Saturday, 24 July 2010

Where has the Summer Gone

Where has the summer gone, well it certainly isn’t in north Devon, everyone else seems to be getting lovely weather but we have been under grey skies and rain. Well I wasn’t going to let the weather get to me and sometimes you need some exercise (or maybe not I hear you groan!) but I love bike riding, not the lycra sort of bike riding but the gently riding through the countryside, I know I am greedy but I have two bikes, one a lovely ladies bike with basket on the front and then my other go anywhere bike (that means it gets thrown into the back of the car bike).

 We have always promised ourselves to do the Camel Trail which I think starts at Bodmin and ends at Padstow (but that was a little long for us) so we parked our car at Wadebridge to do the 5 mile ride to Padstow. The OH said it wouldn’t take long so leave the picnic in the car (not one of his best ideas). We set out on this most beautiful of bike rides but we were not alone as I think the world and his wife had the same idea. I have taken some lovely pics so that you can see how pretty this bike ride is.
View to Padstow 
Opposite Padstow there is a place called Rock this can be reached by road or you can travel on a ferry between Padstow and Rock


There was also a lovely little snack area provided by two pashley bikes I think they were called Treats on Trail they had delicious ice cream, tea and cakes.

We arrived in Padstow to a terrific downpour so by now I am pretty wet and my lovely white plimsolls are no more.

Lovely Padstow although it is a little crowded in the summer!
Sorry about the next photo tried to take it very quick,
but we obviously did not have lunch here due to our attire and maybe the price, the locals call Padstow Padstein, can’t think why in nearly every road there is a shop, boutique, café bakery all belonging to Rick Stein. Well we cycled back and arrived back to the car to our picnic while the rain crashed against the car!!!

It was back to work and be creative, suddenly I had the energy. I bought some lovely fabrics in Antique markets in France including this beautiful rose fabric I must make some for myself as they would go so well on my sofa, what do you think.

A pretty Union Jack Cushion Cover using my lovely old french fabric.

See how nice it looks on my sofa!

and then this is just fun and looks lovely on my garden chair another flea market find! years ago for 8 euros a real bargain, sorry I know you can't see it to well in this photo.
Saturday arrives once again to gloomy skies, so I decide to make some bread and pea and mint soup, don’t you think it looks delicious (it was!)
 The rolls is just a loaf recipe to which I added sun dried tomatoes, herbs, gruyere and parmesan cheese.
More like a winters meal than a summer one, perhaps the sun will shine next week and everything will feel so much better.
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  1. Lovely photos, and the cushions are gorgeous, the soup yummy, and bread too.
    As for bikes, I have never ridden one since I was about 12, went on it, panicked and grabbed hold of a washing pole to stop myself, went round and round and down and down... I still have the scar from gravel embedded in my knee. Now I have problems with balance on terra firma so bikes are a definite no-no... I could fall of my exercise bike!!

  2. Oo-er Jill I can't believe that I am the first to comment on this post. So delighted to have found you via your comment on mine. I am happily reading through your back posts, wonderful! I have to apologise for the lack of recent posts due to problems with my internet connection and a defunct mobile phone so no pics. But both soon to be resolved. See you (and everyone else) very soon!

  3. I loved Padstow when I visited a few years ago. I was working in Bristol which meant that we spent weekends exploring Devon, Cornwall etc.

    Your cushions are gorgeous, I am just about to start painting a chest of drawers so had better get moving.

    A tres bientot,


    p.s. so pleased that you left the comment as now I know where you are :-)

  4. Hi Jill, your blog is a lovely find, we all seem to be making pea & mint soup at the moment, the sun will come out again I'm sure!
    I love your cushions - just beautiful, have a lovely week, hugs Debs xx


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