Sunday, 5 June 2011

A little bit of a city girl!

I think I have mentioned a while ago how lovely it would be to live in the country and still be close to a town so that I could  have a little bit of cafe culture every now and then.
 So Thursday morning after only a 20 minute drive we were having breakfast in a cafe overlooking the lovely cathedral in Exeter, and then on to the farmers market,
so nice to be able to do this I can't tell you. This week has been quite, but it has been lovely spending time in the garden, walking and meeting our new neighbours, although the nearest is half a mile away everyone seems so friendly and we have already been invited to lots of village events. Saturday we decided to have a day out and visit Arlington Court, but I was only able to take one photo as guess what it poured with rain, but needless to say Arlington Court is in North Devon and it is renowned for its bad weather.
 We have been picking strawberries, peas and broad beans,
 and as you can see it was so lovely to pick the strawberries and then have them for breakfast!
 Today I made gooseberry and elderflower ice cream which reminds me I must go and give it another stir, I don't have an ice-cream maker!!!
 Have a lovely week everyone and I will leave you with a few photos of my garden.


  1. I'm hoping to visit Exeter in August when we come down to Devon for a holiday. Its ages since I was there before. xx

  2. Dear Jill ~ that cafe looked a lovely spot for tea, and your garden is absolutely stunning! Well done on growing those delicious-looking strawberries and beans, and on making ice-cream (haven't tried that yet!). We had a programme on here last night called 'Royal Upstairs Downstairs', and it showed them making coloured ice-cream for the young Princess Victoria, so I admire anyone who can make home-made ice-cream! Have a lovely day, Love Brenda

  3. You seem to have found a lovely life for yourself in your new home - well done. That garden looks rather splendid.

  4. I love days out where you go for a nice breakfast then that leaves you all day free to shop and roam without sitting in overcrowded cafes at lunch time and wasting valuable shopping time!!Glad you're settling in and everyone is so friendly, Lucey x

  5. Your new garden looks beautiful and it looks walled. Am I correct?
    Anne xx

  6. Sounds like you really found a great place to live and to make into your home!
    Oh and Exeter gets on my to do list for once i will be in the UK some day...

  7. How lovely you are able to ease yourself into your new home. The garden is looking fantastic, I can't believe your gooseberries are ripe, but you are so much further south than me. Love the sound of your ice-cream mmmmm! Have a happy monday, love Linda x

  8. I love Exeter ... must go there for breakfast, too, soon ... we live in Torbay, so not that far away. We've been to Dartmouth today for a walk from the harbour to the Castle ... glorious weather with views of the River Dart.
    Haven't been to Arlington Court for at least ten years ... I had to write a feature on it for Devon Life and we went in the depths of winter when the place was scaffolded and swathed in polythene and indoors had been "put to bed" for the winter ... but I used my imagination, what it might've been like when it was the home of eccentric Rosie Chichester, a very 'green' person before we had even heard of conservation and carbon footprints!
    Margaret P

  9. Hello Jill,
    I have just been blog hopping and found your lovely blog for the first time. I also found a few familiar views as I`m in the New Forest and know the coast of Hampshire and Dorset well.

    Your new house looks wonderful. An exciting time! Hoping that all goes well for you in Devon.

    I know how you feel about needing the occasional fix of city life. I love being in the country, but a day walking in a city, browsing in bookshops etc can be a real treat.

  10. I love reading your blog from the hot, humid, American south! Everything you show looks refreshing and inviting. Would love to visit your country one day! Your home is beautiful both inside and out. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hello Jill, it is so lovely to have you back. I loved your old house and I'm in love with the new one too. It sounds like you have really settled in. :0)

    Lou xxx

  12. Hello Jill!

    Oooh I used to live in Exeter, and it was lovely to see your pictures of it - a perfect place for coffee too!
    Lovely views from your table, your rose looks glorious too!

    Love Julia x

  13. Hello again Dear Jill ~ I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I've passed on a "Versatile Blogger" Award to you as I enjoy your wonderful blog so much ~ but I completely understand if you'd rather not accept/participate :) ~ but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your lovely blog! Hope you have a wonderful day, Love Brenda

  14. Hi there, I just found your blog via Busy Bees Studio. It really is very pretty, you have lovely taste. I live out in the sticks and love it, but would also love to be a bit closer to the city for lovely cafes and things. I wish you lots of happiness in your new home. It should look amazing as you have lovely taste. Best wishes, Tracy


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