Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bits and Bobs

I am sitting in my sitting room, I have to say feeling a little full after a lovely Sunday lunch, (the OH doing all the clearing up) thinking I really need to post more on my blog. I have been a little distracted with all this house searching – and not finding anything we like. I think I have mini square eyes from the computer, searching every house website day in day out looking for that elusive home. So this weekend I am giving myself a break. Half way through the week a surprise arrived in the post care of my son Alex a new book by Edna O’Brien,
I love this author and when I was in my teens I so enjoyed The Country Girls and August is a Wicked Month, this book is full of great short stories, all based in Ireland. A really good read, so I have added one of my favourite paintings its so beautiful, her dress is such a lovely vibrant yellow and of course she is reading! Although I don’t think it was  Edna O’Brien!!

Along with the searching for a home I have been sewing madly for the lovely Joasia at The Perfect Whimsey as well as a few more commissions via Etsy

 and of course the usual trips to Waitrose,
how did that get in my basket!
The weather here has been awful - dull grey and wet except for Thursday when we ventured into Topsham which is a lovely village just outside Exeter,

it was so warm that we didn’t even need a coat it was great also to see an old friend Teresa who has just opened up her new interior design shop – it looked amazing she should be so proud.

I know this isn’t a very exiting post this week but I just think it is the time of year, winter still seems to be hanging on and there is only a few signs of spring to come.

But there was a little highlight to the end of the week, I have to say that our whole family are great Rugby fans and as Sharon from My French Country Living said this was the weekend for LE CRUNCH, France V England, and triumphant we were especially when this man came on the pitch!!!

Now back to serious things My Giveaway,
just another little peep at the vintage confiture jar - fresh snowdrops I have masses in the garden this year.  I have been so pleased with all the comments left and wish you all luck, please keep commenting and adding my photo to your blog for an extra chance to win.
Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. I like the look of Topsham - we are doing Devon for our summer holiday this year, so I need lots of top tips! xxx

  2. i can understand that you get thriumphant when you saw that man, he is very cute!

  3. Yes, Topsham's a lovely place. Good luck with the house-hunting - it's a wearing business! x

  4. Hi Jill,

    I didn't know you were house hunting. You live in such a beautiful cottage! I have been looking at your blue skies in wonder. It has been raining all weekend in Holland.

    Thank you for sending me the link of the restaurant in Lyme. I like it very much and have written it down in my little book. Lyme is one of the places we would still love to visit.

    In May I am going to a B&B in Tenterden for a few days. I believe I found it through you :-)! Am I right?

    Wish you a lovely new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Hi Jill, I must get that book, I love short stories. Topsham looks a lovely place, will have to remember that when we are next in Devon.

    Good luck with the house hunting, Jackie in Surrey.

  6. When I was studying in Devon Jill, I used to love seeing Topsham and Exmouth from the train - there was something that made me deliriously happy about the bit when the train left Exeter and took the track that went on by the estuary.

    I hope you have luck finding a place to live, but Im sure the mini eggs that jumped into your basket might help if all else fails in the meantime!

    Sending love, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    Julia x x x

  7. Hi Jill,
    You favourite painting is the one my girlfriend and I found two of last year while fleamarketing, when we came back from France (we named her Emily, she is now residing in her bedroom, the other one in her hallway). We just love the way she looks!
    Hope you will find your new house soon, I know how it feels to look at that computer for hours looking for The One...
    Have a nice day tomorrow!

  8. I hope you find the perfect house very soon. It's quite frustrating when you can't find what you are looking for. Good Luck!!
    Anne xx

  9. ive just found your blog.. so im going to have a good old read through now and catch up!!.
    the painting of the girl reading .. i have a print of that . it was one of the first things i bought when we moved in to the house we are in now!!

    oo hope your house hunting goes well.. i would love to move and live by the sea!


  10. Your week sounds restful, which is just what you need if you are househunting. I can remeber it well, you enter each house with eager anticipation, after seeing the estate agents blurb and photos, only to think, what you have already is much nicer.

    Don't lose heart, soon there will be 'the one' it only takes a few minutes to fall in love with a house.

  11. Ah a rugby fan.. you would have loved the house I lived in when we had to relocate to London for my husband's job. The downside was that it was on an RAF base, the upside was the fact that the rugby pitch was alongside the house, lots of well-known visiting teams, and of course the regular games and practices by the RAF team. I could watch sitting in a comfortable chair in the front bedroom window!

  12. Hello - we watched the rugby match with equal numbers of France and England supporters, round at the home of a friend who has a huge TV! It was great fun and very pleasant to finally win. We all shared the champagne, though.

    Now, I only have one question: How has it taken me so long to find your lovely blog? I shall be back...

  13. Hi Jill,

    I wish I had watched the rugby now... Mmmmmmmmmm lovely! ;0)
    if only I could move into your house! I'm sure your next house will be as beautiful.

    Lou xxx

  14. Hi Jill, the weather looks amazing over there.You are right to give yourself a little break fom house hunting it can get a bit stressful, but I am sure you will find the place that needs you. I loved "Country Girls" too but I havn't read any others by her.Have a great week, Linda.

  15. Hi Jill,

    I'm new to the blogging world. I was looking at Madelief's blog and saw that she follows you, so here I am! I love your blog. Your sewing projects are really cute and the pink house in the village photo makes me want to move right in. Very jealous that you can walk about without a jacket. I live in Alaska and its still boot and heavy coat weather here!
    I was also looking at some of your older posts, and like you I love the pale blue stove. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Chris :o)
    (A new follower from the frozen north)

  16. Hi Jill,

    beautiful images as usual. Was wondering if you were going to make any more of the LOVE cushions?! xox

  17. Hello Jill, take a look over at creJJtion, you are featured! Have a great week,
    love Maaike

  18. Jill, I have been away from my blog for a month to find that you are in the throes of moving house! I think someone has already asked why would you leave such a beautiful home and from reading your previous post I can really understand why; however hard it must be. Rural IS lovely but maybe for holidays and weekends only. For me, it's perfect being just a few minutes' drive(or 25 minute walk)from our lovely market town - I do like my coffee shops!

    Hope you find somewhere just as wonderful soon.

    Love your sewing projects and will pop over to Teresa's website for a nose!

    Am I too late for your fab giveaway?


  19. I love your creations! By the way, I couldn't find an email address for you. But you've just been featured at my Welcome Wagon Friday. Go take a look...

  20. you have such a lovely blog! I want to start reading your posts!!


  21. Good luck on your house hunt! I just found your beautiful blog via Brenda's Welcome Wagon. I'm you newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back. Enjoying browsing around here today.

  22. Hello there....I just popped in from Cozy Little House (Welcome Wagon Friday) and LOVE your blog! It's always fun to see what's going on in other parts of the world. Happy Spring from Houston!!!

  23. Hi Jill!

    I am visiting from Brenda's blog where you have been featured on her Welcome Wagon! Congratulations. You will make a lot of new friends!

    I wish you all the best in your search for a new home. Are you looking for something smaller, larger or in a different neighborhood? I love the picture of your cottage on your sidebar...beautiful home you have!

    I hope we will be getting some sunshine here as well. Chicago has been very gloomy this winter and I am so looking forward to spring! Have a great day!



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