Thursday, 15 July 2010

Friends Sisters and Beach Huts!!

I know I haven’t been around for a while writing my blog (or for that matter visiting all the other lovely blogs) but I think I have had a good excuse. After a lovely holiday it was so sad to come back to the news that my best friend’s mother had died, I think we all have one of those friends that have always been around from when you are a little girl at school with all the boyfriend dramas to married life, children and now sadness. We celebrated her Mother's
life and then we returned to my friends house where we sat in the garden until late ate lovely food, drank wine and it was full of laughter and tears, a special time and a sad time.

 But of course then there is my sister who let us have her house so that we were nearer to my friend (my sister Diane was on holiday) and we stayed and had another mini holiday in the Bournemouth area. It was such a lovely thing to do but then that’s sisters for you.

And now I am going to tell you about one of my most favourite of things and that is beach huts, from when I was a little girl and we had a beachhut on Cooden beach in Sussex to my very own at Budleigh Salterton in Devon (unfortunately when we moved we had to relinquish it as you have to live in the area to have a Beach Hut) But just look at these lovely beach huts at Hengistbury Head in Bournemouth
 I think they are for sale for loads of money but I want to share with you this lovely beach with the most gorgeous beach huts, some complete with Cath Kidston and lots of bunting,
 I couldn’t take the photos of the interior of the huts as it would have looked a little nosey.
Isn't this a lovely beach with views to the Isle of Wight. There is no vehicle access to this beach only a little train or you can visit my ferry from Mudeford, there is also a lovely beach cafe which in the summer is open in the evenings.  You can stay overnight in these beach huts, but some of them are so well equipped that I don't think you would be missing any home comforts!

 I so love looking in on other peoples houses and now huts! but wouldn’t you just love one.


  1. I love beach huts too... there are some beauties around the Norfolk coast, and Suffolk too - especially Southwold, where they sell for the price of a small terraced house, even dilapidated ones that need total refurbishment.
    I agree about the special relationship with friends you have known from schooldays, how they know your past, your family and so on. I have a friend like that, my very first 'real' boyfriend, with whom I have been in contact with again for several years now, thanks to a certain 'friends reuniting' site! He is the only one who knows what I am talking about when I talk about my late parents and so on, and that makes a special bond that thankfully, has never left us.
    Thanks for visiting me at home at my 'umble abode ... ... and I have read Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim, so will look out for the garden one, thanks for the recommendation.
    Have a good weekend... Maggie

  2. Hola Jill, I have oh so loved your blog, just starting and promising so much!!! Beautiful places you visited over Provence and lovely pictures!!! And ah your sewings are really beautiful.
    Greetings from Chile,
    maria cecilia

  3. c'est un bien bel endroit.

    Merci de ta visite


  4. Hello lovely

    I was so sorry to read of your loss, but it sounds like a very special way in which you celebrated her life.
    Thank you for the dose of beach hut pictures, I too love these little places and whenever we got to Southwold I like to peep inside them as I pass (without looking like a nosey old so-and-so as I do!)
    These ones you share though are delightful, off the beaten track and with a gorgeous view - just perfect!

    Sending you love
    Julia x x x


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