Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Perfect Whimsy!!

This was always going to be a stressful week with my aunts funeral, but it was a celebration of her life and I think that was exactly what happened, it was lovely to meet up with family. We stayed in the Cotswolds and on our way home we had a special place to visit.

I have in the past few months, been busy making cushion covers, linen bags, and lots of goodies for a lovely lady called Joasia who was going to open a shop. Her idea was to have a shop that sold nearly all handmade items . How many shops do you visit now that have the same items in, commercially made – pretty as they are they can become a little boring.
The shop opened last week and when I opened the door it was a delight to meet Joasia and her lovely shop. It was full of beautiful things and to see all the items I had made dotted about the shop was really exciting.

The mix of  handmade items, cards, candles in pretty vintage cups (made by Joasia) stunning handbags jewellery it was a shop that if you ever get the chance to visit the Cotswolds then it is an absolute must. Its called the Perfect Whimsy and is situated in the village of Northleach in between Burford and Cheltenham.

 I am now busy with lots more ideas for the shop – I have to say busy inside my head as this weekend all I feel like doing is curling up in front of the fire!

A delivery!!
I wish Joasia all the success in the world and I think she will do really well as it so different and she is a lovely lady.
Next week I am hoping for some good news but that’s another story. I have been blogging now for nearly a year and have to say that I am really enjoying it, I know some people can be very sniffy about people that blog – they say it is a form of showing off - but I have to disagree I think it is lovely to hear about other peoples life's their interests their ups and downs, and I feel I have made so many blog friends, it also stops you being lonely when you live in the middle of nowhere.

So to thank all you lovely people who follow me and leave such lovely comments I have decided to do a give-away when I reach the magic number of 100 followers so watch this space!


  1. Jill, you're so talented. I so wish I was back in Blighty so that I could visit this shop. I'm also very happy that you did start this blog venture, as I love catching up with you and your lovely life. None of this is showing off.. just sharing with others that have mutual interests. Have a great weekend. Lx

  2. The shop looks lovely! As does your stuff! Shops like that are so much more interesting, aren't they? There's one in Leominster (Herefordshire) called Cupboard Love, same idea - handmade / local items - lovely things in there. I agree with Laura - sharing not showing off! Abby x

  3. So sorry about your
    Aunt. I know I lost my
    Aunt last year and she just like a Mom to me.
    Love this shop and what a "perfect" name.
    People don't understand about blogging when they don't blog. My daughter said the same thing about the bragging. It never occurred to me at all that others were bragging. I don't feel like that at all. Happy upcoming anniversary. Mine is coming up as well.
    Another honor is that 100 mark. I just hit mine. I was at 92 (hah) for ever. Then I made and it is still climbing.
    Not bragging, hah, just loving that people like to visit. (((((HUGS))))

  4. Thank you SO much for this post. I live only about 10 miles from Burford so I'll be hopefully going there next week....and shall DEFINITELY be popping by this gorgeous-looking shop.

    I feel excited already!! I'll shall try to look out for your things!


  5. Wow jill, the shop looks just gorgeous! i would loooove to be able to visit!!! Maybe next time i am in the uk although i dont know how far it is from any of our relatives... but keep showing us pics if you can of the new items and let us know how the shop does! I hope she does really well and love the idea of everything being handmade!
    Laura xx

  6. Lovely stuff in that shop! I don't see blogging as bragging I see it more like an on-line diary. Our daughter, just turned 10 loves to read the blog and have an input into the photos that go on it. She says she want to have her own blog soon! Whatever you do in life there will always be some detractors. The bah humbug crowd.

  7. What a lovely shop....definitely one for the list next time I am in the Cotswolds....maybe March with a bit of luck! I was very cautious of blogging before I started....but I realise now it is like an on line diary combined with "meeting" other like minded people.
    Certainly not showing off.....
    Julie x
    I am on my 100+ followers now and thinking of a nice give-away this weekend.

