Friday, 22 June 2012

A Beautiful Holiday

Oh what can I say but I had a beautiful week, our holiday was very much a last minute thing, and I had booked the Chambre d'hote out of one of my old books Chambre de Secret. You know what its like I always have these fears that it won't be as good as it says, but wow this place was wonderful the rooms were beautiful the house was great and our hosts Marie and Christian were so friendly it just made the holiday
This part of France we have never visited before and was very different from other parts of France it had a very Spanish feel about it with tapas bars and sangria all readily available (and it would have been rude to say no!)
I am afraid my photos are not so good and some I can't even show as for some reason my camera was having a slight blip, and when I got home realised that one of the buttons that change the focus had obviously been knocked while travelling so alot were out of focus.  But the ones that I have rescued I can share with you.
The beautiful chambre d'hote Relais Linague

The Beach of Jean de Luz spent a few days here!

A beautiful monastry just a few minutes from the beach

 Pretty villages most of the houses painted red and white
The game of la Pelote Basque every town and village has one of these courts not too sure about the rules or how it is played.
The lovely house of Edmund Rostand the author who wrote Cyrano de Bergerac , apparently he had this house built on the funds received from just this one book!

Of course I visited several Brocante fairs, and I will show you what I bought in another post, I couldn't get it all in my suitcase, so posted some of it and it arrived today and I thought the French post was slow! Now to catch up on your lovely blogs. A few roses that I rescued from my wind swept garden.


  1. The pictures that did come out are lovely. Looks like a fun place to visit and stay.

  2. Looks as if you had good weather Jill... and what a beautiful place. See you soon! x

  3. looks like you had a lovely sunny time . . . . . . . Helen x

  4. It looks a fabulous place for a relaxing holiday. I had better get writing a book by the looks of it, mind you I don't think I would be able to write an all time classic. My advance may just about cover a garden shed.

  5. Hello Jill, beautiful images ... I particularly love the one with the half-open stable door. Glad you had a nice time and have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

  6. Looks like a lovely place Jill and the weather to die for.
    Seeing those beautiful painted houses makes me feel a little sad that the Victorians had done away with the majority of such gems in England. What a shame.
    Can't wait to see your goodies...
    Joasia x

  7. Great photo's Jill, that faded rustic look is so lovely and the beach looks super!
    Looking forward to seeing your finds....
    Essie x

  8. Looks wonderful! Lovely images too and very pretty roses....

  9. Great pictures - very inspiring! Looks like you had nice weather too! I can't wait to see those pretties though!!

  10. Wonderful photos,Thank you for sharing...all looks just how a holiday should be...looking forward to seeing the'loot'you found..
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  11. Lovely photos of your holiday and glad you enjoyed it. We are off to France next week and looking forward to it very much.

  12. love the pics, i am def going to France some day! Ive only ever been once to Paris for the weekend with my parents as a teenager!

  13. Jill- looking forward to seeing you at the Rag market in Frome on Saturday. You must be really excited about having a stall!

    I always ALWAYS have far too much stock...I start off with a reasonable, managable amount and then the "oh I could just take that...and that....and that..." begins, so don't worry you haven't got enough, its me who's taking enough to fill the whole hall single handed!


  14. Hello, I just found your lovely blog and I am so very happy that I did. It is delightful. I have always had a dream of traveling to the UK and to France, and Holland, but I'm afraid those dreams will have to be lived out here on the computer. Traveling to far away places just is not in our budget. Therefore; your blog is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have been going through some of your posts and have enjoyed every minute spent here. Thank you. I am your newest follower. If you have the time, I would love to invite you over to my blog . . . and if it were possible I would have tea and cookies waiting on the porch. Have a lovely week, Connie :)

  15. Lovely photos Jill, glad you had a wonderful holiday. Photos are beautiful. Look forward to seeing your brocante finds! Have a lovely week. Sharon x

  16. What lovely buildings and looks like you had a good holiday. Great photos - you'd never guess your camera was on the blink.

  17. Oh Jill looks like you have had a wonderful holiday.I have to admit that I'm starting to like france more and more.Ron and I are having our holiday in our beloved Scotland at this moment, and the weather was rather good untill an hour ago, it started to rain...But a wonderful country it is ....

  18. Oh what wonderful weather you had! It looks an absolute delight - I adore french villages! Can't wait to see the treasures that you brought back with you - welcome home!
    Paula xx


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