Sunday, 11 March 2012

Time to Bring out the Bunting!!

I awoke to a beautiful morning, the mist was just lying low on the fields, but the sun was managing to pop through, grabbed my camera and captured the moment I hope,

 and glad I did as that was the last of the sun and we were suddenly enveloped in mist (we live quite high up so sometimes we are in the clouds!!) So my Sunday of gardening looked like it wasn't going to happen, but work needed to be done so coats and wellies on I started to dig the vegetable patch and then the mist cleared and beautiful Sunday arrived with clear blue skies and warm sun, and our first lunch outside this year. It was peaceful all but the farmer who decided to plough the field behind the house.

The views were stunning and bathed in sunshine,

This shelf was in our garage, I don't know why I hadn't thought of putting it here before as it just seems to fit perfectly, we bought it in France it is a shelf which would have been used to store the loaves in a boulangarie.

So to celebrate one of the warmest days this year I just had to put the bunting out again!

Yesterday we ventured into Exeter  a Vintage Fair was being held there and I have to say it was great, but I will write about that in another post and show you my bargains!!

I am writing this post while watching one of my favourite programmes The Land Girls a real vintage programme with fantastic costumes!!

I think a glass of wine is needed now, hope everyone has enjoyed this lovely weather and had a lovely weekend, if you drop by I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments


  1. Hi Jill, it has been the most glorious weekend weather wise, I think we have almost been lulled into a false sense of security!
    Your bunting looks great, I am going to either make or buy some for our fencing for the Jubilee celebrations later in the year.

  2. Hi Jill,

    The landgirls looks like a series I might enjoy too! Hopefully it will be shown on tv in Holland. We only have BBC1 and BBC2 :-(.

    I am glad you had some good weather after all. Your photo's of the mist look magical. Love your romantic bunting. You chose such pretty fabrics.

    The fair sounds interesting. Looking forward to see your photo's!

    Thank you for sending me the link! I haven't looked through the list yet, but I hope there will be a fair near Brighton or Tenterden when we are there!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  3. What a lovely English post .... I enjoy every time of .... can not get enough of it .... thank you Jill ......... enjoy your wine .... cheers! !
    With warm regards,

  4. Hello Jill, I'm really glad the mist cleared for you, the setting of your home looks idyllic. I also spent most of the day out in the garden - potting up some seeds, pruning back and just digging the earth over. Frequent tea and hot cross bun breaks kept me going! What lovely warm sunshine too - not at all bad for March!
    I adore your French shelf and the bunting looks gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your bargains another time!
    Wishing you a lovely week,
    Keep in touch,
    Essie x

  5. Hello Jill,
    I love your new header & the picture of you.

    I can see me keep coming back to your blog all week just to look at those stunning pictures. I wish I lived in your house, those views are beautiful.

    Lou xxx

  6. Hi Jill,
    That lunch outside must have been fun, I love eating alfresco, even if its not quite Summer.
    We have a friend, Canadian, who insists on cooking at least one meal a day out side on his bar-b-que kitchen. It has a canopy and unless there are tornadoes or hurricanes forecast ( he lives in the UK) then he's out cooking.
    What lovely view of the hills, the haziness makes it look even more enchanting. Love the bunting, it brings the Summer closer.
    Enjoy this week, they say its going to be filled with sunshine.
    Joasia x

  7. What gorgeous photos and how great to get bunting hung outside and even better, to eat outside. I really like those shelves with the pots of grape hyacinths. You have made me feel as if spring is here, thank you!

  8. Lovely, lovely photos. I just recently discovered Land Girls on my dvd rental site. I watched as many as were available while laid up with a terrible cold. I am so looking forward to seeing more. Love your bunting!

  9. Oh I can feel the sunshine on my skin. Looks like you had wonderful weekend.

  10. Oh what a beautiful place you live.I have to been busy outside enjoying gardening.Looking forward to seeing your vintage finds later in week.Lesley x

  11. Beautiful photos. I like the misty weather as well as the sunshine, it is so romantic :)

  12. Wonderful photos, you are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place. Spring will get here (eventually) Love the new header too. I never ever find shelves like that in my garage.

  13. the moment is captured perfectly in your photos.
    Lucky your farmer was only ploughging- ours was muckspreading!

  14. Lovely photographs! Love the little shelf and the bunting is beautiful.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. What lovely views. We have plenty of local farmland but sadly only visible from our upstairs windows!

  16. You live in a beautiful area. I wish I had known about the vintage fair in Exeter, I would have gone to that. We too had a beautiful day on Dartmoor and it is equally glorious today. I ventured in to Topsham earlier this morning and it was enveloped in mist, just clearing as I left, however it didn't stop my retail therapy!!!!

    Have a great week x

  17. Those photographs of yours are wonderful. I love the drops of water on your daffodils! I'll have to get my bunting out too!

  18. Lovely, lovely photos. I like the misty weather as well as the sunshine, it is so romantic :)


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