  8. I think blogging is wonderful too. I live on the edge of a large city and all my girlfriends work so my social life is limited.
    Blogging has filled my life with new friendships which I treasure and I get inspired by all the creative people out there.
    Anne xx

  9. Hello Jill, hopefully i will be visiting there soon, i will make sure i pop in and have a look at all those beautiful handmade things.
    I hope your having a lovely weekend so far!

    Lou xxx

  10. I love your blog, thank you so much for all the effort and thought you put into it. I have a special file under Travel,Rosies blog.
    And I would love to visit all the places you mention.
    Best wishes
    Virginia Kidd
    Virginia Kidd Photography

  11. I love shops filled with hand made treasures. they are such a delight to visit.

    Your cushions look beautiful xox

  12. Oh what a lovely shop.I will have to go and have a look.

  13. I would love to visit the shop and a weekend away is long overdue so I think a trip to the Cotswolds may be on the cards in the Spring.
    Your Blog has been a joy to read so keep it up as it is great to share thoughts and ideas with like minded people.
    Have a good week.

  14. I agree about the shop, and with your comments re blogging. Someone asked me what the point of it was, she thought it was sad people with nothing better to do, who liked crowing about their lives or else trying to get sympathy for it. Obviously someone who, like Andrew Marr, had only dipped a toe in the blogging waters and found crabs and slimy things, not the pearls we all know are out there.

  15. Dear Jill,

    So sorry to hear about your aunt! It's good to hear her funeral was a celebration of her life. I like that!

    The shop looks beatiful! Are the pillows yours? They look really pretty!!

    Enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Hi Jill, Congrats on your blogging milestone. I think the people that "don't get" blogging simply just don't realise how amazing it is to meet like-minded people in a creative forum such as this. My husband, although he is happy that I'm doing this, does not understand the attraction in talking to complete strangers and whiling away hours doing what we do. I think women relish the support and interaction with each other, that men can never understand. After all women are from Venus.....Robx p.s. Sorry about your Aunt...I'm sure you have some lovely memories.

  17. What a lovely shop!
    I wish I were close to that lovely shop.
    Can't wait to see more of your creation.

    keep warm, its 40 degree here in melbourne, so I need to keep cool. (smile)

    Julie xx

  18. Hi Jill, thanks for popping in to my blog and commenting. Of course, I had to check out your blog too (as we nosy/curious bloggers do)! I love this post about your friend's shop - I wish I had a friend like that! I'd love to sell my handmade items in a little, genuinely local shop. As soon as I finish here I'm going to become a follower too. I'd love to help you get to your 100 (then I can enter the giveaway aswell :-)
    Teresa x

  19. What a beautiful blog you have Jill, I understand we share the same passion for old linens and lace!

    The shop would be heaven to visit!


  20. Oooh Jill I adore this post!!! You are so talented!!!
    ave a nice day

  21. Hi Jill,

    Joasia is the wife of my father in law Andy, and I am developing her website for the Perfect Whimsy. I'll keep you posted on developments, such as a facebook fan page you can let your readers know!



  22. Oh wow, This is one dream of mine, to have a shop like this...sigh....from follower no 97 :)

  23. Dear Jill, sorry about your aunt! Life is hard!Hope you all can overcome these difficult moments!

  24. De bien jolies choses chez toi.



  25. Hi Jill,
    Thought I'd pop over and say hello, you have a lovely blog! You've inspired me to make sure we get to the Cotswalds this summer as we have a wedding in Worcester!
    Best wishes,

  26. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  27. Hi Jill If we ever go to the Cotswolds, I would like to visit the shop. Lovely pillows.
    Have a nice sunday.

  28. I've just discovered your blog. You do beautiful work and that shop looks just lovely, what a shame I don't live closer (although my bank account will be pleased!) x

  29. I found your blog when on my friend Joasia's website for her new shop - The Perfect Whimsy - that you featured. She has taken her leap into the deep end and opened her beautiful shop. All the support on this blog is really fantastic.


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