Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oh so English

Well holiday is over and we have arrived back into the most gorgeous quintessential English summer, how lucky are we. The weather so reminds me of my childhood when summer seems to go on forever and so do the days in the garden or on the beach, catching shrimps with my father and cooking them in the beach hut for tea perfect!!

My garden has not disappointed me either everything is out and the roses just look lovely as well as my long awaited peonies!

So what is the best thing ever in England but English tea with a proper victoria sandwich. Mad as I am after a holiday I decided to do some cooking.

I love baking but have not done any for a while as I was trying to watch my weight before my holiday (but France has put paid to any weight I lost!!!)

Don't look too bad do they!
and now for the finished result

 So I set the table in the garden with one of my pretty china tea sets (roses of course)

 and me and MOH (patient man that he is!! All a little feminine for him!!)

 sat and had our lovely afternoon tea, I think we should all try and spend sometime doing this as it is truly relaxing.

sorry about all the photos its just that they looked so pretty.

 Well back to my book feet up with Wimbledon in the background. (holiday washing can wait)


  1. I see there isn't a spare sest or place setting... aw shucks! It looks SO inviting, and is something I do regularly. I know some who scoff and think me terribly middle class for having afternoon tea, not to mention lazy and spoilt for being at home and having the time for frivolities as they say. I say they are just envious. Is that your cottage door, do you really live next to a church? Apart from wanting to have woodland behind me, the sea in front of me, the other item on the wish list for the perfectly placed cottage was with a church and churchyard to one side.... my husband wouldn't have very far to go to do his bell-ringing then!

  2. Me again Jill... reading all your back posts while the kiddies play... I love to make a Victoria Sandwich using the traditional method of no fat and lots of eggs... while it makes a light cake I sometimes think it smells like an omlette when baking... do you use any fat in yours? It looks delicious! Oohh and I'm in love with your tea set! Lx


Thank you for your lovely words