Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Does anyone have the same problem as me? I come up to my workroom and then decide to look at my favourite blogs and then one leads to another – and some are so gorgeous that you just keep reading, the next thing you have spent nearly 2 hours on the computer, I get so frustrated that I have wasted so much time – but no I don’t think it was wasted your are all so inspiring that it makes you smile, laugh and cry its just like curling up with a good book! So what have I been doing for the last few days, well I have sewed gardened 
(this is a photo of my lavender it covers my path now and is so beautiful)
 cooked walked visited my boys (sorry not boys now but they will always be my boys!) and of course biked!

There are some things very precious in life and they are your children and last week my son presented me with this lovely bunch of flowers for no reason at all but just to say …………………. I know the photo is a bit blurred but it was the only one I took!!

I then had a project in my garden that has needed doing for so long, we have a very old brick shed (used to be the outside loo I think) it has no door on it, well TOH was going to make one, but it needed something right now and I found this old Ikea curtain that we used to have in our beachhut and I think it has done the trick? What do you think.
 Now I have a thing about angels and we bought this one at the market in Bridport, here are also some other angels that I have doted about the house.

 My favourite has to be the one I have had since a little girl which was given to me by my aunt.

and then these lovely China Wings which I bought in France

And these are such lovely angels that you can buy from
Once again I love to hear from you so please don't stray from my blog but write me a little comment if only to say you have visited, I love reading them.


  1. I have visited.... and am a collector of angels too, but mine are all so very different. A simple one made from an old-fashioned dolly peg (is that what they are called?), lots of American country ones, mainly small, and at Christmas I sometimes have a twiggy tree which is decorated solely in small angels. Love the lavender, ours has gone over so was cut down last week and I am hoping for a second flush. The fields around me are full of the stuff, being a major growing area for Norfolk Lavender, such a gorgeous sight, I often wonder what they must look like from above, especially the early stuff when it's out with the zingy yellow rape seed and hazy blue flax, also grown in fields close by to the lavender.

  2. Jill, thanks for stopping by.

    What a sweet thing for your son to bring you - just lovely!

    Every time someobody posts photos of the lavender in their gardens I make a promise to myself that next year I will, indeed, plant lavender. It looks and smells heavenly! I think I can smell yours through the computer screen!

    I have angels all around our home, too. I love yours, and I love the quick IKEA curtain fix! I took a bi-fold door off of a downstairs closet a year or so ago and hung a whie IKEA curtain in its place. Love that look!

    Enjoy what is left of the summer!!!... Donna

  3. Good morning from the farm Jill!! How nice that you stopped by my place and left a little note...thank you so much...and your curtain idea was brilliant! how absolutely so neat that you get to photograph such a thing on your own property!!! wow!

    Anne Marie

  4. tes lavandes sont aussi belles qu'en Provence.

    Merci de ta visite


  5. Hello Jill,

    So sorry I haven't visited for a while, I've been a very lazy blogger of late. I got to the stage where I was spending so much time on the computer replying to comments (which are lovely of course) but just not having time to do anything else (!) so I took my foot off the pedal and feel much better for it.

    I've just had a lovely catch up with a nice cup of tea and I have to say your blog is really lovely. I forgot to put you on my sidebar so I will do so immediately!

    I've always wanted to go to the Isle de Re after reading a book that was set on the island. Your pictures are gorgeous! The house in Uzes looks superb, I have made a note of the website and will definitely try and stay there next time we are in the region.

    What a wonderful holiday in Provence you had, once again, beautiful images.

    You may be interested in contributing to 'Holiday snapshot Tuesday' which I started this week. Just do a post entitled just that, together with a favourite photo and a little backgroud info - link to me and I will link to you - getting more readers into the bargain!

    Have a lovely week.


  6. I think the curtain looks great, wonderful as a door, it´s very charming!!! And your angels collection is quite outstanding, all of them are so beautiful!!!!

  7. Love the curtian and I too am a lover of angels.

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x


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