Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Things to come

A photo of things to come!
The house seems so quite now and it is taking me a while to adjust the boys have gone home and Ottis who I know the OH is going to miss!
Christmas where did it go, all the preparations, cooking decorating the house now seems an age away – although I don’t take the tree down until the 6th January which is Epiphany I still enjoy the prettiness of the tree lighting all my candles in the evening and generally savouring the festivities right to the end, but a little bit of me wants to take them down clean the house and get started on all my new projects and ideas that I have in my head at the moment.

After Christmas the OH celebrates his birthday I always feel a little sorry for him with presents arriving late cards coming through the post in dribs and drabs and little money around, but we celebrated just the two of us with a very lazy day, filled with good food and of course a little drink cuddled up by the fire – and I think he rather enjoyed that!!
But today we have returned the spare room to my workroom and work has already started, although all I can do is cut out as I have run out of cotton (unheard of) or maybe I have put it somewhere and I can’t remember where – the house still seems to be a little upside down at the moment which I think is how I feel at the moment.


  1. It's a funny time, isn't it? - re-adjusting, getting into old routines / new projects. I like your card to hubby!

  2. After the festivities I'm one of those who can't wait to put the lights and the tree away so I can give everything a good early Spring clean! But like you I wait for Epiphany which is only just two days away now. Very best wishes to your OH on his birthday, your celebration sounds just perfect!

    Look forward to seeing your new projects Jill.


  3. Happy New Year Jill! I'm still mulling over which project to get started first. I need to just get on with it though and stop procrastinating... I think I'm still on holiday speed and need to get in gear! Lx

  4. Time for recouping, regrouping, incubating...January. Take your time and inspiration will follow. I like your blog. Jenny

  5. Hi Jill. What a nice blog you have. It is a pleasure to look around.
    Have a nice day, Willy

  6. I used to leave the Christmas decorations up until Twelfth Night as well, partly because I liked seeing them but also an irrational worry that it was bad luck to take them down before.
    But now, as you put it, I want the house back to normal and the new year to begin and for me to get on with new projects and not have clutter around, waiting to be packed away.
    So they all went on Sunday, though it seems each year I find myself reluctant to remove yet another string of lights... so now we have some draped across some of the bookcases in the quiet room.

  7. Hi Jill,

    Congratulations on your husbands birthday! It's good to see you still enjoy your Christmas decorations. I put mine away on New Year's day. I wanted the house to be more spacious again and make room for the spring.

    Wish you a nice day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. Dear Jill,
    All the best for this new year! I have to come back to read all the posts I've missed, and I'm glad we met here in Blogland! (btw, your cushion covers where a big succes, the girls had them with them when we where in Amsterdam, everybody loved them!)
    Bye! Maureen x

  9. I have just found you and I am so going to enjoy reading your blog.Lesley

  10. So lovely to meet you Jill - what a lovely spot this is, I shall be back!
    Now must get the radio on for the cricket, fingers crossed x

  11. Hi Jill
    we all have to keep the candles burning and stay cosy for a couple of months yet, but like you I love to see the spring bulbs with all that promise of things to come.

  12. Dear Jill,

    I too feel a little "anticlimax", as Christmas is over, family gone back to Sweden and I have taken most of the Christmas lights down... but when I see your first photo, where spring is beautifully wrapped in greenery and an injection of hope in itself, well, that makes everything seem a little brighter at once!

    The birthday celebration sounds like a lovely one, and just perfect when his birthday follows straight after the hectic holidays.

    Good luck with your new projects and all the best for the new year!

    Warm regards,

  13. What a lovely blog you cozy and to take a peek around...happy monday. xoxox

  14. hiya- just popped over to say thanks for your kind comment, and wow! what a lovely time I've had looking at your blog.

    I always think a little upside-down-ness is good this time of year- it gets you through January and by the time you get straight it's February and on the way to Spring.


Thank you for your lovely words