Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Oh what lovely shops and holiday house!!!

Well I have to share with you the lovely shops in the area of the Provence that I am at. I can't begin to tell you how evocative they are!!

This shop was amazing it sold a mixture of vintage things and lovely linen and lace clothes, and when you walked in the shop the floor was covered in sand!! It just goes to show that it doesn't rain much in the provence!

This was a little similar to a cath kidston shop in Uzes but only a little bit the lady made large lavender bags in pretty fabric and lovely door stops.

Once again another lovely shop that your euros could just go wild in, unfortunately mine didn't quite run to the amount needed, but lots of ideas and such a lovely shop

I just love the bags and the lovely shoes (I do have a pair of these!) not bought here but courtesy of Brora!!

After our trip to Aix to see the Cote Sud show we stoped at Menerbes in the luberon and the shop was just waiting for a photo to be taken.

This lovely colourful shop was in Arles near the arena, it was full of lovely colourful bags.

and then in the market in Uzes I caught sight of this lady, she just looked so lovely, but somehow I can't see me dressing like this for Waitrose!!
But this lovely holiday was made complete by Sarah and her lovely house that we stayed in

She had such a lovely way of putting vintage, retro and modern styles together.

The views from the terrace were lovely
It was situated in such a lovely quite village

And yet only minutes from Uzes and a lovely restaurant called Le Tracteur. I would not hesitate to recommend this lovely place to anyone!! We are loving it!


  1. UH! It looks fantastic! What a lovely vacation. I am in such desperate need of a get away, maybe I will talk to Sarah....

    Thanks for the pics! Sadie at Flea xxx

  2. Oh, how I would love to be there! It looks spectacular! Thanks for visiting! Your beautiful blog header is the same color combo as the platter I just posted about - blue, white, and gold!! Have a wonderful day!... Donna

  3. Hi Jill

    Have just read your blog and having also just returned from Uzes, I know what you mean about the gorgeous shops. I returned again and again to the little shop with the sand floor as she has the most incredible way of displaying things and her shop was just exquisite.



Thank you for your lovely words