Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fame at last!!

Wow what a beautiful day - I know I should be packing or even sewing, but that sun was just begging me to enjoy it! So picnic packed we set off to the lovely bay of Crackington Haven in Cornwall, this is such an idyllic spot with a lovely beach, pub and 2 cafes.  So of course to start the day what else but a lovely glass of Rose,

 then a picnic on the beach, it was lovely to see people enjoying it and even a game of cricket!

Then the walk along the South West Coast path, quite steep but such stunning views.
  On the way back we passed this lovely cottage, I love the colour blue on the doors and windows. 
We then passed a lovely cottage with a water fall in the garden, how lovely it must be to sit in your garden and watch this.
But finally and here is a clue to the title of the post, I spotted this notice on the telephone box, but guess what we were a day too late. 

For any of you lovely bloggers who live further afield than the UK this is a famous television programme which is filmed in Cornwall with the lovely Martin Clunes!


  1. A glass of wine in the sun, a wonderful walk in a beautiful place and ending with Martin Clunes (well almost!).. a perfect day I think! Abby

  2. I used to watch it, and a coupl of others. One was similar about a doctor who moved to a small community with his wife and children who weren't thrilled with the move, and lots of issues enused. The other one had the girl in it with red curly hair from ER. Her and her friends were on the run from the law and a hitman, and took over a pub. Sorry, I'm hopeless with names. But we love our English Televsion in Australia.

    That scenery in your photo's is so beautiful. I wish I could visit there. Thanks for sharing Jill.

  3. I'm jealous of your lovely beach picnic! I went to work today and then did cleaning and other little jobs :(

    Sounds like you had a great day in the sunshine!

  4. Gorgeous images Jill, all with a glass of Rose', what could be nicer. We are watching Doc Martin currently and last week I googled it to see if the village was a real one where it was filmed. Came out excitedly (and prematurely) to tell M we have to go there when we travel to the UK next!!!(cant wait to receive my recent purchase from you - thanks)
    Rebecca x

  5. Sunshine, wine, those delicate shades of blue, AND Doc Martin! A fun filled day indeed.

  6. oooh, lovely seaside photos - we're going away next week; can't wait! Good luck with the house - hope it all goes smoothly - exciting!

  7. wow stunning pictures Jill, you are so lucky having that area close to you... kisses

  8. Wow!! I love that show.

    what a beautiful day; walks picnics and drinking rose!!! Perfect this is the life my friend enjoy xox

  9. what a perfect day shame about missing out on the extras maybe next time
    xx fee

  10. Looks like a fab day, it's so beautiful :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. Doc Martin makes me cry when I watch it - it makes me realise how much I do want to be in Cornwall. xx

  12. What a fabulous day you had, the photos are wonderful. The Doc Martin thing made me smile, we love that programme in our house. Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x.

  13. Hello Jill,

    sometimes you just have to forget everything else and ENJOY! What happened to my invite??? yet again.... ;0)

    have a lovely weekend xxx

  14. What a wonderful post. I felt like I'd been on a mini break after I'd finished. Thanks for sharing xx

  15. Thanks for the comment over at my blog Jill.
    As for the peonies. The experts all say you shouldn't move peonies, that they like to feel settled and if you move them, they will take years to recover. Tosh! Ours has been moved three times! It was one plant, but after the last move it divided into two, so we now have two of the gorgeous things, and they are in their final resting place, or perhaps I shouldn't make such a bold statement, knowing how I love to move things around! But they recovered each time. True, there weren't as many flowers for the first year after the moves, but then they just went back to prolific flowering. I think if you put them in big pots, maybe leave them in the pots for this year, and then transplant next? They are lovely though and I can well see why you would want to take them. Probably lots of other plants to move as well?

  16. Jill, I may have already left a comment here but I can't remember - goodness I'm losing the plot lately:-)

    Anyway, just to say your walks always look so spectacular, it must be like being on permanent holiday - you lucky people!

    I'm drawn to the lovely dry stone wall as well as the gorgeous gate!

    Have a great weekend.


  17. What a shame you missed your chance of fame. At least you had some fabulous weather for that walk. Beautiful scenery, you're right!

    Happy weekend x

  18. It all looks really idyllic down there - will we be seeing you in the next series of Doc Martin then? I also love that blue/grey/green colour and would paint my garden gate that colour .. if we had one.


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