Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Holiday Snap Tuesday

Well this is a very quick post where I am joining Jeanne in her Tuesday holiday snap.  I simply love Venice, but we don't go in the summer it is either in November or January, when Venice becomes very mystical the first time we arrived and we walked to the hotel from the taxi we walked through St Marks square it was dark and it was lit my small magical lights and the glow from the bars surrounding the square, it was perfect, no tourists just us! I fell in love with it there and then!


  1. What a wonderful photo! Venice is lovely isn't it. We have visited in December and it was very atmospheric.

    Thank you for joining in Jill - I will go back to my post and link to you too:-)


  2. Beautiful photo. I have long wanted to visit Venice and not quite sure why I haven't. Planned to several times, but something always 'came up'. I like your suggestion of visiting in winter, must look into it. Wonder what Christmas would be like - any ideas?

  3. I think Christmas in Venice would be magical!

  4. Hi Jill, I've just stumbled accross your blog and it's lovely - I particularly LOVE your teacup! I've always wanted to visit Venice, but have never had the opportunity - definitely one on my 'to do' list! Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello Jill, Thank you for popping by to my blog and leaving your lovely comments. Aaah, Venice - I've only been once and it was in the middle of August with the crowds - but we still managed to escaped the hoards and delighted in wandering down narrow allies and over tiny bridges. We'll go again one day and yes, I'd love to go in Wintertime when it is so very magical.
    I see you've celebrated your birthday recently - a Belated Happy Birthday to you! Tomorrow is my Hubby's Birthday and I've had such fun creating all his gifts - handmade is always so much fun, isn't it?
    I hope the dreary weather improves for September, don't you? We've had good Septembers in recent years so my fingers are crossed that the garden can recover from the heavy rain and winds of the last few days,
    Wishing you happy days,
    Denise x

  6. The reflections in the water look as though they were lifted right off a Renaissance painting and onto your photo. I'd think a vacation to Venice was nothing short of magical! Lucky you, getting to visit again and again.

  7. That's such a delicious piece of writing, evoking a lovely picture for me - Ive never been but its on my wish list of places to see, especially now!
    Lovely photo!

    Julia x x x


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