Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tantalising Glimpses

I love a walk in the country, or by the sea but one of my favourite walks are around lovely cities or pretty villages, most of all so that I can peep into beautiful houses and cottages.
I don't think I am being nosy, well maybe a little - its the tantalising glimpses into other peoples lives and lifestyle that I love I try not to stop and stare but just walk very slowly!  I love peeping down at basements especially in cities like Bath where the rooms are mostly made into beautiful kitchens - this to me is my favorite room, I have had quite a few kitchens, this is my present one
but I think my favorite was in a cottage where I had a lovely red Aga, I now have a very old Rayburn,
 but  I would love a pale blue aga but just can't see that happening very soon!!!
But I am wondering away from the subject which is looking through windows.
Where I live there really isn't much opportunity for this, but I have found another way to feed my curiousity - you can look at beautiful homes through websites that provide homes for location shoots. So I am going to share with you some of the beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that one day I would love to have!!

I love this kitchen, the combination of old with new plus of course a lovely big Aga!

And now for the bathrooms!

This is stunning with the Union Jack on the wall.

And to have a fire while having a bath what luxury!

A slipper bath lilac toile wallpaper it just looks so stylish! The only thing my bathroom has in common with this one is the painted floor and the little table!

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my last post The Perfect Whimsy. I still haven't reached my 100 followers but as soon as I do I will be putting together my give-away.  Have a lovely week. 


  1. I share the same pleasure! I adore driving when it´s dark in a city so I can see the lovely living rooms, kitchens etc... It says a lot about a city when you se how they live! Kisses, great selection of pics, and your kitchen is really nice

  2. Some lovely, inspirational pics - but your kitchen looks lovely! I know what you mean about windows - I like to do that too - and look in peoples' gardens when you're on a train!

  3. I really like your kitchen. It looks so warm and cosy. And lucky you for having a Rayburn!!

    I love sneaking a peek through people's windows as well. In fact, I have been known to stand and stare. Very bad manners, I know!!


  4. I am in love with your kitchen. Love the blind and the little lamp... I love it when kitchens have non kitchen accessories and furniture... I dream of the day when I can have a standard lamp and a lovely comfy armchair in my kitchen... sitting and reading my cookbooks! Lx

  5. Your old Rayburn is just the same as the one we had when we first lived in Norfolk thirty years ago. Living in a dark old house, built facing the wrong way, we never got sunshine in the rooms as I do now, and with an ancient Rayburn, but one which I loved cooking with, once I got used to it. The previous owners had an electric cooker installed also, so there was always back-up, and it was useful in summer.
    I have always dreamt of a really dark blue bathroom, with huge sash window overlooking countryside, large fireplace, bath in the middle of the room, lots of large plants and pretty towels.
    And I love looking in people's houses too, which is why I love to go out at that time of evening in winter when people are just using lights inside, and yet still have the curtains etc., open so you can catch a glimpse of their homes. Even better at Christmas...

  6. I would love a pale blue AGA is on my wishlist along with the labrador one day.
    I must say though....your old Rayburn looks very much at home in your lovely kitchen.
    Very tasteful....
    Julie x

  7. Gorgeous Jill. I love your kitchen. I can't wait for your give away your products are so lovely. the fabrics are just what I love! I must do a post on my lovely cushion covers soon that my hubby purchased from you for me for Christmas I love them xox

  8. Amazing Jill. I'm in love with your kitchen!!!
    Have a nice week my dear.

  9. La Aga en bleu ciel un rêve...
    Merci Jill pour tes gentils mots chez moi.



  10. Hi Jill - I've stepped into a world of my dreams. Such a beautiful post - I constantly dream of a warm kitchen (ours is always bitter) with a bright red aga and the most delicious of aromas rising from it 'ahhhhhh' day.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  11. morning jill- i am hoping you too have a little spot in the sun this morning in that gorgeous kitchen of yours....
    i WANT your beautiful would i smuggle that back to australia??

    yes the kitchen is the heart of the home...
    we too love wandering around our village as dusk falls and the lamps are all going on....a little look into someone else's *space*...

    i would love to have a little time to myself in any of those gorgeous baths...the union jack would be a wonderful room for us to re-create when we eventually return to oz....what a bathroom!

    melissa xx

  12. Hi Jill,

    Your kitchen looks so lovely!! It looks like the kitchen I dream of :-)! It has such a good feeling to it. I think it looks even better than the other kitchens you show us. Much more homely!

    Happy evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. Ho , just adore your kitchen , you have good taste girl. i am lucky to have a large bathroom with a slipper bath in middle of room( did past post about it) but i still love the blue bathroom...I also LOVE peeking in other peoples houses, we are both peeping toms lol, i once fell over a bin because i was so buisy staring into a house and not looking where i was going, ehe er.. have a lovely week end,Linda x

  14. Hi Jill!
    First, your kitchen is super! If you don't want it anymore, we could trade house....just saying...Love it! Now, I am not a good cook, so what is the difference between an Aga and your Rayburn? To me, they almost look the same... lovely and timeless. Is it a different way of cooking?
    Second, those pictures of kitchens, wow! You know that if 3 people would stand next to each other in mine, it is full...just saying...
    I think I have kitchen envy...
    Anyway, I read the post before this one, was a bit behind in reading blogs, and congratulations with this store, your lovely creations in a store, how cool is that! (I saw the Love cushion in one of the photo's in the cabinet, to me they are special, because they are handmade).
    Thanks for sharing these photo's and I hope you have a lovely Valentines evening.
    Maureen xx

  15. I love looking through windows too Jill. Your home is lovely and so is your blog. I don't know what an Aga or a Rayburn is, but they certainly sound nice!


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