Thursday, 23 February 2012

Short and Sweet

This is going to be a short post, I should be packing because we are going away for a long weekend with friends in Surrey, but instead I decided to share with you my week so far.
I have been busy in my sewing room, this year we have a lot of celebrations here in the UK what with the Queens Diamond Anniversary and the Olympics in London, so I have thought that I would try and represent all that is British with some Union Jack Cushions (made with French Fabric!.entente cordiale!) and some posh bunting, the bunting took rather longer than I wanted a labour of love, but the end results I think not bad!

I have also bought this lovely new book from Selina Lake called Homespun Style, it is so pretty full of lots of colour and great ideas, even took it to bed with me last night!



The weekend will see us back in our home town visiting old friends (not too old!!) lots of meals out, dinner parties I will take my camera and this time will remember to take my memory card!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,


  1. Have fun Jill, love the cushion!
    Maureen x

  2. it all looks wonderful to me Jill. have a wonderful weekend break X

  3. Have a lovely weekend Jill! I'm loving all of it, the fabric is gorgeous. X

  4. Wow all your work looks so pretty, you must have been very busy. Have a great weekend.

  5. It all looks really great Jill.
    Enjoy your long weekend!
    Essie x

  6. Jill, Your posh bunting was definitely a labour of love...I just wouldn't have the patience.
    Have a great weekend,
    Julie x

  7. I love your cushions I have some of that old initialled tape and I love to use it, it sort of gives things a bit of a romantic touch I think, the bunting is realy sweet too. Have a lovely weekend look forward to seeing your pictures, Lucey x

  8. Gorgeous makes! Really love them.

    I have been thinking of getting that book - think I will treat myself! Have a great weekend!

    Nicki x

  9. I love the cushion and that bunting must have taken you an age. Have a great time over your long weekend. Nothing like seeing old friends to raise the spirits.

  10. Beautiful bunting and cushions Jill ..... you have been busy.
    .... and, it looks as if we will both have lovely weather for our weekends away !!
    Have fun. XXXX

  11. I love you cushion and bunting, they are so much nicer than the ones in the shops! Hope you have a good weekend away!

  12. Love your union jack makes :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  13. Lovely sewing projects - the bunting must have taken ages! I'm also tempted by the book, it looks inspiring.

  14. Jill,
    You are definitely a sucker for punishment but I'm selfishly glad because you make the most wonderful things!
    Enjoy your weekend and....
    RELAX !!!
    Joasia x

  15. Jill, your cushions look amazing! I've thought of trying to make my own cushions as well, but haven't sewn for a while! Yours are really lovely. Homespun looks like a good book too, on my wishlist at Amazon!
    Take care and have a lovely weekend. Sharon

  16. Love all the UJ stuff! have a great weekend

  17. Beautiful bunting!! Lovely blog! I'm a new follower!


  18. What a lovely book that looks to be, perfect bedtime pondering!

    And I'll be cheeky and say you might like to pop over to knitsofacto where I'm hosting a giveaway with another lovely book as the first prize :D

  19. Your cushions and bunting are so lovely, Jill. I do love UJ decorations, especially the pale and pretty kind. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  20. Hello Jill, Your bunting is so very lovely. Have a wonderful time with your friends, love Linda x

  21. I am loving your cushions and you are certainly giving me some great ideas. Must drag out my old faithful and get sewing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  22. This sewing of you is looking so perfect Jill! Really, this is the most stylish cheering material I have ever seen, I would definitely hang that in my living room too! And I am not even British :)


  23. Your bunting is simply beautiful, the quality is stunning, have you thought of selling them?


    1. The bunting is for sale because of the work involved it is a little more expensive, its £30 if you know anyone who would like it!!


Thank you for your lovely words