Monday, 6 February 2012

The room with the lock on!!

In my last blog I did say I was off to Sidmouth, camera in hand I have taken a few photos of this lovely Regency town by the sea, but as always when you want to take a lovely shot of the architecture, they are covered in scaffolding!!
 Great views as you drive down to Sidmouth

Now another peep around my home,

our bathroom we inherited but I hope I have put a few of my own touches to it, I will change the paintwork at sometime, but I don't think it is too bad, the bath is lovely and so deep, and as for the view - lovely on a summers day with the windows wide open.

 These jars I bought at the Country Living Fair last year, great for my lipsticks and brushes! I think the stall was Velvet Ribbon
 A really good view while cleaning your teeth!
Soap bought from St Remy in Provence

and this basket from a market in Normandy

Some of you have now got snow, but guess what ours dissappeared yesterday, although we went for a walk on Exmoor and it is still covered in snow and very icy, although I think we were the only people up there walking, didn't stay too long, and needed a drink in the pub to revive afterwards. Sorry forgot camera so no photos of Exmoor - promise I will take it with me next time.
Choice tomorrow do I go to the Rag Sale or an Auction in Exeter, decisions, decisions. 
Love reading your comments and sorry if I haven't visited you recently promise I will do very soon, not to myself must do better!! 


  1. Oooh,your bathroom is dreamy! Love all the Cath too.
    Our snow has turned to mush now...not so pretty.
    Have a lovely week. :0)

  2. Your home is as beautiful as I thought it would be. We never had any snow! And yes I really do have Bridget Jones knickers.......... :0)
    I loved your pictures in your last post...

    Lou xxx

    PS. did you make the crochet roses in your header? If yes, can you tell me where you got the pattern from please.... x

  3. What a lovely bathroom to inherit.......not the normal advocado type!!!
    Looks fab with all the pretty bits you have added! Cant wait to see some more of your house!

  4. Your home is lovely! I love the big bath and all the gorgeous girlie accessories X

  5. Hi Jill,

    Sidmouth looks like the sort of seaside resort I enjoy visiting. You had lovely weather!

    I booked two extra days in Brighton today. We will go there before we stay at Pippa's. Please let me know if you have some tips about places to go to!

    Your bathroom looks beautiful Jill. I wish mine looked as pretty. I do have the CK towel though :-)

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  6. Your bathroom looks lovely and what a view!

  7. Jill,
    You were lucky inheriting a bathroom like this. Looks lovely.
    Brave of you to go to Exmoor!

    Joasia x

  8. very jealous of your beautiful bathroom! I visited Dotty Dolly (a shop in Wellington) today & forgot my camera too! May see you at the fair tomorrow??? Lizzie x

  9. Love your sweet. Those blue mason jars just make anyone smile. Love them with anything in them. Thinking I need some pink carnations to put in mine for Valentines Day.

  10. What a lovely bathroom you have, do you spend a long time brushing your teeth looking at view?

  11. Gorgeous bathroom Jill and very pretty roses,
    Essie x

  12. Hello Jill, Sidmouth looks lovely. I am very jealous of your lovely tub.
    Your photos in the snow on your last post are really pretty. Have a great week, love Linda x

  13. So pretty that room - and that view! Lovely. Also admiring your rose picture. :)

  14. Sidmouth is good for the soul and every time we drive over there we marvel at the beautiful scenery.
    I have only just started following blogs and yours is on my list! I love the jars in your bathroom.
    Very inspiring!

  15. Hi, Jill! Very nice pictures of the seaside town :o) Your bathroom is so cute. Beautiful view from your window! I`m inpressed...
    Take care

  16. How lovely to be able to lie in the bath and look out through an open (unfrosted) window - not many people are able to do that. Looking forward to seeing what you buy at the Rag Sale or auction.
    Ruth x

  17. What a lovely bathroom - I love the floral towels - think they may be going on my wish list.

  18. Quelle délicieuse salle de bains !
    Merci pour la balade sans neige ...
    Gros bisous

  19. Your bathroom is gorgeous Jill, you are lucky to have inherited such good taste from the previous owners - not always the case though in my experience!

    I love the pretty oil painting above the bath.

    Do you find those baths take a long time to fill? A friend of mine regrets putting one in her house and never uses it - but has a shower instead!

    Any more snow since Sunday?


  20. Lovely to see you yesterday.. love the jacket! Lizzie x

  21. Hello Jill,

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad you did comment as now I have also found your lovely blog! You have some stunning photos and a lovely home.
    I moved away from Yorkshire at the end of last year, so no the fabric wasn't sent to me.


  22. Lovely bathroom pictures! You have some very pretty touches, and what a wonderful view to enjoy too.
    We have had no snow here, despite freezing temperatures.
    Have a happy evening!
    Helen x

  23. you have such a beautiful home and i love your landscape around you and your winter wonderland snow pics from an earlier post ;0)...really enjoyed Sidmouth when ive visited, one time in a storm too- it was magical and misty by the red cliffs and the sea crashing against the shore- blissful!
    delightful blog x kazzy x

  24. Hi Jill, hope you had a good weekend.... wow that must have been some special lace!!!! Lizzie x


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