Thursday, 10 March 2011


Well I have not been very good with writing my blog recently or for that matter visiting blogs so I am sorry – but I have been a little busy, first of all we had the celebration of my fathers birthday he was 90
 and we had a lovely family day very enjoyable. So we have been away for a while and as well as the birthday celebrations we have had a great weekend with my sister pub lunches at Mudeford with the its lovely views of the Isle of Wight

 as well as visiting the New Forest it was such beautiful weather and I love the ponies.

I have also spent the rest of my time attached to my laptop everyday searching for this elusive home! So no luck on that front yet I can feel a Kirsty moment coming on where I can hear the words compromise, but it really is not in my vocabulary but I think it might have to be! But, I would like a sitting room like this ...

a dining room like this

a pretty bedroom

maybe a bathroom like this or maybe not
I love the beams and ceiling light in this one!

Lovely to dream
I can hear someone (the OH) saying and pigs might fly!!
Now for my give-away I can’t believe all the lovely comments I have had and I will be drawing someones name out of the hat on Sunday morning.
So 2 more days to go!


  1. Happy 90th birthday to your father. I'm visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon. Beautiful photos of the water.

  2. Happy 90th to your father - he looks well on it! Good luck with the house-hunting - try not to compromise! Abby x

  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad! We recently went to the New Forest - it's wonderful there. I'm hoping to go back about June / July time when there will be some lovely foals.
    Good luck with the house hunting!

  4. Hi Jill, I'm visiting from Barbara's Friday Welcome Wagon, and love your blog. Looking forward to visiting again.

    Lisa x

  5. Yes, now that would be a wonderful home but you forgot pictures of the grounds too!! I've just been reading your previous posts and I, too, loved Edna O'Brien as a teenager - The Girl with the Green Eyes too. I shall have to look out for the book you mentioned too.

  6. oops, I meant Brenda's blog. It's Friday, what can I say. Sorry Brenda!

    Lisa xx

  7. 90 years, wow what a great age, congrats with yr father!

  8. Jill

    Is there room for another one in that dream house of yours. Oh my word what beauty!

    Keep searching it will arrive - just waiting for you to find it.

    Many happy returns to your father.

  9. I have always wanted a big bathroom... dramatic coloured walls, dramatic plants, large fireplace, lots of big church candles and a huge sash window with uninterrupted views of sea or countryside. Or... one with a skylight so I can lay in the bath and stargaze. I can do that now, through a large sash window, but have to bend over to pull blinds down before getting out so the neighbours don't get a shock!

  10. Hi jill, wow, the images for your perfect home, truly are perfect!!! I would love a place like that too! My in laws live in the new forest! I am glad you enjoyed it down there, it is quite picturesque isnt it? Especially in the summertime when you can walk through the woods and enjoy the prettiness!
    Have a really lovely weekend!
    Laura xx

  11. Hi Jill,
    Happy belated Birthday for your dad, (love the pictures in the background).
    I was thinking, what if you contacted Kirsty and Phil for real? Maybe they can help you find your new home, who knows? Would be funny to see you on tv, I can watch their show here too. Anyway, good weekend and good luck with the house hunt,

  12. Gorgeous pictures of your dream house. Delighted to have discovered your lovely blog via A place for Tea.x

  13. What a lovely post - I will move in with you if you find that house! xxx

  14. Hi there, I am your newest follower! I found you through Brenda at cosy little house. I always love finding a new blog and it never ceases to amaze me how many blogs there are out there! It is always nice to find a UK based blog too, makes me feel less alone! lol. I am looking forward to reading more . Take care xx

  15. I found your blog today and wanted to say hi!
    I love the photos on your blog, they're so lovely :)
    I adore North Devon, always try to stay at Woolacombe Bay Hotel each year. Would like to move down to Devon eventually. Are you moving away from Devon?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. I just came over from Brenda's blog...congratulations on being featured :-) You have a beautiful blog here. I'm following too.
    Now I'll head over to see that giveaway you mentioned :-)

  17. Happy Birthday to your Dad! A handsome looking gentleman. Is that an RAF tie? My lovely mother was 91 in January - she's such an elegant lady. How wonderful we still have them with us. I'm a bit off blogging just now but wanted to send best wishes to you and your father. Cx

  18. I came over from Lee Ann's lovely blog...and I am so glad I did! I loved browsing here today and am excited to sign up for your giveaway! Happy Birthday to your father too! ♥ I am going to add your blog to my "follow" list!

  19. Happy birthday to your father.
    Wonderful photo's, that would be a wonderful house. I hope you find your home soon.
    Have a nice weekend,

  20. Très bel anniversaire Monsieur ...
    Que la Vie vous en réserve beaucoup d'autres ...

  21. Hello Jill,

    what a handsome man your Dad is, a belated happy birthday.
    You should have popped in for a cup of tea and cake, you were not that far away.

    You really shouldn’t have put pictures of my house on your blog! ;0)

    Lou xxx

    PS. most of my wool comes from John Lewis. x


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