Monday, 14 February 2011

On the move!!

I am always so surprised of the time between each one of my posts, where does time go! It could be the fact that we have been a little busy here We are on the move again, having just sold our house we are now busy trying to find a new home,
I know some of you will be saying why leave such a lovely home, and you would be right, but although I love my house I have to say that we have not been very happy in this part of Devon, I know the coastline around here is spectacular, but you can't live by views alone, and I do miss being able to walk around nice shops, having coffee out and just generally being able to live life a little bit more to the full.  We are not deserting Devon just heading a little more East!

Now on our quest to look for this elusive house we have been travelling around Devon, and I would love to tell you about this lovely village which nestles on the edge of Dartmoor, called North Bovey it has a lovely pub called The Ring of Bells and is ideal place to  nosy round the lovely village, as you can see by the photos.

The Ring of Bells

Lovely views of Dartmoor

Told you I was nosy

This beautiful cottage is available to rent for holidays its gorgeous and has been featured in lots of magazines
I haven't forgotten my give-away I thought I would have more time, but no I have reached over 100, so I promise that next time I post I will reveal what I am going to give-away.
Love all the comments you have left so please when you drop by I would love to hear from you.


  1. Well done on selling your house! It looks lovely, but, as you say, you need to be happy in the area too. We moved from a fabulous house about 18months ago - we've done a lot to our new house, but I think most people would still prefer our old (Grade 11 listed / 1/2 timbered) one - but we're much happier here! Good luck in your house-hunting!

  2. Dear Jill,
    So sorry that I've been AWOL for a while....I've been busy celebrating !! Thanks so much for your lovely comment and bithday made my birthday even more special.
    ....and, how exciting to be moving. I know that you will buy a very special house Jill. You have great taste. Many of our friend's are retiring and are thinking of moving to somewhere remote which sound's good on paper but, as you say, one can't live on views alone.
    Wishing you lots of luck in finding a lovely home. I can't wait to see what you buy....and, that village looks beautiful. XXXX

  3. So sorry to hear that you weren't happy in your lovely home. Hope your search proves fruitful.

  4. Good luck finding your new home, I think that is the hard part. That village looks lovely anything there for you? Looking forward to seeing more of your house hunting Lesley,

  5. Hi Jill, you do need to be happy & comfortable where you live. Happy Hunting for a new home! Lizzie xx

  6. Oh. My. Word. I just looked at the link for the little cottage and I am in love!!!

    Good luck with the house search, the perfect place is just waiting for you I'm sure!

    BH x

  7. Wow that looks a gorgeous place to live. Hope you are happy with your choice wherever it may be and you live happily ever after!! Lucey xx

  8. The people are very lucky to have bought your house as it looks lovely!! I hope you find the right house in the right area and I don't envy you the packing up and moving. Hopefully you will find somewhere soon and you will move in the Spring / early Summer. Looking forward to seeing where you move to and see the new house.

    As you know we are off to France in June for a holiday but in September we are thinking of Devon or Cornwall. Jackie in Surrey.

  9. Hi Jill - so very pleased to meet you. I have made myself a follower - I feel we were seperated at birth! I noticed that you have similar photos of Deauville on your side bar to the ones I took this year on holiday and having a quick flick through your delicious blog discovered that you also love the Ile de Re! So do I! xxxx

  10. Well, as you know, I love your house and the proximity to the church, the peaceful look of it all, so will miss the photo! But looking forward to one of the new home when it's become home and not the new house, ie when all your bits and bobs are around you.
    But I understand too, that you can't live by views alone and have often thought from the odd comment thrown into your postings, that you have sometimes felt lonely and isolated there, missed activity and seeing people round and about, passing the gate to chat to when you work in the garden and so on. I am in a similar situation, only the reverse. There are people passing as we live on the main road through the village, so in that respect, noisier than I would choose. We have houses at the end of our long garden, again not what I would choose. However, woodlands and seashore are only ten minutes drive; there is virtually no crime or problems with teenagers and so on around here; I feel safe in our house and there are neighbours I know well enough to ask for help if needed. So the fact I can't see wild life or waves from my windows (can see woodlands though and fields over rooftops), becomes of little importance when I have these positives.
    Good luck with the search and move.

  11. Hi Jill!
    I didn't know you wanted to sell your house, but indeed, you need to be happy, so congratulations on moving on, the people who bought it will have a lovely home, I just admired your kitchen yesterday,sigh... But I know you will have another lovely one, and I hope you will be much happier in the new house.
    Enjoy the day!

  12. Hi Jill, you are right, we also need some "movement" in our lives, landscape and lovely scenery is not everything... Good luck! and please keep us posted!kisses

  13. Hi Jill
    Oh how lucky you are I wish I were in your boots (I hope to be in the next year or so).
    Good luck with the hunt.
    T x

  14. Hi, I have been looking trough you blog,You share some lovely images and wonderful places! Glad to have found you...

    See you again soon x

  15. Hi Jill
    What a beautiful house but I understand you must be happy where you live. Good luck with finding a new home.
    Jo xx

  16. Hello Jill,I have just found your blog and have really enjoyed myself browsing through your lovely photographs and witty comments. Good luck in your search for a new home. Devon is so beautiful. Best wishes, Linda

  17. Very exciting to hear from a new lady blogger, I am new to all this - despite the fact my blog tells you otherwise (Blogger since DEC 2010 - where did that come from?) I got into bed last night and said to my husband "I feel like Tolstoy" he gave me that look that only a husband can give a wife who has gone, as far as he can tell, completely barking. "You wouldn't be talking about your blog by any chance would you" as I do little else these days!

    I have had a peek at your own blog Jill, oh my word - what a house, gorgeous. I have a feeling before long my husband will be dragged to a small shop in the Cotswolds. Expect many envious comments from a Cotswold addict.

    Sue T

  18. Your home is lovely but I know exactly where you are coming from. Where I live is very rural. I have a lovely view but that is about it. We aren't even classed as a village we are a hamlet. We have a pub, church and a village hall and thats it. In the old days there was a post office but it is now a house. Good luck with the house move. Devon is beautiful X

  19. wow, that cottage is amazing. i want to stay there!!


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