Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blowing the Cobwebs away!

This is more like it sunshine!! But believe it or not I was just feeling a little low – too much indoors rich food etc etc. So the OH suggested we went for a walk the fresh sea air would do me good!!

Now Bude isn’t one of the most fashionable places in the world but out of season it certainly has a certain charm. Although this cottage right on the beach looks stunning.

One of the striking parts of Bude is Chapel Rock where apparently this was all that there was to Bude in the Middle Ages it used to have a church on it.
Can’t see many parishioners travelling out here on a stormy night.
Although I think they might have as it is also a very famous place for wreckers, where they used to bring the ships onto the rocks by flashing lights on the beach and then all the cargo was stolen. Just as described in Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier.
The walk to Chapel Rock was lovely, really stunning, and we even climbed up to where the Church used to be (now a flagpole)

Why does he always have to be there first!!

You know fresh air does does you the world of good, I certainly feel better with more energy, and even made some flapjacks when I got home.

OMG I am meant to be on a diet – no no I mean I am meant to be eating more healthly!!!


  1. Hi Jill, excellent photographs, reminds me a little of Lyme Regis. Flap Jacks are healthy as they are made with oats!!

    I am sure you will sleep well after the sea air and exercise, Jackie in Surrey.

  2. Hi Jill
    I agree that flapjacks are healthy, oats not white flour - no argument there!
    lovely seaside pics.
    T X

  3. Lovely photos - I'm longing for a visit to the sea!! I think flapjacks aren't too bad, esp if you've had a good, brisk walk!!

  4. Can almost smell the sea breezes in your lovely photos. Nothing more refreshing than a walk by the seaside out of season. Well deserving of a flapjack at the end of it, in my view. And the sun - welcome back big shiny thing in the sky!

  5. What a beautiful walk. Yes I know what you mean, I have had cabin fever here with all of our rain. I love being at home, but a walk by the sea, it's pure magic!

    I am suppose to be eating healthier to, but we still have so much cream, cheese and chocolate in our fridge! Next week, maybe?

  6. What a nice walk by the seaside. Lovely photo's.
    Thank you, Jill.
    Have a nice week.

  7. What a beautiful day for a walk by the sea, I am jealous!! Enjoy the rest of the week, Lizzie

  8. Flapjacks are healthy, all those oats!
    Great photos and what looked like a great walk... the fresh air would have made me SO hungry though, I'd have been sniffing out the nearest fish and chip shop!

  9. Oh such glorious photos Jill. I don't think I have ever been to Bude, although I adore the West Country. Now is it in Devon or Cornwall?

    Never mind, all that walking will burn off any flapjack calories and they look so good!

    Funnily enough I have a Daphne du Maurier inspired post on my blog today. Great minds think alike:-)

    Have a lovely week.


  10. Lovely pictures, wish I could walk by the sea today.

  11. Absolutely great photos and the story that goes with them. I love the stair steps going down to the beach. Fantastic.

  12. Hello Jill,
    remember me? I saw your picture,
    I was enchanted, that beautiful places, thank you.
    A hug

  13. Dear Jill,

    You had a lovely sunny day for your walk!! The pink cottage looks really beautiful. It would be perfect as a weekend & summer retreat!!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,


  14. I am sure that flapjack was alot more healthier than my croissant armande!
    Wonderful photos

  15. Hello, just found your blog. What gorgeous pictures of Bude, really lovely ... :0)

    Shirl x

  16. hello!

    Oh your photographs are a tonic!! I love the cottage right on the beach there, I think I could live there a while!
    Glad you enjoyed your day at Bude, the weather was perfect for it and I reckon all that fresh air makes a treat well deserved (flapjacks look scrumptious!)

    With love
    Julia x


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