Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer Arrived eventually - for a day or two

Summer finally came well at least from Saturday afternoon onwards, and it was so nice on Saturday to meet a fellow blogger Lizzie from her lovely blog The Washerwoman at the Rag Fair in Honiton, where I found some pretty french fabrics. 

On our way home we stopped  at a  lovely village called Broadhembury so it was definitely time to get my camera out and take a few photos of the lovely cottages,

hope the owners don't mind!

in the evening we went on one of our favourite walks along the canal.

Sunday was beautiful, - don't we talk about the weather a lot in this lovely country of ours! maybe it is because I think we are all secret sun lovers, but how mad is that when we live in England, where the weather is so unpredictable! we had visitors for tea and it was lovely just sitting in the garden!  I would also like to show you a small piece of our garden that I really love, it has a glass roof so the sun can shine through!

 The heart was a very new acquisition that I bought on Monday when we visited Sherborne (sorry forgot to take photos!)
Sun going down on Sunday Evening
Today has seen me picking fruit and sorting out the vegetables, we have just dug up our first potatoes they are really scrumptious.  Well think that is all for now see you all soon, have a great week - mine hasn't started too bad as I have just won the give-away from Elaine from Ted & Bunny blog.


  1. Oh what a lovely village! And your garden is just glorious ~ such pretty bunting too! Lovely post ~ and congratulations on your win! Hope you have a lovely day, Love Brenda

  2. Lovely photos, your garden is so pretty and I adore the fabric you bought, so gorgeous!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. It all looks so idyllic, doesn't it? Who would have thought that only days before it was drizzle all the way!!

    But I think the unpredictability is what makes me LOVE the sunny days we have all the more.


  4. It's all so pretty! I would just want to potter and sit there all day! Cx

  5. How beautiful your garden is, and the view!
    Love the fabrics.

  6. Oh how beautiful every time I read your blog I love it.Lesley x

  7. Your lovely photos make me want to come to your bit of England for a holiday. Abby :)

  8. You are so lucky to live in such a lovely part of the country, and your views are breathtaking, it must always feel like holiday time. Doesn't this sunshine lift your spirits, let's hope it stays around for a while.

  9. Well done, winning the giveaway! I love the bunting in your garden and the pretty cottages you photographed. Love Linda x

  10. Gorgeous photos. I especially love the bunting in your garden. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  11. De jolis tissus ,un beau jardin enfin tout pour un bel été.



  12. Another lovely blog with gorgeous pics of such a pretty village x

  13. A lovely round-up of what you've been up to. We talk about the weather so much because, unlike some other countries, it's so varied! I did a post about our local music festival recently and ended up mostly writing about the weather!
    Our potatoes are ready in the garden now too so I'm looking forward to eating them.
    Teresa x

  14. The french fabrics are wonderful, and I loved all the beautiful photos of the villiage!!! Stunning!
    Happy Summer Days to you and us all!!!
    Chris :o)

  15. Tes images ont le goût délicieux des vacances à la campagne ...

  16. The photos of the cottages are beautiful - and I love your pretty corner with the glass roof. Well done on winning the giveaway - If you are on a winning streak maybe you would like to enter mine!

    Pomona x

  17. Hi Jill,
    Thanks very much for your kind comment about the mag article. It feels a bit surreal! I think the museum you asked me about is Beamish in County Durham. Well worth a visit.
    Hen x

  18. Fab pix of your garden. It was good to meet you too at Honiton. Do come and say Hello if you get to Shepton Flea! Lizzie x PS There are ACRES of junk in France.. you just have to keep at it!!!

  19. what an amazingly beautiful post Jill! I love the fabrics, the bunting, the garden and the view... all so gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    hugs Maaike

    ps. your lovely little cushioncover is already packed and waiting for the boat to leave for Canada!


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