Friday, 2 March 2012

Another weekend already!

What can be better than waking up to a misty morning which then becomes a lovely warm spring day, nothing better than having your door open to the garden all day, washing drying on the line, and even a glass of wine at lunchtime in the garden, I am sure that it won't last but I have been definitely been making the most of it.

Our weekend away began with breakfast at this lovely restaurant, now if you are ever travelling on the A303 down to the west country or for that matter up to London then a detour to Bruton in Somerset is definitely worth while, The restaurant is called The Chapel and it is exactly that a beautiful converted chapel which now houses a restaurant, bakery, and downstairs cocktail bar and I think in a few weeks time there will also be accommodation.

It was a great weekend with our friends - so much talk that I think we all had sore throats by the end of the weekend. We started with a day in Windsor,

which I have to say is a little spoilt by tourists, but a walk along the River Thames and then into Eton was less crowded and delightful. Loved the postman at Eton College on his red bike.

We then visited Richmond, I have been many times, but never visited Pembroke Lodge,

 or this beautiful view of St Pauls from King Henry VIII's Mound, and a view of central London's London Eye, Natwest Tower and The Gherkin, appearing to be close to each other. I am afraid my camera did not pick it up due to having the wrong lense, but I have found a photo of what you could see through the telescope.

Can you spot the parakeet in the tree at Richmond Park I was amazed to see that there is now quite a few of them in Richmond and surrounding areas, they are in fact frightening some of our native smaller birds away from their natural habitat, which is a shame.

view to Ham House

Of course we had to stop at The Chapel on our way home for lunch and to take some of their lovely bread home with us.
I arrived home to parcels (which I always love especially if they come from France) to a lovely pair of vintage curtains, and more French Torchons (tea-towels) I often go on which seems to have more vintage fabrics than on the normal ebay, just need to ask if they are prepared to post to England and most are, although the postage can be expensive.

Tomorrow I am off to a Rag Remnant and Rummage sale in Taunton, organised by so hopefully will be coming home with some lovely things!!
Have a lovely weekend and lets hope the sun keeps shining!


  1. It looks so lovely, the breakfast, the walks the hole weekend sounds like fun.

  2. Oh Jill, that chapel bakery place looks like my absolute favorite place to hang out! I miss those old buildings and clean white style here in Canada... Glad you had such a wonderful time and this weekend sounds promising too, enjoy!


  3. What a fabulous sounding time, The Chapel looks like a wonderful place, love the light filled, pared back space and yummy looking food. Definitely one to bookmark. Thanks for showing us.

  4. Will look out for The Chapel next time we are on the A303 on our way down to Devon. I used to walk my dog in Richmond Park a lot when I lived in South London,you brought back some happy memories with your picture of Pembroke Lodge.Hope you find some treasures in Taunton! :0)

  5. Hello Jill,
    I also feel like to come, it looks beautiful!!
    I am so fond of your country, can not get enough.
    I wish you a nice weekend & warm regards,

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time. The Chapel looks just the place to while away an hour with friends, isn't it great that people are enjoying the sense of space and light in these old buildings, and of course atmosphere. Long may it continue.

  7. Hi Jill,
    It sounds as though you had a great time and what some stunning photographs. The collection of bread in the wooden bowl is fantastic!
    Have fun in Taunton.
    Essie x

  8. Oh Jill,
    What a wonderful day you had....and the chapel restaurant looks fantastic.
    I also think that it's a tour of for me today !!!!
    We were visiting our neice who lives on the river in a dutch barge on sunny thursday ( it felt like a summer's day!) and she was saying that they see lots of the green parakeets .... I didn't know that they were frightening our native birds though.
    Have a lovely weekend Jill. XXXX

  9. You've made me long for a beautiful summery day out to London. We did a fair bit of walking in Richmond Park when we lived in Fulham and I could so go back's so lovely there. Now I feel all nostalgic.

    Lovely fabrics - I immediately went to for a browse (never thought of doing that before) and wow there is fab stuff available - but quite pricey.

    The Chapel looks great too - very hip and swish. :)

  10. Looks like you had a great time. Love the soft colours in the linens.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. OMG it looks so gorgeous Jill....i'm glad you had a lovely time. Another one to add to my list, you’ve got a lot to answer for. :0) I can't wait to see if you get any fabric, I always love what you buy.

    Lou xxx

  12. Love those curtains Jill...
    Sounds like you've had a lovely time with your friends.
    I used to live near Richmond and take lots of walks by the river but it has changed a lot, and those bloody Parakeets are a night mare to our indigenous birds.They need to be controlled ( that's coming from a bird/wild life lover too) and the balance restored.
    The Chapel place looks wonderful. Not a good idea reading this blog on an empty stomach !
    Joasia x

  13. Man may not live by bread alone, but given my love of good bread I'd give it a go. The Chapel looks like a wonderful place to eat, but I'd be so full of bread I might not make it to to the food.
    What lovely weather you had for your outing.

  14. hello
    beautiful pics from a wonderful place.
    nice blog!!!
    have a nice weekend,

  15. What a great weekend followed by parcels of gorgeous French things on your return...couldn't have been nicer.
    Hope you find some goodies at the Fair too.
    Julie x

  16. Sounds and looks like you have had a fab time.Such a gorgeous place.Fabulous finds on your return too, how lovely.I love the sound of the fabric fair too, there's never anything quite like that around here.


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