Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crickey it's Vintage!!

Yes that was the name given to this fair, now I have to say I was really surprised at how good this fair was - not too sure why I say that, but it was advertised as a Vintage experience as opposed to a Vintage fair, but it worked, there were stalls with lots of beautiful vintage china, fabrics, buttons everything you could imagine, lots of old patterns knitting and sewing.  Along with this there was a room where you could have a complete Vintage make-over - I didn't venture there!
Along with lots of stalls selling Vintage clothes there was a wonderful girl group, which I am afraid I don't know their names, if you look closely at the photo you can see that even the girl arranging the music was dressed up in Land Girl clothes all adding to the event! I thoroughly enjoyed it - and of course didn't leave empty handed so here is a few photos of what I bought.
 A pretty bowl for £3!
 Tea-service so many plates and bowls and only £15

 This pale yellow little jug ideal for primroses
I have been sewing and trying out new ideas, I have decided to start a shop attached to my blog which hopefully I should have up and running in a few weeks.  I need to sew more, but this cushion is for sale so if anyone is interested please contact me. 

Can you see on the back of the chair a pair of curtains that I bought at the fair, not old, but very pretty and only £10 can you believe it - bargain.
The mist is still lingering here today so different from yesterday and I still have seeds to sow, perhaps I should change the word to sew and stay in and create (a mess is what the OH says!)
Have any of you seen that you can look at stats to see how many people look at your blog in a day and I was amazed to see how many, now come on let me know your there because I would really love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Jill,
    I like so much all the things you bought! At the moment I have a small house, but when I will have a definitive house (hope soon), I think I will buy lots of things from your shop :D

  2. Golly gosh, sounds like it was super fun. (we are reading Enid Blyton at the moment). The curtains are very sweet - are you going to use them as they are or turn them into something else? Very pretty china too and such reasonable prices. I would love to visit one of these fairs but living in the Highlands, it's not too convenient...maybe a holiday in Devon should be planned!

  3. Hi Jill, what lovely china. Good luck with your shop and hope the mist lifts soon. Lily. xxx

  4. Love your buys, particularly the little jug!

  5. Hi Jill - I wonder sometimes why my blogs only ever have a few comments left, but as you say the stats reveal how many people are visiting, they must be shy!!
    T x

  6. I think I'd have been cautious of anything advertised as "an experience" so thanks for the write up to say it was good and worth a visit.

    I love your purchases and look forward to your blogshop when its open!
    ps I think at the moment people are a bit fedup with the new double word verification so don't leave messages

  7. Hello Jill,
    OK I'll confess to visiting again - you're one of my favourites!
    I am really looking forward to seeing your blogshop and I love the new photo's you have put at the top - gorgeous.
    Essie x

  8. Looks like a great event! Love your cushion.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. You got some gorgeous finds there Jill, you have excellent taste!

  10. I adore the cushion, Jill!!!!
    All looks like a beautiful moment!!!! I'm so glad for you.
    Have a nice week

  11. Hi Jill, you bought some really lovely things, and I love your cushion. I haven't sewn in a while, but I have some vintage fabric and might try my hand at making cushions again. Have a lovely week. Sharon

  12. What lovely china you found. I will be looking forward to seeing the items you put for sale.

  13. That vintage fair looks wonderful and I love that tea service. The colours on your cushion are gorgeous.
    Sarah x

  14. Love the tea set - so pretty!

    ....and fabulous curtains too - and your cushion..oh it's all wonderful. :)

  15. Hi Jill, the vintage fair looked wonderful, you obviously enjoyed yourself, love your purchases.
    Thea x

  16. Hello Jill, I hope you get to Chelsea flower show next year. I love the cushion! You are going to do so well with your blog shop, everything you make is always beautiful.
    You got some fab bits from your day out.

    Lou xxx

  17. My OH said that if I buy one more cushion from you Jill, they'll be reading about my dismembered body found in a ditch. Yes, I'm addicted and I'd love to get this beauty too but life if still dear to me. I'm sure it won't hang about for too long, its so lovely.
    Love all your china. Makes me feel like throwing those old fashioned tea parties.
    Its funny, I was talking to someone yesterday about linking a shop to my blog... great minds think alike.
    Enjoy your lovely finds and blog soon.
    Joasia x

  18. You found some great things at the fair Jill! Love the floral tea set! Wish we had vintage fairs in Holland. It looks like vintage is much more fashionable in England at the moment.

    Happy evening, Madelief x

  19. hello :o)
    thank you for visiting my blog and i am SO glad you did as your blog is just beautiful.
    I love all of your vintage very pretty
    good luck with your new shop venture, that is one beautiful cushion
    love jooles x

  20. A shop? Oh, Jill, how exciting!! I bet it'll be a huge success - you've got FAB taste!!


  21. I'm always amazed by the number of visitors my blog gets each day, and I just love to see how many different countries they come from! Pop over yourself if you have the time.

    The vintage fair looked great, and didn't you do well with your buys!

    Good luck with the new shop venture.

    Fleur xx

  22. The vintage fair did look lovely! You found such pretty things there. Love your bargain curtains, that fabric is just delightful, and your new patchwork cushion looks so pretty too.
    Helen x

  23. Oh Jill
    I would have had a field day at the Vintage fair.
    That tea set for such a giveaway price.... I'm drooling and green with envy!
    LOVE everything you bought!

    Your cushions are beautiful and good for you on opening a shop - I'm sure you'll let us know the "grand opening day"!


Thank you for your lovely words