Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A little break

Well a little holiday is all we need to refresh ourselves ready for the autumn.  Our little break was taking in the lovely English countryside and what could be more English than Sussex and Kent.  Our first stop was in the lovely town of Lewis it was a glorious hot day (25 degrees is this Autumn!!!)
Lewis is built on a hill and has many lovely buildings so camera in hand I was prepared totake lots of photos but it was not to be nearly every building had scaffolding on it so it was so difficult to get a shot without the scaffolding, Lewis is also full of antique shops – and antique halls with so much to see and buy!!!

Lovely Lewis Castle

Good place for lunch Bills

 But I did resist because the main reason we stopped in Lewis was to go to Monks House which is the house of Virginia Woolf

 (and also now Caroline Zoob who is the custodian) It was so lovely – the epitome of shabby chic and painted furniture and her bedroom I would happily have now! 
The backs of the chairs were hand embroidered

 The garden was beautiful and looked after and tended by Caroline Zoob and her husband which I think would be a labour of love!!

Some of the photos I have taken are a little dark because you can’t use flash, but I hope you are able to see the rooms!! Well that’s all for now but I will return to tell you all about the lovely B & B and more about Kent. Today has been a lazy day always takes me a little time to get motivated after being away do you feel like that? or is it just me. All I would like to do is curl in front of the fire with a good book, I think tomorrow will be different and I will be back sewing and thinking of new ideas.
I would like to say thank you for all the lovely things you say on my comments I do love them and especially Maureen from for giving me a mention in her blog it is so sweet of her. It is lovely being part of you lovely bloggers it is like having lots of lovely friends! 


  1. Ah you have just been to one of my favourite places Jill - I love Lewes and in particular Monks House, which we had planned to visit this summer but unfortunately didn't get around to it! Your photos of the interior are wonderful, it was lovely to be taken around in your pocket;-)!

    Did you get to Charleston Farmhouse - the home of Virginia Woolf's sister Vanessa Bell and her husband Duncan Grant? Wonderful house and well worth a visit.

    So glad you had some sunshine, its been non stop rain here ...!


  2. some beautiful photos Jill..what a lovely way to spend time away and relax. yes I feel the same after returning from a break. I think its the adjustment back into our routine, but its always nice to be home. thank you for sharing.
    Rebecca x

  3. oh jill what a gorgeous day!
    we haven't been to that part of england yet...but to see virginia woolf's house alone is more than enough reason...

    always love reading about new places to take our aussie family...

    melissa x

  4. Lovely photos Jill! I ADORE Lewes - wonderful shops and amazing architecture (did you pop into the shop FLINT? - gorgeous displays and things to tempt you!), but I haven't been to Monks House, which I have now put on my list of 'Places To Visit'. I have friends and family in that part of the country, so I will most certainly make a visit on my next trip - thank you! xx p.s. SO lovely to read your comments too - I agree, it's such a lovely little community!

  5. Flint was my first port of call! Its a lovely shop with things for your home and for yourself!!

  6. Je crois avoir compris que tu fais une pause dans le Kent et dans le Sussex !!!
    Mon rêve Jill, connaitre un jour la campagne anglaise.
    Je te souhaite de très jolis moments.

  7. Thank you for sharing your holiday.. lovely holiday snaps there Jill! I especially love the room with the books of course.
    Thanks for visiting me too.

  8. Oh, so lovely photos!!!! What a beautiful place!!!!
    Big Hugs,


  9. These are places I have earmarked as a 'must see' as they seem to have the perfect mix of everything I love and admire.

    Hope you brought back happy memories as well as your beautiful photographs


  10. Hello Jill

    Ive really enjoyed this post, the photographs are wonderful, especially of the interiors of the house, and the garden..Imagine being the custodian of somewhere so amazing!!! Lucky Caroline Zoob is all I can say!

    Thank you for sharing your visit to Lewis with us, look forward to catching up with you again soon,

    Love Julia x x x

  11. Hello Jill
    Hope you are having a wonderful day. What a lovely place to visit! I would love to visit one day. Great photos. Thank you for sharing.

    Julie xx

  12. What a lovely place to visit & recharge your batteries!


  13. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Hope you've had a great weekend,

    Victoria xx

  14. Hi Jill, I love Lewes! I go there every year on our antique buying trip for our store here in Australia. I must take more time out there though (not just the antiques shops!). Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hi Jill, I write from Italy. I live near Rome and love all things about garden; I'am fortythree and I live in a cottage with my husband and two children. This blog is full of
    lovely photos!!!! What a beautiful place!!!!
    I hope see yuo soon!
    PS: sorry for my bad english


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