Friday, 29 June 2012

Have I got it right!!

Well this past week has seen me frantically getting things ready for the 2 fairs that I have on this weekend.  Both a little different as one is a rag rummage which is mostly vintage fabrics and anything to do with textiles and the other one is a Vintage Fair set in the lovely grounds of Castle Hill in Devon.
I have to say that I am a little concerned about the first fair and only hope that I have got it right, I am afraid my things don't look very raggy!! (new word but I think you know what I mean).
As promised here are some photos of some of the things that I bought in France I was so pleased with them and look so nice when they have all been washed starched and ironed.
A trug full of bundles of vintage fabrics
 a beautiful chemise and lace bought at brocante markets in Biarritz
 Toile and sweet little books by Shakespeare
 Some bags that I have made from french linen and french fabrics
 lovely monogram sheet and some monogram embroidery initials that you can sew onto fabrics as well as a beautiful lace necklace and you can just see a sweet little french book.

 Pretty plates and lavender bags
 Old wooden cotton reels and french studs.
Pretty bags just right for the summer (when it comes)

Well I hope I have got it right and will keep you informed I think it looks ok so why do I get so worried! Oh well time will tell! Off to bed now as early start in morning about 6 o'clock ugh!!!!


  1. Good luck with the Fairs - I'm sure you'll do really well - beautiful things, and prettily displayed!

  2. I think you have it very right, if I were there I would be buying things from you!

    So, have a good time im sure you will do well.

  3. It all looks beautiful - I'm sure you'll have a busy day! Hope the sun shines and you have a great time!

  4. It looks lovely to me, am sure you have got it right ... wish I could come! Have a lovely time, Claire xxx

  5. Everything looks beautiful. I do wish I could be there. I would buy all sorts of things. Can I be very nosy and ask what you wash and starch the fabrics with.

  6. Hello from your newest subscriber!
    Fabulous blog, am loving it!
    Sending hugs from the Isle of Anglesey! x

  7. Hi Jill - soooo lovely to see you today and meet Mr NDR. I wish I'd known you were bringing French Studs (!) I'd have been round to your stand even quicker, Lol!

  8. What beautiful french linens I am so envious of you wandering through french brocantes my idea of heaven, your basket of fabric bundles are gorgeous, best of luck at the fair!!


  9. When reading your post I realise you have already had one fair. I hope it was a success! You bought some lovely things in France and I like the bags you made very much.

    Hope tomorrow will be a good day for you too!

    Madelief x

  10. ooo its all lovely!
    In my little experience people love to rummage through baskets, i always have a basket of odd china to sell. And price everything! I'm always put off asking for prices at fairs!

  11. Wish I was going!Hope that you have a great time.....

  12. Nice to see you today, I've been looking at your blog for ages and to think we are almost related (sort of !!) hope you had a nice tea at mum and toms, your stall looked just right today, hope you did well.

    Vicki XX

  13. Well, I think you've got it right too. I'd love to have a browse but I'm too far away :-(
    Teresa x

  14. What a wonderful French haul! Hope that the fairs went well - looking forward to hearing all about them - was your fabric 'raggy' enough?
    Paula x

  15. C'est un très joli blog où je me suis baladée avec beaucoup de plaisir!

  16. Everything looks so pretty!

    Sure the fairs are going to be a success. Looking forward to the news.

    Garden Chair

  17. Lovely bags you created! Are they available for purchase? I'm in the US.


Thank you for your lovely words