainy days in Holland, but at last some sun is expected. Hurray!

    Your lavender bag looks very sweet. You chose some beautiful fabrics. They match perfectly!

    Have a great evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Hi Jill!
    I am like you, enjoying the sun instead of doing other things inside. I really like your lavender hearts! Do you sell them? If so, send me an email, I would love to order. All the best! Maureen

  4. I love your cottage in Devon! It looks completely amazing!!! Thank you for visiting me! I hope you come back again! Have a beautiful autumn weekend!!! xo Kristin

  5. Hi Jill!
    Have just found your blog. Yesterday, after work I also sat down under my apple tree looking at the sunset trying to forget all the things I should have done inside the house. It was a wonderful moment I won't forget. Carpe Momento...

  6. The lavender bags are lovely Jill, the old fabrics really lend themselves to that design. I did patchwork hearts some time ago... now I have a blog I am going to add photos to, I shall show them off at a later date. Maybe show off isn't the right phrase, but you know what I mean!
    Laburnum cottage has closed by the way. I have decided to do a different sort of blog, and you can now find me at
    I have so enjoyed your blog and your comments on mine, you are a real follower in that you always leave a comment, and it is much appreciated that you take the time to read and comment, so thank you. Hope you will join this ordinary old bird over on the new blog!Take care, Maggie

  7. Merci de tes gentils mots.
    Il est bien beau ce cœur!

    Bon weekend


  8. Tu as su capter la beauté de l'été finissant ...
    Beau dimanche.

  9. Hi there!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!
    Now I'll take a read through yours..yet another excuse to abandon the hoover etc etc!!

    Sal ;-)

  10. I love this time of year Jill. The best season for a walk or a bike ride - good for you for getting out and enjoying it. The housework and the painting can always wait for another day. We've just had torrential rain here so I'm hoping for some sunny September weather by the weekend!

    October's Country Living was waiting for my arrival back home from France - solace to the soul! I have just read about Jo's venture over a cup of tea.

    Your lavender hearts are so pretty!


  11. Hi again Jill! I was 'tagged'today - something I had never come accross whcih involves answering questions given by another blogger. I thought I'd tag you - so there is a link to your blog on mine today! Please feel free to answer the questions or not - as I've said to the other tags - whatever makes you happy! x


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