Sunday, 13 June 2010

Heavenly place!

Well we arrived in France on Monday and our first port of call was a little Chambre d'hote in the Bourgogne area of France. Was I amazed when I saw such a beautiful place! Such a lovely lady ran this most beautiful house, and our bedroom was lovely

Everything was so beautiful especially the garden

Don't you just love those sunbeds!

This was the entrance to where we had the most lovely meal and breakfast!

I just kept taking pictures

and this lovely chair in our room I could just see it now in my living room! French antique markets here we come.
But there is even more, we visit this other lovely hotel just outside Uzes which once again has such charm 

and a lovely pool!

but most of all the couple who owned this lovely place were delightful.Here is the web address for you
Well I have more to tell you especially about the place that we have rented but I am keeping that for later but I just need to tell you that if ever you want a house to rent in the Uzes area of France then this is the one.


  1. Hello Jill

    I am entranced by your beautiful photos, what a pretty and charming place! Even the little swimming pool fits right in with its surroundings - its all just gorgeous, and how lucky you were to stay there too!
    Hope you had a wonderful time (and Im certain you did!!)

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  2. Wow! The perfect place to go for a relaxing holiday....
    And that swimming pool, just wonderful.
    Hope you were able to find your fabrics, in France.


  3. How do you find these amazing places?! Please remeber to pack me in your bag next time! xx


Thank you for your lovely words