Friday, 17 June 2011


We have a special celebration this year (well actually we have 2) and we have been deliberating what to do, shall we have a lunch time garden party, shall we go off for a romantic holiday, but the OH said no we should celebrate but without the work involved, so we have booked a lunch party at this most beautiful hotel in the Devon Countryside,Combe House Devon
 voted apparently the most Romantic hotel in England!!! (and we are staying the night!!)

 Really excited now with lots of things going on in my head mostly what shall I wear!! I found this lady who made me the most beautiful invites they arrived individually boxed and tied with red ribbon,

so if any of you are thinking of arranging an event I would so recommend her Debbie Jenkins is her name. (I know I could have made them, but I think it is sometimes nice to support other craft workers)

I have also been making a few purchases and loved this butterfly for the garden from Dee Puddy I think I may send for another one.

I have been indulging in my favorite past time flea markets, and picked up this lovely teapot for £5 8 plates for £7 and my OH found the candlestick at the local tip!!!! just needed some loving care.

Been busy cooking and had my  sister and her husband to stay. we had a lovely weekend although a bit of a wet one, when is summer coming, the rain is pouring and I have loads of fruit to pick!! Last week with the glut of strawberries I made ice-cream swopping some of the cream for devon clotted cream have to say it was delicious, if anyone wants the recipe I will print it for you, I don't have an icecream machine so have to stir it every 30 mins for the first few hours, but not really too time consuming.

I think I might have to make a gooseberry crumble or maybe a more healthier goosberry fool, only healthy if I use yoghurt and not cream.

This week I had an early birthday present from Marcus (my eldest) I know it is not everyones taste, but this was some show!! I went to see Take That in Cardiff and they were amazing, as well as the Pet Shop Boys. It was a great day, and Cardiff is a fabulous city with some really good shops including new John Lewis, and a lovely vintage shop called Vintage Affair,

 Marcus went and had coffee while I spent sometime in this shop. Of course we needed to lunch and the  restaurant Jamie's (Jamie Oliver's) beckoned and it would have been very rude to walk buy so we had a lovely lunch before the show!

 a really smasing day and all thanks to Marcus.


  1. You do seem to have done a lot recently. I too love Take That - was it at the show that you went to see that Robbie split his trousers! I love the teapot and candlestick - what marvellous finds.

  2. You have been having fun! You lucky thing to go to a Take That concert. I love their latest music with the addition of Robbie Williams. I have just bought their latest CD and my daughter will be playing 4 or 5 of their songs at her 18th birthday party tomorrow night.
    I love the butterflies in your garden.
    Anne xx

  3. Lucky you ,seeing Take that ,I live in Cardiff and the city has changed so much over the last few years ,it is a great place to live!xxjulie.

  4. Oooohhh how lovely and amazing that hotel!!!!
    So glad you have be having fun!!!!
    Nice weekend.

  5. Oh my your ice cream looks lush. Yes please - could you put the recipe up - that is an absolute must make.

    That hotel looks marvellous too - what a great place to celebrate. Lucky you! :)

  6. Hi Jill,

    What a great birthday present you received from you son. It must have been fun going with him to the concert. I have been to a Keane concert with my eldest daughter too. I loved it!

    The hotel looks perfect for a romantic night and lunch with family and friends. I hope the weather will have improved by then.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  7. What a gorgeous looking Hotel. I am sure you will have a wonderful celebration there. Your ice-cream looks scrumptious! What great bargains you got too. My you have been a busy girl. Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  8. You will love Combe - it is owned by friends of ours, Ruth and Ken Hunt, who have the most wonderful hotel and restaurant in Devon. I've written about it on several occasions, it's a magical place!
    Ooh, I'd love the ice cream recipe, please!
    Margaret P

  9. Congratulations dear Jill on your upcoming celebrations ~ surely the most perfect place for it in that absolutely beautiful hotel! So glad you were so blessed by your dear son and had such a lovely time out. And that ice-cream looked absolutely wonderful ~ looking forward to the recipe! :) Love Brenda

  10. Enjoy your stay and take lots of photos.

  11. Bon weekend Jill.
    A kiss of Provence.


  12. Hi Jill, lucky you getting to stay at the most romantic hotel in England and I love your new blog working up to changing mine..I always have to think on it for quite a while...Your silver finds are the teapot and who the hell throws out silver candlesticks! Have a great time. Robx

  13. Everything looks amazing, your hotel, the invites, your special finds. I didn't like 'Take That' in their previous incarnation but have been won over by seeing one of their shows, uplifting music and great entertainers.

  14. Tu sais si bien me faire rêver d'Angleterre ...
    Merci pour tes belles images ...

  15. WOW, the hotel looks amazing Jill! I wish I could come along... I love the bits you got from the flea market.
    I've never tried making ice cream, it is now on my list of things to do.

    Thanks for that gorgeous post before I head off up to bed!

    Lou xxx

  16. Hello!
    Ohhhh so lovely blog you have!!!!
    I found it today!
    So many lovely photos!!!
    Coming back soon!
    Have a nice week!

  17. looks as if you have been busy! Bet the Take That evening was fab. Lizzie x

  18. Combe House Hotel looks wonderful Jill. I'm wondering now what the celebrations could be - a special birthday or anniversay maybe .... In any case you will be celebrating in style. Those invites look very special.

    I bet the Take That concert was great. How sweet of your son to get tickets.

    Funnily enough I discovered Dee Puddy's website the other day. I love those butterflies.


  19. You have been a very busy bee! The hotel looks fabulous and very romantic!

    Leeann x


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