Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Despite the weather I have had a lovely time!!

In the past few weeks I have been busy getting ready for fairs, and my last one did not disappoint it was set in the lovely village of Cuckfield in Sussex, (I know quite a way from me) but luckily I have a special friend who lives not far away and was able to accommodate us for the weekend as well as provide scrumptious meals!!  I have to admit as this was held in a marquee the weather did need to play a part in all this but luckily except for a few very sharp showers (which brought everyone into the marquee - good for selling) it wasn't a bad day at all.  The fair was full of such gorgeous things that I couldn't resist spending myself, lots of pretty china and stalls to inspire you, as well as a champagne tent and vintage tea tent, it was simply perfect and thanks to Lucy and Darcy who organised such a great event.
So here is a few photos of the Village Vintage in Cuckfield.

Well the weekend was made special also by visiting my sister on Sunday and for once we were able to have lunch outside followed by Wimbledon it was a truly lovely end to a brilliant weekend

After selling a lot of my things I am off on a hunt for new goodies and this is what I found today,
a bag full of great vintage wooden coathangers (I have a plan for these)
 some enamel ware,
and this great little cupboard which I think already has a lovely shabby feel about it and I will probably just clean it

My house has been totally neglected and my garden well after suffering such bad storms at the weekend looks more like a disaster than a garden, the only thing that seems to be doing well is my tomatoes in the greenhouse, although no sign of tomatoes yet.  The sweet peas have only managed a few flowers and my wildflower garden is struggling to flower, oh well perhaps summer will come eventually.  I hope I am not boring you with my vintage fairs and I promise I will make sure that I blog about a different subject next time!!! This weekend I am doing a fair near Taunton, then off to Shepton Mallet Flea market.
Off to visit some of your lovely blogs, and thank you so much for all the lovely comments that you leave I so enjoy reading them.


  1. Lovely finds, Jill. You have such a good 'eye'. I wonder what plans you have for the vintage wooden hangers? BTW we expect to be stalling out at Shepton on Sunday. Are you selling or just buying? Look for us outside under a gazebo. Lots of bric-a-brac/brocante this time!

  2. Hello Jill!
    I would have been hard pressed not to 'spend, spend, spend' with such gorgeous items everywhere!
    Many thanks for posting such wonderful 'eye candy'! :) x

  3. i am so in love with those cups and saucers on your stall. Did they sell? What make are they? x

    1. Hi Claire
      The make was Paragon, and they were called Damask Rose, fortunately I did not sell them, to be honest I was a little pleased as I do love them and they are back on my dresser!!

  4. Boring never! I love to hear and see all your lovey things.I need to go to one of the fairs you are at.Lesley x

  5. Your not boring me at all Jill. I always enjoy looking at the photo's you made at fairs. If only for the beautiful china on display. The cups on your photo's are all so pretty! I hope the fair you are going to this weekend will be a success too.

    Have fun!

    Madelief x

  6. funny how "working on grass" (?!) gives such a different feel to a fair than standing in a hall doesn't it.
    Love that cupboard- nothing more than a wipeover needed on that little treasure.
    Enjoy Shepton

  7. Wonderful photos of so many delicious goodies. I am sure when anyone spies your stall for the first time their heart does a little leap. Boring NEVER.

  8. What a lovely blog you have. I love all your goodies especialy the china and the beautiful fabrics.
    I am your newest follower.

  9. Your blog is such a tonic for the soul Jill.
    You post so much beauty in your pictures...
    Can't wait to see what you're going to do with the hangers.
    Joasia x

  10. Ooh, I love those cups and saucers which you say are Paragon. I inherited some Paragon figures, three 'ladies' (rather like those produced by Royal Doulton) and a pair, a little boy and girl, Peter and Susan, plus one smaller figure called Miss Margaret (no doubt my Uncle who originally bought them had me in mind!) I am not particularly keen on china figures but I can't bear to part with them as they bring such fond memories of those who had them before me, but I do covet those cups and saucers, a rather nice harlequin set. I also love those plates in grey, pink, white and gold.
    Margaret P

  11. Hi I just found your blog. what a lot of goodies you have a round here. Gorgeous. I love what you are selling. I am your newest follower.

  12. Hi Jill, what a lovely stall, such beautiful things and you found some lovely vintage finds - can't wait to see what you'll do with the coat hangers, I love padded ones made of vintage fabric, they look so pretty. Not boring at all, love reading about the fairs! Take care Sharon x

  13. Your stall looks gorgeous, so many pretty china pieces x x x x

  14. Hello, Your blog is wonderful ... how many beautiful things! I looked at various posts and I must say it is a dream come visit you! Beautiful shabby that locker, in fact it is only to clean .. is so perfect! A hug from Italy Anna Celeste

  15. Complimenti per il blog meraviglioso, l'ho scoperto per caso e d'ora in avanti ti seguirò con molto piacere...è un sogno!
    PS- bellissimo l'armadietto, come dici tu ha solo bisogno di una bella pulita, per il resto è proprio shabby!
    Un abbraccio dall'Italia!

  16. I enjoy looking at the gorgeous photos of your vintage fairs Jill. Not bored at all! Love the fabric in the top photo and the china too.

    Hope your fairs are going well this weekend. As I type this the sun has come out - such a welcome sight!


  17. Tales of your vintage fairs could never get boring! I LOVE seeing the beautiful goodies that you sell/discover - I only wish that I lived close enough to attend some of them myself!
    Have a great week,
    Paula x

  18. What a lovely blog - always full of the prettiest things. I love those china plates in the first picture - how I wish I could have been at the fair - I would not have been able to resist bringing them home with me!

  19. I had the best afternoon spending time in your beautiful blog. I did pop over to your etsy shop and made it a favorite..I'll check it often to see what beauties you might be selling:)
    I am trying to transition my decorating style more romantic chic/country. Thank you for sharing your lovely style with us!

  20. Hi Jill, wishing you a lovely weekend full of sunshine! I've just awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award, hop on over to mine to collect! Sharon:)

  21. What stunning images Jill.

    All that Cabbages and Roses, delicate flowered china, and my favourite, faded quilts and patchwork cushions!!!

    Why wasn't I there???????!!!!!!!

    ;-) Best wishes, Kerry x


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